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18 Fast Food Restaurants That Are Living In The Future

Even though I don't frequent fast-food joints often, I can appreciate the whole experience. There's something about grabbing a quick burger when you need it most. And if the atmosphere of the place is unique, that's even better.

Well, let me show you some amazing fast-food restaurants that are all about the experience and then some. Check these out.

1. This New Zealand McDonald's

We all know that airplane food leaves something to be desired. Am I right? But there's something cool about being in an airplane, though.

So this McDonald's in New Zealand wanted to convey that in the best way possible by converting an actual old plane into a restaurant. Wow!

2. This Hand Washing Station

I don't know about you, but I always wash my hands before sitting down to have my meal. So I love that this new A&W location has a handwashing station right in the seating area.

3. This Fancy Joint

When you think of McDonald's, you don't exactly picture anything posh now, do you?

Well, it looks like the owners of this location here wanted to change that. This is what we would call an upscale version of the old McDonald's, ha, ha!

4. This Garbage Area

It must be a pain in the you-know-what to clean all those garbage bins where people throw out their unfinished soda drinks. So this Burger King in Noway created an adjacent area to empty your drinks before you throw them out.

5. This McDonald's Location By The Water

If you ever get hungry while enjoying the view on the lake, stop by this McDonald's here. This one in Hamburg, Germany, is actually accessible by boat, hee-hee. That's so cool. Isn't it?

6. This Kid-Friendly Door

And this McDonald's in Germany has a kid-friendly door that most adults will probably try to use, ha, ha! Come on! Confess, you're still a kid at heart, no? So I wouldn't put it past you if you tried.

7. This Crust Saver Idea

First of all, what kind of person doesn't like to eat the crust on a pizza? That's the best part as far as I know. But if you need more of an incentive to eat it, this one comes with a special dip for that very purpose. Yum!

8. This Lovely Interior

Isn't it so cool when you enter a McDonald's that looks so much different from all the other ones? Well, I wish I was able to visit this one in San Diego when I was there. I had no idea it even existed, hee-hee.

9. This Spice Warning

In case you forgot that you ordered the spicy fried chicken at Jollibee, a Filipino fast-food chain, they put a red flag on their food, so you're not surprised when that hotness hits the roof of your mouth, hee-hee.

10. This McDonald's In Hong Kong

I don't know about you, but I think all McDonald's should look like this in the future. This one in Hong Kong is fancy AF, and I like that. I bet it feels like a whole other experience, huh?

11. This Mouthwash Dispenser

I don't know about you, but I sometimes get a bit of an aftertaste when consuming fast food. So this Chick-fil-A location thought of that and installed a mouthwash station in their bathroom. I can appreciate that.

12. This Soda Machine

Check this out. This soda machine is refilled with small cartridges at this major fast-food chain. I don't know if this is any better or more efficient than doing it the typical way, but it sure is fascinating to look at, huh?

13. These Payment Options

Typically, when you go to a fast-food joint, you can either pay by cash or credit card. However, this one in Japan has a number of different ways you can pay for your grub. The only thing missing here is crypto, though.

14. This Contactless Payment Station

Speaking of payment options, this McDonald's drive-thru now offers a contactless payment machine. You just tap and pay, and you're good to go. I guess during these times of corona, it's something many people would appreciate, huh?

15. This Mixed Drinks Vending Machine

At this fast-food pizza joint, you can make yourself a mixed drink to go along with that meal. Whoa! Isn't that such a great idea or what? Something tells me that I would visit this place a lot, ha, ha!

16. This Seating Arrangement

I really enjoy it when McDonald's restaurants show some creativity with their decor. Most of them are so generic nowadays. But not this one. Here you can sit at a regular table or in these nifty ski lift gondolas.

17. This Dessert-Only Location

If you're craving that McDonald's sundae but don't want to brave the lines at a regular location, this one has you covered. You can visit this dessert-only location in Aruba and get your dessert fix ASAP, ha, ha!

18. This Conveyor Belt Idea

"This McDonald's has a smaller counter upstairs and they use a conveyer belt to ship food."

Whoa, that must be so cool to see, huh? Apparently, there are a few McDonald's locations out there that use such a neat idea.

See, I told you not every visit to a fast-food joint is the same.

I love that these locations were thinking outside the box for a change. Wouldn't you want to see more of things like these? I definitely appreciate the thought that went into these ideas here.