20 People Whose Day Did Not Go According To Their Plan

Sometimes you just cannot predict what the day ahead will bring, be it a surprising amount of ice-skates being hurled through a window or a jaguar trying to get you to join an MLM.

However, those very specific instances aside, please enjoy these 20 people whose day did not go according to their plan!

"My sister decided to organized my bookshelf, so she went and did this... Oh, my eyes!"

Why would anyone want their books to be displayed like this? Also, that face at the bottom left looks as upset as presumably everyone else is!

"When you are at your stop and the doors open to this."

I hope that this person had some pretty substantial boots and trousers on! It is going to be one hell of a walk home for them!

"At the end of my 5 hour layover, I realized I lost one earbud on my previous flight."

Time to use the app which will let you locate your missing ear bud, as there is a chance that it is still lurking in a pocket somewhere!

"Driving behind cars with 12+ inches of snow stacked on top."

This is just insanely dangerous. How does someone not just even run their hand along the top of their car when it is like this? It isn't exactly hard to get it off!

"I assembled my first exercise bike tonight. Too bad the seat was missing from the box."

Would this not make it an even more efficient workout if you couldn't sit down? This could be the future of cycling right here!

"My gym is trying to catch a phantom pisser with a competition."

Why would anyone want to piss in a sauna? Also, my main worry would be that this would just prompt the phantom pisser to get even more elusive.

"I Had No Idea That They Were Screening Poops In This Place?"

First it was phantom pissers, now they are trying to regulate how people poop. I think that the world may be getting a little too preoccupied with people's movements.

One Of The World's Worst Landlords?

"My landlord, while painting the apt I am moving out of, drank my limited release MF Doom beer that came out after the news of his death. I’ve had this beer for about a year," this person explained.

"I work as a Valet, but I told this guy that he had to park his car himself."

I would just keep waiting for someone to burst out of that pile of crap and ask me to free them if I were driving this for someone else.

They Really Could Not Think Of A Single Thing Other Than This?

I was so distracted by the weird use of "Squirrel" that I did not even notice that they had mixed up a violin with a guitar at first! What an omnishambles.

"Florida Man Spells School Wrong... Twice."

Surely the whole point of this was that he thought a second mistake would make the whole thing look deliberate...for whatever reason. If not then he is just a complete and utter dolt.

"There was an attempt to prevent porch piracy."

A few people did point out that the big note would also have told the thieves where the packages were as well. Although, it was probably not visible from the street.

"They tried their best to take a photo of their lunch."

This is a better picture than they could ever have hoped to capture! It is just a shame that they were not able to enjoy their lunch after they got the picture.

I Would Never Expect To Find One Of Those In A Fridge Nowadays!

"Home for the holidays and opened my parent's fridge. I immediately said, 'Mom, I think you need new baking soda.' She asked, 'How can you tell?'" wrote the person who uploaded this.

"My father forgot to tell me that the renovators we have in would be taking the stairs out today."

That is a pretty vital piece of information that this person could have done with. I hope that they have enough food upstairs to survive the day!

"The local deer were using my car as a salt lick."

If the choice was salt or deer spit that I had to wash off my car then I would absolutely pick...actually, I have no idea what I would choose. I never thought I would have to make such a decision in my life.

"This cafe is guilt tripping people into buying bottles of water."

So they want people to pay an unnecessary amount on water that is almost as much as a cup of coffee is? I can kind of see why people may not exactly want to go for the bottled water option!

"I couldn't get this beer open for 10 mins straight. Pried off the top to find... another top."

I cannot believe it, but it appears as though the only way for them to drink this beer will be to shotgun it!

"Two kidney stones I passed today."

Explaining this in more detail, this person wrote:

"It's not like an excruciating pain (not when the painkillers kick in anyway). It's more like someone keeps jabbing you again and again with a blunt stick. But then when they move a lot I can feel that and that's like the feeling you get when you get hit in the balls."

"I work at an ice skating rink and instead of properly turning in skates people started just throwing them over the counter."

What goes through a person's head where they think that it is okay to throw an ice-skate at a person? It's almost as if they have metal blades on the bottom or something.

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