30 Funny People Who Can’t Even Bring Themselves To Pretend Like They Care Any More

The world can be a pretty exhausting place every now and then. Maybe you've tripped over in public and want to curl up into a ball and die, or maybe your boss has pencilled you in for a meeting on your day off.

Continuing in this vein, please enjoy these 30 funny people who can't even bring themselves to pretend like they care any more.

"I've had enough of your nonsense, Shane!"

I think that Shane has a promising future in management! I cannot wait to see what amazing innovations he will implement into the fabric of this business!

Watch Out For Those Suicidal Deer!

And yes, Those Suicidal Deer is the best band name that has not yet been claimed. You can use it if you want, but you had better make the best damn band of all time!

"Nobody was home to close that window I suppose?"

I am amazed that not one individual could be bothered to even use the sign to push the window to. That is a level of apathy that I aspire to be capable of.

Passive Aggression Done Right!

The person who posted this explained: "The HOA in my friend's neighborhood recently threatened her neighbors with a fine if they didn't hide their trash cans, even though they've been in the same spot for over a decade. This is their solution."

"Installed the sign, boss."

I think that the person who put this sign up may be an accessory to shoplifting. Or are they a hair accessory to shoplifting? Urgh, I'm sorry about that.

"She ain't going anywhere."

"If someone orders a big load of dirt then this is just how we transport it, you got a problem with that?"

"Well, it's just...why didn't you put it in a bucket or something."

"A what? A bucket? What even is that? What words are you saying?!"

Someone Has Pushed These People Just A Tad Too Far.

I always wonder what the obsession with stealing other people's bin is. Is bin space really that precious a thing? I feel as though I have cursed my bin with this flippant attitude to bin theft.

Spider Man Is Taking Punishment To The Next Level.

"Wow, MJ, this assault rifle is really making much shorter work of my enemies than my web shooters were!"

"Yeah, Peter, but do you not think that it is a bit...extreme?"


"Why are you pointing that at me?"

"Double Standards. Imagine we did this on a cover letter or resume, they would freak out."

They should have responded by saying, "Thanks, I cannot wait to start in my position as [job-title]! Best regards, [Person who you've just hired]."

"I salted the walk like you asked, boss."

Maybe there are just giant slugs in this area and this is supposed to stop them from getting to work. We're in the 21st Century for God's sake, stop discrimination against slugs!

It Might Be Time To Get A Decoy Toothbrush?

Even if she is not actually planning on doing anything with their toothbrushes, I'd still be tempted to get a decoy one just in case. You can never be too careful.

"You're the Amazon movie description writer and it's 4:55pm you get off work in 5mins."

While technically, this isn't an inaccurate statement, it still leaves a lot to be desired. The person who wrote this definitely wasn't planning on using up too much of their creative energy that day.

"At 12, my teacher told my mum I wouldn't go anywhere in life. Today, I am posting a picture of a random engineer on Reddit. My teacher was right."

Sometimes, you just have to know when to throw in the towel. This engineer may have done well for himself (presumably), but the guy who posted this picture online is... clearly going through something.

When You Need To Make Sure The Birds Are Safe.

Being a parent and being a bird owner are pretty similar. In both cases, you may find yourself really wanting to leave your little ones in a cage for a while (even if you probably shouldn't).

"My coworker finally had enough..."

The person who posted this went on to add, "No one ate the cake besides the owner after we all left. We suspected laxatives." Pretty dangerous move if it actually was filled with laxatives though!

"Looking at getting a CRT TV for some retro gaming but I think I'll pass on this one..."

I wonder if the person who put that sign on the TV thought it would help it get sold. It would make for a pretty unique retro gaming experience, that's for sure...

"Found this in my Amazon package."

This is what happens when you get insanely bored at work.

Why do I have a feeling the person who fulfilled this Amazon package (and wrote that hilarious note) went ahead and bought this book for themselves?

Taco Bell Is Really Lowballing Its Marketing Nowadays.

I think that they are just so confident that people will always need cheap Tacos at odd hours that they don't feel the need to even try with their advertising any more.

"My local superstore is sick of answering the same questions."

And yet they still managed to inject a healthy amount of Dr Seuss into this aggressive warning note, I love it! I can just imagine someone asking for eggs after reading this and all of the staff tearing them to shreds.

I Guess Cats Have Their Off Days, Too.

Sure, this cat isn't a person, but it's being a whole mood right now. We all have those days where we feel like doing nothing but sitting around the way this cat is.

"Seems like someone forgot to add a logo."

Placeholder text is pretty useful. But you actually have to remember to replace it with the actual text at some point. Or else you'll end up selling something along the lines of this shoe.

"The height of pettiness seen in a UK car park today."

The moral of the story is: always have car insurance. Or else you'll end up like Sarah, who now has to live with the shame of being called out for this person's car damage.

"I think it is safe to say that he's had enough of your crap, lady."

Although, he didn't break any of her stuff as it all seems in tact which is something! It could have been much worse, the stuff could have gone out of the window.

The Price Of Fame Sure Is Steep.

Sure, you may be at risk of getting mauled by Bigfoot (or a bear), but it's one small price to pay for the ultimate reward: fame. Even if you aren't around to enjoy it.

"The boss ordered me to cut the grass. It's not my job to argue with boss."

Maybe they just want to trim the snow. You really don't want your snow to grow out of control and leave snow weeds all over the damn place!

No Babies? Guess We Don't Have To Be Careful Anymore.

I guess this person got really tired of the idea that you only need to be a careful driver around cars with babies in them. It's not like vehicles are giant metal deathtraps in which drivers need to be extremely careful at all times or anything!

An Important Notice To All Tenants!

At least this is a very timely eviction notice, also they do have a way to prevent it! This is one of the most considerate landlords that I have ever seen now that I think about it!

"I need to know how that is even possible?"

I think that someone may have been playing a prank on the person who parked here, but every part of my being hopes that this was a genuinely disgruntled road painter.

"How my dad deals with his asshole neighbor who checks with the city whenever anyone does any work on their property."

A few people did point out that this person may not have a permit for this sign though. What a shock rebuttal that would have been.

"Why are there some Doritos painted in this classroom wall?"

There are some questions that man is simply not meant to have the answers to, and I think that the reason behind this Doritos packet being painted into a wall is one of those things.

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