20 Weird Pics That Need A Whole Lot More Context

To be honest, there are a lot of really weird pictures out there. Like, they don't make a lot of sense. And sometimes, even when they come with a bit of context, you're still stuck scratching your head.

And yeah, these pictures are no exception. I'm just thankful we got any context to begin with, though.

"A carpeted indoor pool for the kids to play in."

Even though there's no chance that any water would be going in that pool, this still seems so weird to me. Maybe because this is essentially a very large baby cage. It looks like part of a zoo attraction.

"My hairy leg before and after shaving!"

I'm really torn about this picture. It's some how weirdly satisfying, weirdly disturbing, and just plain weird all at once. Hopefully this guy finishes the job, and doesn't just leave a hairless spot like that.

"The *Seinfeld* studio in Lego."

I was today years old when I learned that there's an entire Lego Seinfeld set that you can actually buy and build yourself. There really is a Lego set for the most random things, isn't there.

"The janitor at the office building I work at places the toilet paper both ways."

Talk about pleasing everyone. No matter which way you think is the "right" way for the toilet paper to be facing (or if you don't care at all), this janitor's got you covered.

"My grandma's collection of 544 different cookie cutters that she has been expanding for 50+ years."

This is definitely an impressive, albeit super random and specific, collection. But the real question is: does she use any of these cookie cutters, or are they just for show?

Well, at the very least, OP followed up by saying that she has a very specific system for organizing them all.

"Took this pic and only later noticed the piggy shaped cloud."

Just when you think this is going to be a normal picture of a lake, there's a piggy cloud in the background. Let's face it, though, it makes this picture way more interesting (and it's pretty interesting to begin with!).

"Left two bottles of olive oil on a cold veranda. One got frozen, the other one didn’t."

Reddit user Tyr_Kukulkan commented, "Different grades of oil if they were in the same place. The one that solidified is likely higher quality extra virgin olive oil."

I guess that's one way to figure out how high quality your olive oil is?

"My rescued morphed axolotls have a gene that makes them glow green under blacklight. This is a result of a fluorescent jellyfish gene being implanted into their embryos many generations back."

Look at that. We got a full explanation for what's going on here, and yet I'm still sitting here all confused. I guess this is why I never went on to become a scientist.

"I left my water bottle out in the car last night, on its side."

Well, now all you have to do is fill the other side with water (or juice, or whatever), and you've got yourself a drink that'll stay cold for hours.

...Probably not the best if it's freezing outside, though.

"This cute highway sign in Japan to let you know it’s snowing."

On one hand, this is the exact kind of sign I'd pay attention to while on the highway. But on the other hand... maybe I'd pay too much attention to it, and not register the fact that there are icy conditions ahead.

"Sunny hill and snowy hill."

Weather is so weird. You can have one snowy area, and another area right next to it where all the snow melted. All because of clouds and shade and sun and whatnot.

"There’s been a lot of rain recently where we live and the doormat started growing little plants."

This is... so strange. I wonder if this person dropped birdseed on their mat one day. Or if there's some kind of other explanation that would tell us where these little sprouts came from.

"This egg I managed to crack vertically."

This is as impressive as it is strange. How do you even break an egg vertically without the whole thing just caving in?

My guess is that you just have to be really, really lucky.

"Some Honda/Acura infotainment models have a Y2K22 bug that rolls the date back to 2002."

I think the strangest thing about this display is the fact that, as Reddit user lukeofhazards pointed out, it's showing January 1st, 2002 as a Sunday, when in reality it was a Tuesday. January 1st, 2022 was a Saturday, so who knows where that Sunday came from.

"Drops of my white gouache paint mixing with the green."

It kind of looks like the white paint is freezing inside the green paint. All those little trails of white paint look a lot like the frost that was on top of my car windshield this morning.

"How dirty my hand is after counting the money in a till."

One thing people sometimes forget is that money can be pretty gross. All sorts of weird grime sticks to it, both the bills and the coins. One of the pros of digital payment, I guess.

"My friend has quite a lot of clocks in his kitchen."

That's a pretty cool clock wall. But there's just one thing that's kind of bugging me: pretty much every clock is showing a different time. I guess wall clocks don't need to be accurate when you have a phone.

"Different flavours of toothpaste in an Iraqi supermarket."

I don't know about you, but fresh (freash?) breath isn't one thing I'd associate with candy bars. I'm both terrified by the idea of these things, and intrigued by how they taste.

With any luck, they're just using the logos, and they taste like normal toothpaste.

"The patterns this chair has left on the floor at my doctor's Office."

It's almost hard to believe that this wasn't intentional. But when you look closely, the scuffs are more concentrated around where the chair leg is, which shows where it's usually set. Strange, but cool at the same time.

"I am cleaning human bones."

You may be thinking, "hey, those kind of look like spine bones." And you'd be right.

Apparently OP is a bone collector. So this isn't, like, a Hannibal Lector kind of situation.