20 Times Something Simple Turned Into A Whole Ordeal

It may come as no surprise to hear that sometimes, things are hard. Even the easiest things can increase in difficulty if the circumstances allow it.

This phenomenon is shown in this list, wherein people share the easy acts that were made immensely hard for one reason or another, here are 20 times simple things were turned into a whole ordeal.

"I work at an ice skating rink and instead of properly turning in skates people started just throwing them over the counter."

How does it even get that bad to start? And once the pile is this big, how does anyone feel okay about just throwing them like that? At the very least hand it to the people at the counter, treat them with some dignity.

"ATM doing a windows update when I wanted to deposit funds..."

And if you've ever sat through a Windows update on any machine that's even slightly older, you know it'll be stuck here for a while. You're more likely to make it to another bank before this finishes than you are to wait it out.

In full view.

"We live 0.7 miles from my daughter's school so she is ineligible for bussing. Yet every morning as we leave for school, this thing idles out front."

The school district really is adding insult to the injury of needing to drive your child to school every day.

"I was about to do the dishes and."

Great news! You now have the perfect excuse not to do the dishes and instead do literally anything else. Nothing to cook with because you have no clean dishes? Oh no, looks like you'll have to order food too, what a bummer...

"Ah yes, just what I wanted to see."

One of the few things you can't put off buying once you really need it, and the one place you decide to stop for it has clean shelves. Now you must drag yourself to another location with a heavy, weary heart.

"My new rug I ordered online. Min pin for scale."

How expensive was this tiny, tiny rug that the price didn't immediately raise any concern in you? Good deals are nice, but some deals are simply too good to be true.

Here's a fresh reminder to everyone reading to always, always read the dimensions before buying things online.

'How the neighbor left my garage after fixing his truck."

No, absolutely not. You did him a favor by letting him use your garage, and this is what he does with it? That's absolutely abhorrent behavior. There was no way he wasn't raised in a barn, or maybe in the wilderness, so he doesn't know how to treat someone else's home.

"When your kid puts a plastic bottle in the microwave and it [expletive] explodes."

No, it wasn't responsible of the kid to put a bottle in the microwave, but honestly, I didn't think this would be the result either. Maybe it'd melt, create a horrible smell, catch fire at the worst, but fully explode? That's a surprising outcome!

"My hand in Scrabble right now."

I salute thee, all those who have suffered through hands like this, all vowels with next to no consonants in sight. You're stronger than you know.

Also, if you're wondering, the uploader ended up playing 'soda'. Not a terrible play given the circumstances!

"Pumpkin 1 - knife 0."

Pumpkins only become pushovers around Halloween, any other time of year and they really toughen up, refusing to be bullied to easily. They'll eat your knives for breakfast, chew them up, and spit them back out again in two pieces.

"My friend was cooking a frozen pizza."

I spent a good minute or so just staring at this trying to figure out what exactly happened, but people in the comments much smarter than I managed to figure it out. This is what happens when you defrost a frozen pizza before putting it in the oven. Let this be a warning.

"Dog yanked too hard down concrete stairs. Used my one arm for to protect the face, the other to keep hold of said dog. My pride & legs are hurt lol."

Don't worry, OP was just fine aside from this initial batch of gnarly bruising. They said their dog, "[...] was perfect, just looked at me trying to get up, [then] went on to do his business watching me saying ow ow all the time lol."

"The employee is right…what even is the point?"

So you can only order full dairy iced drinks and any of their food products. Sure, some of their clientele is safe, but my usual order and the order all my friends make are already out. At least that employee is trying to make light of an annoying shortage!

"So… [I] forgot to add water."

Well, you made it, now you have to eat it. Pick that hockey puck up in both hands and just take raw bites out of it. The crunch will strengthen your jaw muscles and the taste will strengthen your resolve.

"Sudden red rash after drinking cheap alcohol."

Another post where some knowledgeable people in the comments let us all know what's happening. "It's an alcohol intolerance. You're not breaking down the acetaldehyde in the alcohol and it's causing a reaction," wrote one user, continuing in another reply with, "It should go away on its own, but chances are that alcohol is no beuno for you. I'd skip the cheap stuff, it's usually really bad for your body."

"Just wanted to discreetly buy some sexy time stuff... NOPE. LET'S MAKE THIS EMBARASSING."

I understand that these are locked up because they're frequently stolen items, but it does feel particularly cruel for everyone who does need to buy something out of here.

Maybe just buy this stuff online next time, it saves a lot of red faces and awkward glances.

"[...] I’ve been using this water bottle for 2 weeks and only today found paper instructions inside it like wtf?!"

People in the replies to this tweet were roasting the guy for not properly washing the bottle before using it, but with a mouth that tiny, there never should have been instructions in there in the first place! I'm on his side!

"My wife's attempt at making vegan waffles..."

Is it because the waffle was vegan, or was there another problem that caused it to end up like this? Say, maybe, forgetting to use some sort of non-stick cooking spray? Maybe she poured glue inside by accident instead?

"[The] way my mom shoves TP that's too big into the holder."

That's how you know she's buying the fancy stuff, though. The actual plush-type toilet paper that feels like you could rest your head on it like a pillow. It's a subtle form of bragging while also destroying that which she's spending more money on.

"Now what?"

I've been in this exact situation with my brother once when we were alone in the house as teenagers. This is when you break out a hammer and a screwdriver and chisel the sucker open. Time-consuming, sure, but so worth it!

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