18 Crappy Corporate Gifts Employees Actually Received

It's always awkward when you receive a gift from someone who isn't your loved one or a friend. I'm talking about those corporate gifts that usually end up being quite odd.

It really does prove that when you have to reward somebody, it's not the thought that counts. I hope you never received these ridiculous corporate gifts, and if you did, I feel for you.

1. This Awesome 'Thank You' Bonus

"I'm a skilled tradesman who is supposed to get a $3000 bonus at the end of the year for making the company $150,000 in profit, per my contract. I doubled it, which is supposed to increase my bonus. This is what I received. 100% done with this industry."

Seriously? Wow!

2. This Juvenile Gift

What is this? This is something you would expect to get in elementary school for being a good student. But to think a company gave this to their employees is absolutely condescending and cheap. I would rather not get anything than this.

3. This Key Present

Can you believe that some company thought this was an appropriate Christmas gift to their employees? Like, yes, you can totally pay bills with this. They should've at least given the employee the $5 it cost to buy this crap.

4. This Tea Bag Of An Award

"Been nursing through the pandemic for almost two years now. Pandemic bonus from our huge hospital? No…"

Wait a minute? Just what kind of "pandemic bonus" is this? And I thought a pizza party was bad.

5. This Holiday Basket

Whoa! It looks like somebody's boss has connections at a local farm. Otherwise, I have no idea why they thought this would have been better than giving employees money for Christmas this year. Apples are way better, no?

6. This Pretty Reward

"Company Christmas Gifts! My CEO got a $58,000 bonus and a $229,000 raise and our department got merch and a bundt cake."

Yup, this sounds about right. But, hey, at least you got bunt cake. Some people just get Altoids, hee-hee.

7. This 'Nice' Gesture

Ah, $30 bucks! Shucks, don't spend it all in one place, ha, ha. I always find it quite amazing how huge corporations think that giving their employees something like this is a gesture of goodwill. Heck, a $1000 would have said it much better.

8. This Slap In The Face

Am I reading this right? Did this employer give the employee a $50 gift card, only to deduct it from their pay? If that's indeed what they did, it's the lowest thing I've ever seen. I can't even believe it.

9. This Holiday Biscuit

Why do employers think that this is what employees will appreciate at Christmas? Why? You had to spend money to buy this, so why not just give the money instead? Why? I'll never understand that. Never!

10. This Gift That Keeps On Giving

Wouldn't it be cool if your boss gave you a turkey for Christmas? Well, you would be lucky. This person got $15 to use towards a turkey. I bet they don't feel the love quite as much. Wow!

11. This Generous Boss

"My Christmas gift from my boss. Fortune 500 company. No Christmas bonus, post-it notes, 2 pieces of chocolate, pen, jeans one day."

Wow, all of that and a free jeans day? That's quite generous. Don't you think? Oh my goodness, lol.

12. This Gift Snack

"The warehouse I work at had us all come in on Thanksgiving and this is how they showed us their gratitude."

If I was expected to come in on a holiday, I would never have agreed unless I got paid time and a half. Somehow a bag of Cheetos doesn't suffice.

13. This Constant Reminder

Oh, look, what a thoughtful gift from an employer. You can take it quite literally. After all, it's such a nice reminder that this is who puts food on your table. Rub that in, why don't you?

14. This Gift Of Soft Lips

Boss: "What should we give our employees this Christmas? Oh, yes, I think a tube of chapstick would suffice."

Um, I think not. This definitely makes up for the toxic work environment and forced overtime — not!

15. This Thoughtful Surprise

"Helped my company’s accounting team get $190M in profits sorted this year. Been with them for 5+ years. My Christmas bonus this year: (not pictured the unsigned card with CEO’s signature as a stamp)."

OMG, how tragic is that huh? I can't even!

16. This Elite Care "Self-Support" Kit

Let me ask you: how would you feel if your work gave you this as a Christmas bonus? Huh? It's quite clear what they're trying to say here. You're pretty much on your own when you work there. Aha!

17. This Stressful Stress Relief

"Our company is giving us gifts instead of holiday pay. This was today. I am in a mood."

What the heck is that even supposed to be? It's just bubble wrap. Is this a joke or something?

18. This Pile Of ... Chocolate

Okay, here I thought that $30 was bad enough. But what do we have here? Are you telling me that somebody got silver-wrapped chocolate coins as their Christmas bonus? What, they couldn't afford gold? OMG!

Wow! Can you believe all these corporations?

I can't get over how little they think of their employees. After all, they will be nothing without their workforce. So why not just show a little bit more gratitude, no? This is definitely like a slap in the face, and I feel so bad for these folks here.