20 Blunders That Would Have Been Super Easy To Avoid

Mistakes happen. They're an unavoidable part of life, as even the most perfect, prepared people out there will drop the ball once in a while.

However, that doesn't mean there aren't things you can do to try and prevent some of those mistakes from happening, as you'll see in this list of 20 blunders that would have been super easy to avoid.

"My father forgot to tell me the renovations would be taking the stairs out today."

This is kind of a blessing, as now you have the perfect excuse to turn around and get right back into bed! Create some kind of pulley or lift system off the landing and you can have your food made for you and then delivered right to you, the height of luxury.

"The Clock in our Band Practice Room at my School."

This has to be a joke...right? Right? If it is, kudos, this is actually funny. If it's not, this music program must be really strapped for funds if they're trying to keep the clock in a returnable state just in case they need the extra cash.

"Look at this steal of a deal at Kohl’s."

Wow, that's amazing! You only come across deals like this once in a blue moon, you better snap that up before the shelves get raided once others catch on.

Your kids will love hearing the story of how you got such an illustrious hoodie for a whole $0.01 off.

"[My] roommate threw out my food to make room for her salad mixes in the fridge."

Wait, what? She just thought this was okay? That's a whole large container of blueberries and at least one avocado, those don't come cheap!

The only solution is to help yourself to her salad mixes. If she can take your food and do what she wants with it, you can do the same with her's.

"Tests measure your knowledge… right? Wrong apparently."

This is an easy way to know which teachers were around during the 'punish left-handed children' phase of society, as this is so clearly a technique used by left-handed students. Someone should have said this to this prof way before now, but get with the times already!

"Not sure if this belongs here but in my opinion this is the real problem with America."

And your opinion is correct! Gaps like this make no sense and have no reason for existing, they only serve as a way to make us feel uncomfortable in public bathrooms so we can never relax anywhere in public. It's inhumane.

"[The] maze they gave us after donating blood has no escape."

Someone in the comments pointed out that if you're trying to help this little blood mascot through the maze, then it's a good thing that it's immediate dead ends, as your blood escaping is generally not a good thing.

But you're doing this maze after people have already removed blood from you, so there are some mixed signals going on here.

"My book was printed without any periods whatsoever."

The entire book being one giant run-on sentence sure would be new. Annoying to read, but new!

Apparently this is a misprint of the novel that inspired the Netflix show You, which makes sense seeing as this is the creepiest first page to a book I might have ever read.

"Or not..."

Man, this table had exactly one job, a job the good people of this Home Depot had so much faith in that they wanted to display it for the world to see, only for it to fail. We're not mad, table, just disappointed.

"Six days into the new year and I’ve achieved the impossible."

Just like the last one, do companies simply not care anymore? They're happy to just claim anything on their packaging and not even work to make sure that claim rings true? Where's the integrity?

Not only did this hose fail, it failed spectacularly. For shame.

"This fountain that looks like a perfect place to sit down."

That's a fountain?! I've been looking at it for minute and I still can't see water anywhere. Whoever designed this must have done it on purpose, installing it so that mall employees could get some free entertainment whenever someone sits on it.

Top secret.

"Well done Amazon. Been looking for my 'delivered' packages for the past few days. Check my orders, they were delivered to my cardboard recycling bin... which was collected 2 days ago!"

I appreciate delivery people wanting to hide packages from thieves, but maybe hide them somewhere the owner will actually think to look.

"My dad never turns off any lights in the house even after he’s gone to bed…"

Lights being on when it's time to go to bed just throws off the vibe of the whole house. I don't want to wake up the next day with my living room lamp already turned on, it just makes me think someone visited overnight and turned it on for me.

"How fast should I be going?"

You can only go 60 if you're on the road, but if you brave the grassy ditch you're allowed to go up to 70.

That, or they're testing your math skills and you're actually allowed to book it at 130 the whole way down.

"The text from my landlord vs what actually happened."

Smallness is usually relative, but anything that's larger than a house should be universally considered 'big'. I wouldn't call them stakes either, these are more like posts, borderline scaffolding. Something tells me they'll be there for a while, too.

"Just used a bath bomb I got for Christmas and now the bath looks like piss."

How any bath bomb maker out there ever thinks that yellow would be an okay color is beyond me. It's very easy to visualize how a full bathtub of whatever color you're making will look. Does it look inviting to sit in? No? Then don't make it!

"Frankly, I'm impressed."

The more I look at this, the more I find so very wrong about it. The symbols not matching up with the warnings, 'FARGILE', the inconsistent capitalization, 'UPWAPRD', it's truly a thing of beauty. I would cherish this box forever.

"Fridge freezing all the food, wonder if I should adjust cold to cold..."

Wait, so if the scale is from cold to cold, then what's the recommended setting? It also just has to be cold, right? Is there a non-cold option here, or even a clear colder side? Also, why does a fridge have a cooling button?

"This door…"

Yeah, something didn't quite go to plan when they were installing this, huh?

Also, maybe this is just perspective, but that handle looks really low. Are people reaching down below their hips to open this door, just to find out it doesn't open that way at all?

"Door dash said 'Fountain drink: Mountain Dew'."

Not a fountain drink, nor a Mountain Dew, this is a betrayal to the highest degree. Getting a knock-off soda isn't the end of the world, so long as you're properly warned beforehand, but this is just plain ol' deceit.

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