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15 Spouses Who Know How To Keep Their Partner Happy

Being in a relationship is a lot of hard work in order to keep your partner happy.

But, being married is a whole lot of work, too. Being married is something that is supposed to be "forever," and breaking up is costly, and also annoying and inconvenient for everyone. That's why when you love someone you do everything you can to keep them very happy.

This husband who built their foster kids a fire house.

A Reddit user shared this adorable play firehouse that a husband had built for their foster kids to play with in their play room.

Not only is it adorable, but it's also really well done!

His wife is an Optometrist.

For his wife's Optometry Office, this husband built her an adorable plexiglass screen to protect her from other customers during the Covid-19 pandemic. What a brilliant and smart way to keep everyone safe!

A husband knows their favorite hobby.

To celebrate their 30th anniversary, one husband decided to have a bench dedicated to his wife in the very park where they have been taking walks together for all of those years.

This husband who built his wife a display wall.

This wife is someone who loves drinking coffee and tea and has a huge collection of coffee mugs to prove it. So, he helped her and built an entire wall display for all of her favorite mugs in their home.

True love never dies.

While waiting in line at the grocery store, this husband said to his wife that he had to use the bathroom. But, instead, he went to a different aisle and he secretly bought flowers and then hid them behind his back to give them to her.

His wife wanted a "gold bike."

This husband shared on Reddit that his wife had said she wanted a gold bike. So, he bought an old 70's "Ross Kid's Bike" and he turned it into a low rider for her to ride around.

This husband planted his blind wife flowers.

This husband spent two years planting thousands of flowers for his wife, who is blind, in order for her to smell them all. His wife was suffering from depression and he knew this would be a way to get her out and loving life again.

What a sentimental wedding gift.

For their wedding, her husband got her a necklace that has a glass ball. Inside of the ball held cut-up flower petals from the very first bouquet of flowers he ever bought for her. How sweet!

Even with a broken shoulder, he is a romantic.

Her husband had rotator cuff surgery, and he's unable to drive anywhere. So, instead of going to get her flowers as he does for every "fresh flower Friday," he decided to draw her some roses in a vase.

His wife needed a backdrop for her Zoom calls.

His wife was working from home and needed a nice backdrop for her Zoom calls that she does for work. So, her husband decided to make a nicely patterned and textured wood wall for her meetings.

His wife spent two years writing a book, so he had it bound.

"My wife wrote a novel over the course of the last 2 years. It's the first book of a trilogy. For her birthday I got the idea to hand bind it so she could see what will one day be a printed reality in bookstores across the world," he said.

For her birthday, they had a blanket fort with her favorite show.

For her birthday, her husband made the living room into a blanket fort. And, he also got her the new season of Bob's Burgers with a bottle of wine. They snuggled and got to watch it all in the fort together.

This husband who surprised his wife with a spa treatment.

"My wife got up at 2 am this morning to hike a mountain with some friends. She's on her way home right now and probably thinks she's going to have to immediately take over taking care of the kids so I can get my work done," the husband wrote.

His wife must love Harry Potter.

For her wedding gift, her husband hand-made his wife a Pensieve from Harry Potter. The Pensieve showcases memories, so he drew the memories that they had together throughout their relationship.

Her husband is a pastry chef and made her a birthday cake.

Not only is this ridiculously cute, but it's also very clever. This Spongebob meme is the best way to make her feel better about getting a bit older (although, 25 is not that old!)