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15 Men Who Are Killing The Single Father Game

Being a single parent is a lot of hard work. You have to step up and many times be both mom and dad to your kids.

While their other parent may or may not be in the picture, when you spend time with them, you're usually being mom and dad at the same time.

We always hear about single moms, but, there are tons of single dads out there who are truly making their kids' lives amazing.

This dad who worked pretty hard on this birthday cake.

This single dad knew his daughter deserved a pretty special birthday cake, so this was his first attempt at making her something amazing.

This garden section with a chocolate "soil" cake and some candy flowers. The worms are a great touch!

This dad clearly loves his little girl.

It takes a real man to go out with their daughter and dress up as a magical fairy butterfly to go with her princess costume.

Only a true dad who isn't afraid to showcase how much he loves his daughter could pull this off.

Letting his daughter give him a makeover.

Many little girls love makeup and want to practice on their moms or their sisters.

But, when you're a single dad, you sometimes allow them to work on your own face. And, sometimes that means mascara, too!

Someone has to teach their daughter how to shave.

Teaching your daughter how to shave is something that most moms will do. Shaving your legs takes a technique and you always want to make sure they don't cut themselves.

This dad stepped up and used his own legs to teach his daughter.

This dad wanted to learn to do his daughter's hair right.

Being a single dad, you don't have experience doing hairstyles on your own hair because you don't have much hair to do.

So, this dad went to a salon and learned how to do braids, up-do's, and even some special ones for his daughter.

Picking up his daughter from school.

This dad decided to surprise his daughter after her first day of kindergarten and get her flowers and some adorable stuffed animals.

Starting school is a huge deal, this dad wanted her to know how proud he is of her!

Spa night with the girls.

Doing some things that are out of your comfort zone is the key to parenting.

You may not be into watching some girly cartoon movies and putting on a facemask, but if your daughters want you to, you 100% do it.

What an awesome fort!

When this dad's son wanted to build a fort, this dad took some boxes and got down to business.

He made a full-blown box fort that has some tunnels and even some secret hiding spaces.

Manicure time.

Girls need some hands to practice on when wanting to give someone a manicure.

This dad looks like he loves spending time with his daughter, even if it means that he's getting his nails done.

This single dad knew he had to learn to cook for his son.

When he became a single father, this dad stepped up and said that he knew he had to learn how to cook.

So, he began to cook with his son and now, years later, the two published a cookbook together.

What a clever dad.

This little girl wanted to trick the tooth fairy to see if she would pay up for some "fake teeth."

So, this dad helped her out and wrote her a pretty funny note to showcase that the tooth fairy, is indeed, real.

Dads who try are the best kind of dads.

This dad clearly learned, through the years, how to do some insanely beautiful hairstyles on his daughter to make sure that her hair always looks right and in place.

He looks like he thoroughly enjoys the time spent with her and the finished products, too!

Happy birthday to this lucky girl.

One dad on Reddit surprised his "My Little Pony" loving daughter with some insanely awesome birthday gifts.

He said she "earned it" as she's such a good kid with amazing grades. What a way to celebrate.

Sharing memories.

Parents who want to share experiences and memories with their kids are incredible.

This dad wanted his son to share the love of music and see his first concert and made sure he had the best seat in the house.

Gardening buddies.

This dad showed his daughter how to garden and get a bit of dirt on those hands by planting together.

What an adorable way to spend time and bond together, while also creating something as a family.