30 Deceptively Clever Ideas That Are Straight Out Of 3022

Sometimes, even the simplest idea is actually genius. I'm kind of convinced that there are a bunch of people who traveled back in time from the future, and are handing down their amazing ideas to us.

And these clever ideas are no exception. Each one of them feels like something out of the year 3022. The future is now!

"This tilted garbage bin for bicyclists in Copenhagen."

I'm in complete awe at how genius this is. Literally all they did was tilt the garbage cans at an angle, and it changes the game. Denmark is really on another level, huh.

"My coconut milk container shows what date format the expiration date is in."

Considering how so many different countries either use day/month/year or month/day/year (or a confusing combination of the two), this is really nice. The best before date may be in 2022, but this idea is totally 3022.

"This can of chips has a plastic slider so you can reach the ones at the bottom."

If only all Pringles cans came like this. It would honestly make the world a better place (I mean, maybe not the plastic itself, but the idea is still good).

"My beer was served in a box."

This is... so weird. And yet, totally fascinating. I'm kind of convinced that this is some kind of secretly genius method of serving beer that the rest of the world hasn't caught onto yet.

"This garage door painted to look like a bookshelf."

Some people paint their garage doors... weird colors. Other people paint murals. Most of us just leave them all plain and boring. But this house went above and beyond and painted a bookshelf. So cool.

"This toddler playmat uses the scientific name of a swordfish (*Xiphias gladius*) for the letter X."

Sure, you could go with something basic like xylophone. Or you could even cop out and use fox (since there's an X at the end). But this mat went above and beyond, with Xyphias gladius (swordfish). Teach the toddlers something cool (and kind of useless).

"The amount of toilet paper in this bathroom."

How do you make sure that your public restroom stall never runs out of toilet paper? Just put a dozen or so rolls up on the wall, of course. You may laugh, but this is some next level thinking for sure.

"This bathroom's hand sanitizer door handle."

Meanwhile, this bathroom door has solved one huge problem. Anyone who uses this bathroom is basically forced to clean their hands, one way or another. Even if they skip the sink.

"I got an apple as a free sample."

I don't think I'm alone in thinking that I've never seen something like this before. It's... so strange, and yet so intriguing. Should more places start handing out free fruit samples? Yes, they should.

"Succulent vending machine in a nearby mall."

I think the best part of this succulent vending machine is the fact that the corresponding doors would open, instead of having each pot drop down to the bottom. It's so well thought out!

"This giant Ziplock bag I own."

Resealable bags are so great because you can use them for so many things. But imagine having one this big. You could practically fit anything in there! Sheets, clothing, large amounts of food, you name it.

"The security door at the hotel I am staying is painted like the decoration behind it."

I guess this hotel realized they have the door open a lot. So what did they do? They painted it to blend in with its surroundings. I feel like there's a lesson here we can all learn.

"Two words I never thought would appear next to one another."

This seems like something straight out of the future for sure. Scented jigsaw puzzles? That's so strange, and yet kind of genius! Talk about taking the whole puzzle experience to a new level.

"My hotel's clock has 3 clocks on it."

Instead of turning the clock at an angle so that you can see it from one part of the room, and then turning it again so you can see it from the bed, there are just 3 displays on it. Amazing!

"This place has a rope tied to a tree to get up the driveway."

With all the snow we've been getting this winter, it's been kind of hard to get around... or out of the house...

The people who live here are definitely on a whole other level.

"The raincover for our stroller is completely yellow when dry, but has butterflies showing up when it gets wet."

I love the little design detail on this rain cover. I have no idea how that works, but it definitely feels like it came straight out of a sci-fi movie.

"The seal on my frozen yogurt."

There are plenty of ways to remind people to recycle, but this is, like, some genius-level thinking. I don't know about you, but I really don't want to anger this frozen yogurt woman.

"The box for our coffee distributor was very difficult to open, but very encouraging too."

It's nice to know that the distributor was self-aware and knew that their boxes were hard to open. The encouragement is strangely clever, and I honestly can't get over it.

"These folding ramps installed on a steep driveway."

Talk about coming up with a creative solution tp a problem most people wouldn't even realize is there. This is the kind of forward thinking we could all benefit from.

"Every item at this supermarket in Kosovo has a flag for its country of origin."

Why isn't that a thing they do in ever grocery store? It's nice to know where the food you're about to buy (and eat) is coming from. Plus, this'll teach you some country's flags.

"My university has single stall urinals."

This is the exact opposite of when you come across a public restroom where the urinals are uncomfortably close to one another. There's no reason why you can't have some privacy while using one.

"This spatula with a bunch of useful conversions on it."

I think everyone should have something in their kitchen with conversions on it. Considering how many recipes use different measurements, you kind of need some kind of reference so you don't get all confused.

"This lipstick has a secret compartment containing lip gloss in the same colour as the lipstick."

Talk about a clever cosmetics design. I wonder if it's advertised, or if it's just a fun little secret people who buy the lipstick get to find out about.

"If you ever meet Steve Martin by chance, he gives you a card as proof you met him."

I guess this is one way to prove you've met a celebrity. Taking a pic with them would also work, but this way they don't have to pose for the camera if they don't want to. Clever.

"Inside of a convenience market in South Phoenix."

This door is incredibly intimidating, which I'm guessing is the point. Like, I wouldn't want to mess with that door. I wonder how effective it really is at deterring thefts.

"Garbage sorting in Sweden."

"From left to right: packaging made from paper, metal, plastic, newspaper, clear glass, coloured glass, compost, garbage," OP wrote.

That's... so detailed. We should all be a little more like Sweden, and actually sort our trash and recyclables.

"A phone holder for selfies in a town I visited."

Let's face it, selfies are here to stay. We all just need to embrace the selfie. This random spot did, that's for sure. I wonder how long until something like this catches on.

"How the plastic covering on this salad holds the dressing cup."

Who would've thought that putting a dent in the lid of a salad container would be so incredibly useful? Because to be honest, this is probably one of the most subtly genius things I've ever seen.

"This lid l got with my soda."

Honestly, whoever first started using these kinds of lids for soda probably came straight from the future. They're way easier to recycle, and you don't have to worry about plastic straws or their soggy paper counterparts.

"Fridge magnets with braille."

I love how one simple change to such a normal item can completely transform it. Not only are these fridge magnets so much more accessible now, but they can also teach you braille, if you ever wanted to learn.

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