18 Hidden Designs That Popped Out Of Nowhere

Isn't it amazing when life gives you a surprise? They call those real-life "Easter eggs," and often, they are hiding right under our noses. All you need to do is pay attention, and you'll find them.

But I'm going to do one better for you and instead show you a few of my favorite ones. You're welcome, hee-hee. Let's enjoy them together, okay?

1. This Pond

When you first look at this pond sign, you might be wondering why it's upside down. But then you glance at the water, and you'll understand why. It's so awesome that somebody actually thought of doing that.

2. This Cardboard Box

"It's the little things that make you smile (on the bottom of a box from a cake decorating company)."

Don't you love it when companies have a sense of humor? I sure do. In fact, I wish more of them did.

3. This Washing Machine

Sometimes all you really need is a smile to brighten your day. And it's fun to see that the people who made this Samsung washing machine think so too. Awe, that's super cute, no? It would make me smile for sure.

4. This Jeep Footrest

Let me ask you something: can you read Morse code? I cannot. But the person who found this Easter egg sure can. The footrest reads, “Sand Snow Rivers Rocks,” and I think that's a nice hidden surprise.

5. This Shirt's Tag

Isn't it cool to see clothing manufacturers adding a special touch to their clothing, even if it's just on the tag? I had a good laugh reading this one, and I think you will, too, ha, ha!

6. This Utility Pole

"Walking past a local garden in my neighborhood, I noticed they labeled the power line along with all the other plants."

Ah, somebody really had some fun with that one, huh? I say, good for them, hee-hee.

7. This Hand Balm Bottle

Why give someone boring directions on how to use your product when you can be a lot more creative than that, huh? Don't you agree with me? I bet whoever bought this balm thought so, too.

8. This Vet's Invoice

Check out this cute vet's invoice here. It says that hugs and kisses have no charge. At least there's something you don't have to pay for at the vet. Those places charge through the roof. Am I right?

9. These Maternity PJs

When you were a kid, did your mom tell you a story about the stork that brings home a child? I hope you didn't believe that because it was a lie, and these maternity PJs want you to know that, ha, ha!

10. This PlayStation Controller

Oh wow, a camouflage PlayStation controller. How cool is that, huh? I've never seen one like that. And I also never seen all the hidden controllers somebody pointed out. This is such a fun thing for people to discover, no?

11. This Xbox

Apparently, the Xbox engineering team loves to hide small Easter eggs on its hardware. And you can find "Hello from Seattle" written on their controllers. Why? I guess it's because the Xbox team is based out of Redmond, near Seattle.

12. This Hard Rock Hotel Bedding

If you ever stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel, you might've seen this type of bedding. It's very subtle, but you can see guitars embedded in it, and I think it's very rock 'n roll of them.

13. This Airport Floor

Sometimes if you don't pay attention you might miss it. And in this case, it's a brass fish somebody found on the floor of this Seattle airport. And get this, it's carrying a suitcase too, hee-hee. Isn't it so cute?

14. This Recycled Bag

Why put a simple message on that recycled bag when you can make people think and use their imagination, huh? I bet you're wondering what kind of previous life this bag might've had? Admit it, ha, ha!

15. This Family Business

It must be hard to run a family business. Can you imagine all the fights and arguments? So it's funny to see at least one small company admit to it in the best way possible — right on the can!

16. This Beard Balm

I urge you to give this beard balm to someone who hasn't seen a razor in a long time. At least it should give them a chuckle or two, or perhaps it will inspire them to shave that thing off, ha, ha!

17. This Tylenol Pill

Well, this is an interesting Tylenol pill, huh? I can't say that I've ever seen one that comes with a little cute BandAid stamp in the middle of it. Isn't that so neat or what? I love that.

18. This Doggie Toy

"My dog took the squeaker out of her toy. It says, 'Game over. Your dog won.'"

Ha, ha! That is so funny and true. I wish I have found something like this in my dog's toy. I love little gems like these. Don't you?

Ah, I really love when companies hide these sweet Easter eggs in their products.

It's that little surprise that can make somebody's day. Am I right? Have you ever found anything as cool as these examples here? I'd love for you to share it with all of us here, so don't be shy. Let's hear it.

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