20 Petty People Who Can Use Passive Aggression Like Jedi Use The Force

Pettiness is an art form. Subtly yet viciously suggesting something to someone or getting back at them after they've wronged you takes a good amount of finesse, a skill not so easily learned.

The people on this list, though? Well, they've mastered it. Come take a lesson in passive aggression, your teachers being the images in this list. There will be a quiz at the end, so study up.

Constructive criticism.

"My mom got me Super Mario Sheets for Christmas. I'm 22 and have been living in my own apartment for 4 years, so I looked confused and disappointed. She said 'What? It's not like anyone else is going to see your sheets' and now I don't know if that was ignorance, an insult or innocence..."

"This ad for a graphic design company."

I'm more interested in how Larry's Mowing & More expected to get any business without a means of contact! How else are people supposed to rent their VHS or buy CBD from them if they can't call in!

"[...] My husband was angry this morning so he decided he was only making his half of the bed."

As someone who lives alone and only sleeps on one side of my bed, this is what my room looks like on the daily. Good to know that all I have to do to achieve this in the future is piss off my partner.

"Passive agressive Prius."

This is a more than acceptable level of pettiness. You could blast this across your back windshield and I'd consider it appropriate. Tailgaters are some of the most obnoxious drivers on the road and they deserved to be called out for it!

"Best scoreboard message."

Humiliating? Sure, but you know Max came to this game with a bunch of buds who are probably being very supportive right now and just wanted to get a laugh out of him, so overall it's still pretty sweet. You can do it Max!

"My girlfriend and I fought and didn’t talk for 3 days so I sent her an Amazon gift with this as the message."

You didn't talk for three whole days? What on earth did you fight about, and how bad was the disagreement?

On the bright side, the uploader did say that his girlfriend found it funny, so he made the right move by bringing levity to the situation.

"I ran out of wrapping paper for one last little gift, but I have a printer and paper so…"

With how much ink goes for these days, the wrapping paper might be worth more than the gift depending on what's inside.

Regardless, I think I'd save this paper. It's too funny not to, and I'd get a kick out of reusing it the next year.

"Wife has run out of ideas."

Wireless earbuds really are a solid gift that everyone can come to love, but that's more so when you're giving pairs to lots of different people, not lots of pairs to one person.

At this point, you might as well start gifting them back to her.

"Not the worst gift."

And not the worst post! Honestly, with the crazy standards everyone puts on themselves now a days, let alone the standards put on us by society as a whole, being 'not the worst' anything is a stellar achievement that ought to be celebrated.

"Misfortune cookie."

Hey, they're the manufacturer that shipped the cookie my way instead of towards those starving children. Besides, I don't think all 18,000 of them could have split this one cookie evenly. They wouldn't even get a crumb, it wouldn't help at all!

"Sooo…. Everybody?"

I want to say that that's the point, but you can never be too sure these days. Who knows if someone on the marketing team had a momentary lapse of judgment and forgot that yes, everyone on earth does drink water?

"I love this [guy's] level of pettiness."

I wouldn't even call this pettiness, this is one man doing a public service. He's justifiably warning people against a shady business in the area, it's not petty, it's heroic! He understands that it's too late for him and his money, so he's hoping to save others from the pain.

"Work place passive aggression 101."

Woof, this one's rough. This level of frustration can only come after someone being pushed to do dishes for ages finally snaps. You can just hear the venom dripping from this note, too, even people who weren't involved are probably left feeling guilty!

"Saw this at the restaurant today."

Lisa, you've been told this time and time again. If you're somehow still cold at 72°, you need to either put on a few layers or go see a doctor because it's really starting to become a problem around here.

"This official notice at a local sauna."

The fact that not only has this happened before, but it happens so often and they know it's just one guy causing it is astounding. Who taught this man that it's okay to pee in saunas? They should be ashamed. May he be caught soon.

"Stepped out for an early call, came back to my dog pretending he’s me."

"Ohh look at me, I'm my human, I'm still laying in bed even though I know my beloved dog is simply starving for his breakfast, I'll continue to lay here for what feels like hours, selfishly denying my puppy his food."

"Woke up to my coffee jar like this after a petty argument with my partner."

This might just be a step too far. I'm a coffee devotee, and I firmly believe that messing with another person's caffeine source is a particularly cruel method of payback. Lock up the breakfast foods, the guilty pleasure snacks, anything but the coffee.

"Passive aggressive behavior has been happening a lot at my work."

It took me longer than I'd like to admit to realize that the bottom row was supposed to say Abigail before someone took a chunk out of it. I was really trying to figure out what big thing they were saying good luck to.

A walk around the block.

"Carl Stanojevic got a text asking him to take his neighbour’s bins out. So he literally ‘took wheelie bin out’ for a spin around the town."

Carl Stanojevic is a photographer, which is likely why he was so quick to come up with this cute idea!

Who knows!

"I asked my nephew what he wanted for Christmas. His only answer was money. I unwrapped 60 rolls of pennies into the box. He asked me how much was in there, I told him I didn't know."