20 People Who Might Never Recover From Their Blunders

It's impossible to make it through life without some catastrophically embarrassing event that haunts you for the rest of your days. It's something we all must go through at some point, we just hope it happens early so it becomes a charming childhood memory.

For some, it happens much later in life, which is seen here in this list of 20 people who might never recover from their blunders.

"Just got home from a rushed trip to Home Depot and found this in my bag."

What made this post even funnier was the uploader commenting on it with a simple, "I think I accidentally robbed Home Depot."

They also thankfully followed up in another comment. "I took it back and the lady just stuck her out and gave me the 'you're an idiot' look. Same one my wife gives me several times a day."

"My mom cooking walnuts (for some reason)."

Did they explode? Or was it a slow destruction as tiny layers of the walnuts flew off and attached themself to every square centimeter of the microwave's interior? Hopefully you got all your cooking knowledge from your dad.

"Took a late lunch to find I forgot to put PB or J on my PB&J."

Who doesn't love a nice, healthy lunch of bread coupled with smaller, saltier, cheesier bread? That's a balanced meal right there, containing all the necessary food groups and nutrients to keep you going through the rest of the work day.

"I told my husband cutting his own hair is a bad idea and…"

His expression is so tough to read here, but I'm getting a mix of shame and regret, just being disguised by a straight face so he doesn't have to admit that you were right and he was wrong. That'll drop soon, though.

"I was [boiling] the egg but [I] forgot to turn off the stove."

What? You left your egg boiling too long and it looks like a giant spider's nest straight out of a horror movie? I'd just throw the whole pot out. There's no rescuing it after that. Not to mention the smell it must have made, eugh.

"Ordered a pack of cards to help my child learn animals… 6 cards have had to be put aside so far."

It's strange because I can kind of see what they were going for with these. Peacocks and turkeys both have large, fanning tails, while woodpeckers and toucans both have longer beaks. The connection is there, but the reality is so far off it's laughable.

"Hate to be the guy to ruin a 13 year safety streak."

I'd quit. Point blank. If it was an injury, I wouldn't even want to collect worker's comp. Just cut me off there. I'll find somewhere else to work where I promise to be better, and no one would have to know my secret shame.

"Today I tipped over our 26,000lbs payloader."

While my first question was wondering how they managed to tip this, especially on a seemingly flat patch of land, but my second question was wondering how they get it back upright. A lot of cables, I bet.

"Belt buckle just fell off and landed here. Now, how to get through half the work day with loose pants?"

You're either unlacing one of your dress shoes or pulling up your pants every 20 seconds. Unless, that is, you feel like creating a magnet fishing rig or taking the ultimate sacrifice and dipping your hand in. Either way, godspeed.

"I think I miiiiight be alone in this."

There's something about simply www. com that really got me when I first saw this, so much so that I didn't even notice the also-generic support.com. At least that one could be a website, where www. com is simply nothing.

"I forgot I had soda in the back of my car in single digit temps [...]."

This is a very common occurrence I find, or maybe I just surround myself with a lot of forgetful people. Regardless, if this has happened to you, don't feel bad about it. It's pretty light as far as car messes go!

"How do they expect [me] to drink this?"

By sheer strength and power of will, that's how. They provided you with a tool and now you must master it, hone it, learn the proper techniques to strike through the plastic barrier that separates you from your drink.

Or just take the lid off.

"I don't think a caption is even needed."

It's not, but shame is. Shame is needed and required for whoever willingly does this in their own home, a home they share with others. Does an intervention need to be held? Do they have some problems they need to talk out? Whatever it takes to prevent this.

"Maximum security."

Whoever designed this did a really good job, just looking at it I can't find a single way to get around this blockade or circumvent it somehow. I'm sure some escape artists can spot a weakness, but from a standard citizen point of view it's pretty solid.

"Finished the public toilets boss!"

The uploader did some back to clarify that this window does overlook a street, meaning anyone walking by who looks down in that moment would get a clear shot of someone's thighs and more at this angle. Maybe put a little curtain up.

"Not sure how…but it sure sucks."

The car looks in surprisingly good shape considering the position it's in, which makes the events that got it there all the more mysterious. It's like someone made it as light as a balloon for five seconds, repositioned it, then turned it back to metal again.

"[My husband's] work buddy had a rough day."

At least it's better that they notice now as opposed to when they try too hard to bring the ladder down and rip the gutter out along with it? Either way the gutter's going to have to come out, but better to do it with care.

"It's been between -25 and -40 C for over a week here, and we're only halfway through winter. Unbreakable my ass."

I'm always wary of products that market themselves as indestructible. There's no way you could have tested it against every single destructive scenario out there to know for sure. In this instance, they didn't even test it against ice, the thing it's made to deal with.

"Contractors misspelled MPH 8 times in a neighborhood called Alphabet City."

I read Alphabet City and think of alphabet soup, which was never about spelling or correct order, it was just a mishmash of letters. You took what you could get, and that looks like that's exactly what happened here too.

"This wheelchair ramp at a shopping centre."

"Wheelchairs need an incline to get on upper levels, right? Well, there's an incline there, it's fine."

"There are also two steps. Which, you know, wheelchairs can't climb."

"I think you should just be proud that I remembered the incline bit at all."

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