20 People Who Had To Try Something Different

Surely you know someone who just has to do things the hard way. No matter what solutions or shortcuts you offer, they want to put it in the work, or maybe simply refuse to change their ways.

This list is full of people similar to that, but instead of having to do things the hard way, they have to do things differently. Their uniqueness means a lot to them, evidently.

"Snow walrus that greeted me on my walk."

Kudos to whatever kid made this for stepping away from the cultural norm of snowmen and doing something creative, while still incorporating some traditions like the use of carrots for facial features. That walrus looks like he's having a blast chilling in their front yard.

"My Dad uses a pasta sauce lid as a lens cap for his camera."

If it fits, it works! It's also probably a little sturdier than the average lens cap too, what with it being made out of metal and all. It keeps his camera visible, identifiable, and is an armored layer of protection for his lens. There's no downside here!

"The handle for the toilet at this restaurant is a usb cable. You pull out the cable to flush."

I'm sure this works just the exact same, but it feels so completely wrong that I'm not sure I could bring myself to do it. I would walk in, stare at that for about a minute or so, then decide I can wait until I get home.

"A cheese vending machine in a mountain village in Switzerland."

Not just cheese, there's a variety of dairy products in there, any and all milk lovers have a place to congregate and grab their favorite snack on the go! Or, you know, an entire half wheel of cheese. Whatever you feel like grabbing.

"Succulent vending machine in a nearby mall."

There are lots of people out there making strides in the vending machine innovation world, it seems. First dairy, and now plants? Though this is the rare kind of vending machine with non-edible products, there's no denying it's pretty cute and still very convenient!

"This lighter I got for Christmas."

That's a lighter? From the shape, design, and perspective, I was ready to believe it was some sort of vase or a lamp. It's very pretty and much more delicate than most lighters out there. No matter what you're lighting, using this would give it a fancy vibe!

"I saw someone at the gas station get $0.25 worth of gas."

This is the amount you pay when you're filling up the tank of one of those tiny replica cars you get for your kids to drive around the neighborhood in. They get terrible mileage, but at least the tank is cheap to top up.

"My lemon tree gives us pepper shaped lemons."

Use caution if you decide to utalize that lemon for a recipe. It could be a lemon that looks like a pepper, but it could also be a pepper cleverly disguised as a lemon, wanting to turn your lemonade spicy as an act of evil.

"My city has a lot of Capybaras so we have these special signs warning drivers to be mindful of them."

Something about this photo being taken at night gives it a bit of a spooky vibe. Capybaras are the least frightening animal on the planet, but I have a sense that a massive horde is about to emerge from the forest on the left, which would be eerie nonetheless.

'A phone holder for selfies in a town I visited."

Finally, a device for those who travel alone (because of their anxiety) but who don't want to ask random people too take a photo of them (because of their anxiety) so they end up with zero pictures of their trip. Totally not speaking from experience here.

"This escalator that I went on today."

Finally, a way to eliminate the standing/walking side debate for good. Why do people need to walk up escalators? Where do you need to be that fast? If you wanted to walk it, just take the stairs, leave the escalators for us lazy people!

"This anti-clockwise clock."

Oh no, not like this. This makes me feel weird and out of place just looking at it, it's like the uncanny valley effect but for an intimate object.

What is the purpose of this foul creation? Just to cause us mental agony?

"It's been -30 to -40°c here the last few days. The aleve liquid gels I keep in my truck are frozen."

Do frozen liquid gel capsules work just as well as non-frozen ones? I imagine it all dissolves in your stomach right away anyway.

Though now all I can think about is someone pouring themself a glass of their drink of choice, but using a few of these instead of ice cubes.

"Found this plant pot on the way back from the shops."

The answer to what the hell is happening here thankfully came in the comments. This is an anti-cat technique, as cats tend to use potted plants as litter boxes.

Whoever owns this plant went all out with it too, there's not a bare spot in sight for a cat to step in. Maximum defenses.

"The store I work at still has a rotary phone."

They say if it ain't broke, don't fix it, but if it's so obsolete that it becomes a pain to use over a standard landline, its time might have come and it might be time to let go and move on.

"Not only is it a payphone, its a McDonald's branded payphone [...]."

Speaking of obsolete phones, I still see the odd payphone now and then, but I didn't even know McDonald's had branded ones, which means this one is really old. Out there, somewhere, is one McDonald's patron who is very grateful that some of these still exist.

"My parrot laid an egg, it’s unfertilized so I ate it."

I keep forgetting that you can just eat any bird egg so long as it's unfertilized, chickens are just the species that got picked to be the main provider of eggs to the general public.

If you're wondering, the chef said this about the experience, "Texture: A little bit softer than a hard boiled egg Taste: just like a hardboiled egg, not bad."

"My boyfriend and I broke the wish bone into equal halves..."

Huh, this is a new one. Does this mean both of your wishes come true? Neither of them? Maybe you've brought a terrible curse upon your household that will dry out your crops and poison your water supply? Only time will tell!

"My beer was served in a box."

Okay...why? Does it provide a flavor enhancement, that flavor being unfinished wood? Do you get a straw to drink it with? Is it for dipping your food in? Did the restaurant even tell you why? Who all is being left in the dark here?

"My Airbnb has a built in cassette speaker system that plays throughout the house."

This is a great amenity for people who still travel with cassettes, which I imagine is a whopping 0.01% of the population at this point.

Though, those that do have definitely earned the right to blast them all throughout the house.

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