18 Pics That Made Us Question Whether We'll Ever Shop Online Again

Online shopping is at an all-time peak, especially since the pandemic started. After all, that's all we have to do these days. Am I right?

So it's no wonder that people are taking more and more risks buying stuff on the net, but it does come at a price. Sometimes things turn out alright, and other times we are left scratching our head in disbelief, ha, ha!

1. This Shoe Fail

I don't know about you, but I don't like to shop for shoes online. Not only can you not try them on, but you can't see how they look either. So I'm not all that surprised that this order here didn't exactly pan out.

2. This Couch Switch

If you're in the market for a new couch be careful ordering one online. After all, you never know what might actually show up. In this case, a totally different couch arrived, and let's just say it wasn't a pleasant surprise.

3. This Not-So Oversized Sweatshirt

Buying clothes online can be a hit or miss. Do you agree with me or what? This guy was hoping for that XL loose-fitting sweatshirt feel, and instead, he got this snug one.

4. This "Third Time Is The Charm" Fail

What happens when you buy one outfit, and it doesn't look quite right? You buy another one. And then when that one comes back looking sad, you try a third time. Sadly, that didn't pan out either, ha, ha!

5. This Subway Bait And Switch

Here's exactly why I don't like to order food online. Call me crazy, but I prefer to see how it's being prepared in front of my eyes. Perhaps I have trust issues, or perhaps not. Can you blame me, though?

6. This Pregnancy Pillow Fail

I have to admit I have one of these pillows. I thought it would be comfy to sleep on one, but sadly it is not. However, at least mine came in exactly as described and not half the actual size, ha, ha!

7. This 'Baby Yoda' Fiasco

Oh, how cool it would have been to have baby Yoda show up on your glass when it's full of wine, huh? Well, at least that's what this person was hoping for when they ordered this glass.


8. This Sad Plushie

Here's the perfect example of having high expectations while shopping online, but the reality comes and bites you in the butt. Aww and this plushie would have been so adorable. Am I right?

Oh, well, ha, ha!

9. This Christmas Fail

I'm such a big fan of handmade things. They are so unique, after all. Well, "unique" is the right word to describe what this lady got in her package. I bet she wasn't expecting this.

10. These Scary Toys

Oh my goodness, these plush toys would have been the cutest. If only the place this person ordered them from was legit, eh? Now, they're just going to scare the bejesus out of everyone. Do you get what I'm saying?

11. This Costume Fail

This is exactly why I'm very hesitant to buy Halloween costumes online. I'll admit I bought one this year for the very first time, but I had to return it because it didn't look right. So I feel for this guy here, ha, ha!

12. These Tiny Socks

I always admire people who can rock funky socks. But I'm pretty sure this guy who ordered these awesome cactus ones didn't expect to get them that small. Who did they think he was? A baby or what?

13. This Dress Mishap

I have to confess last year I went a little crazy and ordered lots of clothes online. Shhh, don't tell my fiancé, ha, ha! But I'm so glad none of them turned out like this dress here. Oh, my!

14. This Sad Wreath

"My mother ordered a fall wreath from a Facebook ad. Weeks later, a tiny package from China showed up."

Does that ring a bell to you or what? I bet something like this happens more often than not.

15. This Miniature Chest

Something tells me that when this guy ordered this chest online, he thought he would receive one that's full size, huh? Well, to his surprise, he got one that he could only use for his pet, ha, ha! Oh, wait, he doesn't have pets so there goes that idea.

16. This Wishful Thinking

Don't say I didn't warn you to never waste your time shopping on Wish. This lady did, and she documented exactly how that turned out for her. Seriously? Who still shops on that site, eh? I don't get it.

17. This Stylish Attempt Fail

This is what happens when you try to be chic and order something unique online. As it turns out, you're better off just ordering sweatpants instead, ha, ha! I say, better luck next time. Let's hope it works out.

18. This Kitty Outfit

This is what happens when you realize that you might have underestimated the size of your cat. Either that or the site you ordered from is full of crap. It's up to you how you take this.

Okay, first of all, I don't want to scare you away from shopping online.

There are plenty of legit stores out there. All I'm saying is that you must do your research, and read the reviews before you shop.

Once you do that, you might actually save yourself some headache and anxiety while you wait for your order to arrive. Got that?