20 Surprises That Rewarded A Closer Look

Everyone is always telling us to slow down sometimes, to stop and smell the roses, assuring it will help us live in the moment more and appreciate the world around us. Metaphors like that aren't what help motivate people though, they need tangible rewards!

This list features lots of little discoveries that were only made after someone took the time to look closely. Follow in their footsteps, and you, too, can find a secret one day.

"LDK manga volume 17+18 come together in one book, but they printed the binding to look like two books next to each other to match the set."

This is an incredible design. It so perfectly proves that this is a company that not only understands its demographic but cares about them as well, wanting to make sure their experience with the product they sell is of top quality.

"Aisle of Death & Aisle of Life at a Hardware store."

The hardware store giveth, and the hardware story taketh away. What plants live and what plants die is up to the buyer, but the hardware store assures garden-owners are equipped with the tools to do both, making it a truly neutral establishment.

"Wh... What?!"

This is the type of product that'd be available at the aforementioned hardware store. While technically in the life section, it (apparently) took plenty of plant death to create, so it rides a fine line.

I do like the vagueness of "squeezed plants". What plants? Why those plants? Why squeezed?

"Very ornate doorknobs in my new apartment."

Little details like this are what really make a home special, though they're often overlooked when feeling out the overall vibe of a room. If you have the ability, splurge on the little accents. You'll be shocked at how much they add.

"[Creative] directions on my Outlaw hand balm!"

I see, this is a balm only meant for the most refined villains. Those who follow the social norms of a villain, know the delicate actions that distinguish villains from other folks, and dream up schemes in their spare time. May this balm aid them in their evil journeys.

"On my cheese."

Man, I don't live in Sweden though, and I don't know if I have a place cool enough or dark enough that would be satisfactory for my cheese! Well, if it's what it truly wants, I suppose I can pack my bags tonight and head to Sweden in the morning.

"Tag on the inside of my beanie."

Come to think of it, I can't remember a single time I've ever washed a beanie, or any hat for that matter. I've never checked the tags on them either to see how they're supposed to be washed. Maybe this tag here has a point.

"A box packed sideways in a pallet."

Aw, how polite! It's okay, box, we've all been caught in compromising positions at work before, hopefully whoever unpacked this pallet did you the service of turning you over so you can regain your dignity after a long journey spent like this.

"This toddler playmat uses the scientific name of a swordfish (Xiphias gladius) for the letter 'X'."

Whoever designed this was so, so tired of using 'xylophone' for every single product, so they decided to go all out. Forget about a child's ability to understand it, who cares? We need variety, we need to stand out more!

"Thought this man had big holes in his socks…nope he just wears the ankles of the socks."

Oh. This is a secret that could have gone undiscovered, I think. I didn't need to know that there are people out there who do this, because surely he isn't the only one, right? I hope he's the only one.

"My parents gave us this cookbook from 1979 with an interesting recipe…"

I will now spend far too long thinking about just how much gravy would be needed to cover up an entire chopped-up elephant. This might be one of the more morbid lines of thought I've had recently, but I won't be able to rest until I figure it out!

"Dawn show the ingredients and what they're for."

Oh, this is nice! With cleaning supplies, most people just blindly trust that they're good at what they do and the ingredients make it so, but having it separated is a good way to learn just how much goes into one bottle like this.

"A sign on a hotel bathroom door in Iceland, explaining the odor in the water there, complete with 'Sent from my iPad' signature."

The "Sent from iPad" thing is very funny, yes, but now I'm worried about the quotes around "good minerals". Are they good minerals? Or are you they trying to assure me they're good while they're secretly bad? Would you feed me bad minerals, Iceland?

"This Time Capsule brick I found."

Is the time capsule the size of a brick? Or is this brick just an indicator that there's a time capsule under there? Are they really going to tear up this brick courtyard in 30+ years just to see what went down when it was buried?

"[Surprise] inside my sugar cone wrapper."

I appreciate this company's attempts to make the cone part of eating ice cream more exciting and valued, but we all know this simply isn't true. The ice cream will remain the better part of the ice cream cone until the end of time.

"My dog found it actually, [I'm] just sharing it."

Without some sort of exclamation point to distinguish excitement or pride, this reads very tersely. They're mad that they lost, but they're not a poor sport about it, still congratulating the winner.

They then order you to discard it so they may wallow in the trash bin in peace.

"Print on a milk bottle."

Wishing you a happy new year right as it expires, it feels like an odd trade-off, but a sentimental one all the same. Thank you, milk, may your jug be recycled properly, and may you have a new life after our parting.

"The hotel I'm staying at has a tiny door that says 'John Malkovich'."

If you're unaware, this is most certainly a reference to the movie Being John Malkovich, which is really great if you haven't seen it before. In the movie, the characters use a door like this to enter Mr. Malkovich's mind, but something tells me there's just a hotel room behind this one.

"Cute pet hospital invoice [...]."

This is the type of service I want from my vet! If my darling pet isn't loved and cherished while in that office, why am I even bringing them there? For medical treatment and to make sure they're healthy? Doesn't seem worth it to me.

"Neighborhood find."

Sometimes, the easiest advice is the best advice, even if it's not what you were hoping to hear.

Let me be clear, I'm not telling you to dump him, but this pole is. If you dump him and regret it, don't come back to get mad at me.

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