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19 Brides Who Found Their Wedding Dresses Without Going Into Debt

"Bargain" is the last word you'd think would be associated with wedding dresses.

But so many women on Reddit have proved that it can be done!

Instead of shopping at expensive stores like Bloomingdales or Kleinfeld's, these brides said "yes" to their dream dress — and major savings! — at places like thrift stores, Etsy, and more.

Come get inspired here!

The Carrie Bradshaw dress

In Sex and the City: The Movie, Carrie Bradshaw tried on dozens of wedding gowns before finding her dream gown by Vivienne Westwood!

This Redditor found the thrift version of it for a fraction of the cost!

The Cinderella gown

"$30 Salvation Army find! Fits like a glove, already altered to a 32” rib cage and has the breast pads and perfect length," this bride wrote.

"Either the previous bride was my exact size or this was made for me. oh, and pockets!!"

The dream wedding dress

Almost every girl has a dream dress in mind for their wedding. This Redditor got so lucky to find hers for $80! She found it when her fiancé was shopping for work clothes in a thrift store.

The whim

"My $200 wedding dress from a thrift store I stopped in at on a whim," this bride wrote. "Two months later the store closed. It was fate." This just goes to show that rash decisions can pay off!

The alterations

Instead of spending thousands on an expensive dress, this girl honed in on the details. She was also able to help small businesses in the process!

She purchased her dress, flower veil, and alterations all on Etsy for $170 each.

The handmade dress

"Got this beautiful dress for my Halloween wedding handmade on Etsy for $311 with rush shipping included," this bride wrote.

The seller originally posted the dress in red or white, but she customized it in this blueish grey for the Redditor in two months!

The $12 gown

While some celebrities spent millions on their dresses., this bride paid the cost of a lunch for hers!

And hers is honestly just as gorgeous. It's giving us some major Cinderella vibes!

The plus-size dress

"As a plus sized bride, I never thought I'd find a dress I could feel pretty in. Took a chance on this beauty for $250. Floral print!" the bride wrote. She looks stunning in it!

The fast-fashion dress

Fast fashion doesn't have to be a bad thing! This girl thought she found her dress months ago until this little number showed up in the mail. Since she's 4'11, she loves how grown-up it makes her look.

The beach wedding

"I think I found the one for only $500! It fit me like a glove, I just have to show it to my mom and sister in person for the final approval. Perfect for my beach wedding!" this Redditor wrote.

The vintage dress

Vintage doesn't always come cheap, which is why this girl scored big to get this dress for $12! The fact that it has minimal signs of aging as well makes it a huge score.

The Salvation Army dress

"Purchased my dress from Salvation Army for $20 and it turned out beautiful in the pictures," this bride wrote.

Instead of shelling out big money on flowers, she made a homemade bouquet for about three dollars.

The basement dress

This Redditor had a fairy godmother in the form of her dress stylist.

Instead of pressuring her to buy a dress over her budget, she found this gorgeous dress in the discontinued section in the basement for $400!

The Poshmark dress

"Can't help but share my excitement over my dress. It is a new Martina Liana (#942) in champagne and ivory that I found via Poshmark for $500 total (3k retail). Could not have asked for more. I am in love with it!" this bride wrote.

The designer jumpsuit

This is the Black Halo Adriana Jumpsuit that originally sells for $415! Guess how much the bride paid?? Five dollars! It was on sale that day and it came brand new with tags on it.

The free dress

“Got my wedding dress for free at a local secondhand shop where I sell clothes for credit. Was only tagged at $18 anyway," this bride wrote. Anything looks good when it's free!

The Vera Wang

In case you didn't know, Vera Wang is one of the most famous wedding dress designers. As such, her dresses don't come cheap.

That is, unless you're this bride who found this dress at a thrift store for $65!

The off the rack dress

"Originally = $1100 Off the rack = $800 National bridal sale event = $200 off the rack! My and my mom’s jaws dropped when we saw the price ! The back is gorgeous too, deep V and long train," this happy bride wrote.

The Hail Mary dress

"I said yes to a hail Mary of a dress after almost losing hope, and I love it! 99 dollars," this bride wrote. She's lucky it was already dyed in the color she wanted!