13 Facts About 'The Princess Bride' Fans Probably Didn't Know

It's absolutely inconceivable to think that The Princess Bride isn't everyone's favorite movie!

It's got everything you could hope for in a film: action, romance, quotable lines, and loveable characters.

Decades later, we are still learning behind-the-scenes secrets that will rock your world! Go forth, as you wish, to discover all 13 of them.

1. More than 500 women auditioned for the role of Buttercup

This included many famous actresses we know today, such as Courteney Cox, Meg Ryan, Sean Young, Uma Thurman and Whoopie Goldberg.

In the end, director Rob Reiner chose Robin Wright in her major film debut.

2. Chernobyl almost cost Cary Elwes the part of Westley

The catastrophic nuclear power meltdown happened only eight hours away from where he was shooting the film, Maschenka.

This caused The Princess Bride co-producers Andrew Scheinman and Rob Reiner, to be scared of visiting him for his final audition.

Scheinman, for example, was so afraid of radiation that he forgot his $1,000 jacket in a cab after sprinting from the taxi to the hotel lobby.

He also refused to touch the bottled water.

3. A Fat Albert impression landed Elwes' the role

While the actor looked the handsome part of Westley, he had to convince them he was funny.

“Here I was, a British actor working in Berlin, and our conversation revolved largely around my recounting my favorite episodes of All in the Family,” according to LaWeekly. In the end, his Fat Albert impression sealed the deal.

4. Rob Reiner offered Mandy Patinkin any role he wanted

He chose the iconic role of Inigo Montoya because of personal reasons.

Since his father died a few years before filming, he told himself that if he caught the six-fingered man, his father would come back.

When his character got to stab Count Rugen, he felt as though he was killing the cancer that killed his father.

"For a moment, he was alive," he said. "And my fairy tale came true."

5. Rob Reiner would laugh so hard at Billy Crystal's lines that he had to leave the room

"He improvised 13th century period jokes, three days straight, 10 hours a day, never the same thing, never the same line twice," Mandy Patinkin told NPR about Crystal.

"Rob got so hysterical on almost every take, he'd have to leave the room because he couldn't keep quiet from laughing and it would end up on the soundtrack."

Meanwhile, Mandy bruised the muscles on the side of his rib because he was so tight from trying not to laugh.

6. There's a reference to 'Spinal Tap' in the film

Years before The Princess Bride, Rob Reiner directed the docu-comedy, Spinal Tap.

Since he did such a good job, he landed the role of director in the film. It was also why the film's composer, Mark Knopfler, took the job.

Knopfler's one stipulation was that Reiner had to put a reference to 'Spinal Tap' in the film.

Reiner agreed by putting the hat he wore while filming 'Spinal Tap' in The Grandson's room. See if you can spot it!

7. Buttercup and Westley had the hots for each other in real life

“It was as if I were looking at a young Grace Kelly, she was that beautiful,” Elwes once said about meeting Wright for the first time.

“I couldn't concentrate on much of anything after that first encounter with Robin.”

This was mutual.

In an interview with Town and Country, Robin said that she had a definite crush on her co-star.

“Cary was so good looking,” Wright said. “I was convinced we were going to be married.”

8. Author William Goldman was so nervous about the film tanking that he ruined the first day of filming

Since The Princess Bride is his favorite book, he didn't want the studio to screw things up.

So during the first day of filming, he could be heard chanting prayers in the background, which messed up the sound.

9. Robin's dress actually caught on fire

Thankfully, she was wearing a flame-retardant dress.

But William Goldman, the author of the book, forgot about this and screamed, “OH, MY GOD! HER DRESS IS ON FIRE! SHE'S ON FIRE!!!”

10. Elwes almost didn't get to fight a Rodent of Unusual Size

The night before the big fight scene, the four-foot stunt man inside the rat suit got arrested for drunk driving.

While he begged the officer to let him go because of his scene in the morning, the office refused.

Since he was missing from set, they were going to use a dummy for the fight instead.

Thankfully, the stunt man was released from jail just in time. He drove straight to the set to film the scene.

11. Robin didn't need to hire a dialect coaching for Buttercup's English accent

While you would think she'd require this since she's from Texas, she had all the training she needed from her father. That's because he's British!

12. Arnold Schwarzenegger almost played Fezzik the Giant

The bodybuilder was relatively unknown when he was Norman Jewison's first pick.

But by the time the movie got made a decade later, he was too famous and expensive to hire. They hired Andre the Giant instead.

13. Andre the Giant was the sweetest, according to his costars

Although he died in 1993, he's always looked back on fondly by those who knew him.

Like how the 7'4” and 540 pounds wrestler would call everyone "Boss" to help them relax around him.

He would also warm Robin Wright in between takes by resting his large hand on her head like a hat. Aww!