30 Pics That Had Us Rubbing Our Eyes And Thinking That Something Was Wrong

Not everything is as it seems...and no, that was not meant to sound like the opening of a monologue to a Christopher Nolan film, that happened by accident and I decided to roll with it.

However, to show off some things that prove that nothing is straightforward in life, please enjoy these 30 pics that had us rubbing our eyes and thinking that something was wrong.

It's Just A Dog With Arms Swimming Through Concrete!

And yet, as opposed to helping this dog from its fate of drowning in concrete, they just took pictures as it swims towards them. This is just unbearably cruel and the person who took this picture ought to be ashamed of themselves.

"Just my dog and his shadow decided to spend some time apart."

Eventually, one person was able to figure out what was going on here, writing, "Oh! He’s under a trampoline with another dog laying on top casting the shadow."

"I finished repairing your guitar neck, boss!"

I bet that this axe plays like an absolute dream now! You would probably have to play it like a lap steel guitar as opposed to like a traditional guitar now though.

"A full size baby human."

You blink your eye and then they are all grown up. However, no matter how much people grow up, you can always see a hint of their baby face in their expressions, some more so than others.

"That is a really small shower."

It took me a truly embarrassing amount of time to realise that this was a reflection of a shower. I thought that it was some sort of emergency shower...who knows why you would need an emergency shower though.

"After years of saving, I finally bought a house."

I think that there is a lot to be said about living next door to someone who breeds gigantic cats. One thing is for sure, you will not have any problems with gigantic mice!

"So, just a hedgehog getting an X-ray."

A vet tech expanded on this, writing:"I'm a vet tech and in our radiology department there are posters with how to position each animal for all different types of x-rays with rough anatomical drawings of each animal.

"One shows you how to x-ray a fish and it is literally a cartoon fish in a baggie (the kind you take them home from the pet store in) plopped on the table. Idk why but every time I see that poster it cracks me up way more than it should."

Dog Squared...

When you are first assembling your new dogs, always make sure that you follow the instructions very carefully. Also, if you are provided with extra pieces, do not try and make them fit when you do not need them.

"The snow melting on my deck looks like birds."

Now, don't go freaking out and thinking there's an army of snow birds perched outside of your door. It's just the natural progression of snow, which will melt and leave room for an army of actual birds to perch outside your door.

"A photo taken before disaster."

At a glance, you might think there's something wrong with this picture of two tires. But it's really just one tire with an absurd air bubble sticking out of it. Which is probably worse.

Dare You Stand On One Of These Balconies?!

They look as though they would dip whenever you set foot on one, like an extremely heavy diving board. But hey, people will go to all sorts of lengths to be able to have access to a balcony!

"Spotted at a local Wal-Mart."

It's funny how a single crease in a hat can completely change the meaning of the words printed on it. Though, "you had meat coffee" could just be a new, vaguely intimidating phrase the kids are saying nowadays.

"Chicken legs..."

I do not think that I am alone here in thinking that if I were to wear these then they would actually beef up my legs. And yes, I could probably fix this by going the gym more, but who has the time!

"Just a cow. Its name is Bertha."

I thought that it was some kind of eldritch crow at first, but nope, it's just a cow. Also, the name Bertha is an absolutely perfect name for a cow, congrats.

"Someone had a hard decision to make... Or kids."

Alternatively, this could be a new grocery store aisle grouping. Is it wishful thinking to hope there's a diet where you can get away with just eating cookies and salad?

"I don’t know that I’d want to live on this road in Colorado."

Funny enough, you are reading that right. Apparently, the sign exists, but it's not a public street. Still, that's one way to make sure no one gets your address wrong.

"This building looks flat."

Whenever I look at this I feel as though I am looking at a still from a PS2 game. I am getting one hell of a nostalgia trip from this, time to dig out the old PS2.

"My brain MRI kind of looks like the Grinch."

I would be kind of worried about what this means for this person's feelings about Christmas. They should also be wary of wearing shoes that are several sizes too small for their feet!

"Me holding a baby."

Good thing that's just the guy's knee and not a real baby, because it would've been one big baby. One incredibly long baby with just one foot...

"I thought I had put socks on my son this morning. Turns out they were gloves. My mother in law sent me this."

But these are better than socks as they have little tags for you to be able to grab!

"Found this in a review while browsing Wayfair for kitchen tables. Pig for scale!"

Sometimes you have to use a pet to show the true scale of an item. Dogs and cats will definitely work, but feel free to get creative, too. Pigs, iguanas, exotic birds...

"This man just plugged a toaster in and started toasting in my class…"

The only thing weirder than a person busting out a full toaster in the middle of class, is the way this toaster looks like it's on, but not plugged in. Now I can't help but wonder what that other cord is for.

"Why is this lady holding a giant record."

Maybe it is actually just a tiny lady holding a normal sized record? Did you ever think of that, eh? Tiny ladies can buy normal records as well, stop being so mean to tiny people!

"This is the confirmation photo my delivery driver sent me. I'm choosing to RP that he took it while falling down the stairs."

Meanwhile, I'm choosing to believe the delivery guy took the picture while being chased a werewolf. Too much panic in this pic for it not to be caused by something urgent.

"I parked next to the Queen at the grocery store this morning."

Maybe it's because I haven't had my morning coffee yet, but it took me a second to realize that no, the Queen isn't just sitting in some random dirty car in a grocery store parking lot.

"A year since everyone thought I was holding a baby scan..."

It actually took me quite a while to spot that this was a bag and not a baby scan. I bet that this person got some pretty intense messages after initially posting this.

Who On Earth Put These Signs Up?

"We take for open are out."

"What? What are you saying to me? I just have no idea what you are trying to articulate."

"We take for open are out!"

"I just... What do you want? Do you need an ambulance?!"

"Just a picture of my friend learning to snowboard!"

I don't see any friend in this picture, just an unoccupied snowboard trundling its way down a hill. I didn't know that imaginary friends could go snowboarding.

"A pug driving a VW bus in google street-view... I barely had enough time to hoist him up there!"

Sure, you "hoisted him up." I think that this was posted by a pug who owns a van and is just trying to cover up that they are the first pug to be as intelligent as a human.

"Trees with Christmas lights under the snow."

A lot of people saw different things in this picture. To me it looked like the plume from a pair of rockets having taken off, or perhaps the aftermath of a nuclear explosion.

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