15 Pics That Prove There’s No Hack Like An Ikea Hack

There's nothing like a good Ikea hack.

DIYers everywhere love the versatility of Ikea products, and for good reason! With reasonable prices and good quality products, Ikea makes stuff that DIYers delight in making into other stuff.

Let's check out some of the coolest Ikea hacks around!

This hack saved the hacker a TON of money.

"Quoted $7000 for a custom built-in. Less than $1500 DIY," Reddit user dtspmuggle explained.

"Used 2 Hemnes Glass-door cabinets, one narrow Bookcase, and 2.5 Wall Bridges.

My husband was against doing an IKEA hack until I found the Hemnes line. It’s solid wood instead of mdf."

Mid-century meets industrial.

This was no easy hack to accomplish. This basic Kallax unit was fitted with custom doors and legs:

"They were tricky, it was hard to find the correct hinges to make them flush," Legitimate_Canary explained on Reddit.

The legs were also custom cut from some longer legs found at Home Depot!

This bookcase is to die for.

This hack utilized some standard bookcases, custom wood fronts, and some cane to turn Ikea's Pax system into a dreamy, one-of-a-kind unit. I would LOVE to have this in my apartment! That shade of pink is so gorgeous, too.

This is unbelievable.

"Moved the IKEA fabrikör vivarium to our living room and introduced its new inhabitants, a group of Dendrobates leucomelas. Our cat likes it."

This is a whole vivarium built into a regular Ikea cabinet! I can't believe how cool this is!

This cabinet is to die for.

"Easy AF IKEA hack on the NEW £99 RUDSTA cabinet.

No painting, no messing, it took about 45 minutes and anyone can do it."

The key to the hack? Glass window film! She used a faux-fluted pattern to turn the cabinet into an on-trend piece, and I LOVE it!

A bunk built for one.

"A hack for pet owners. I took the Duktig doll bed and converted into a cat bunk bed."

Have you ever seen a picture that made you think, "Man I'm glad to be on the internet at the same time as this picture"? That's what I'm feeling right now.

Keep it simple.

An Ikea hack doesn't have to involve intense carpentry to be impactful, you know? This simple, high-end looking mirror wall is actually a bunch of adhesive Ikea mirrors tiled together! How cool and luxe does this look?

This is unbelievably cool.

"45 degree built in shelving from two 5x5 Kallax’s."

I would totally use this to store my records! I guess you could also store things like wine, but that's not nearly as fun as records. Thank you, I have spoken.

This hack solved a big problem!

"Renovating our bathroom and behind this wall was an unused pocket of space where the A/C return duct is located so I found this Sektion/Maximera wall cabinet that fit perfect."

The added trim and hardware made this look SO custom!

Who knew a Moppe could be this nice?

I have two of those Moppe units, and I'm almost embarrassed it never occurred to me to stack them like this! BRB, hitting up Amazon for some hairpin legs and some labels.

A bed fit for a king.

"I found an Hemnes shelf in the as-is area and upholstered some fabric to the top to help my dogs get on the bed. They could never use pet steps and this is shorter the normal end of bed furniture so they are able to hop on it."

These desks aren't desks at all!

"The INGO is actually a small dining table but also makes a great size desk. It’s also so easy to makeover as it’s made in untreated solid pine, so it's perfect for painting/staining etc," @mrs_macs_home explained.

I wanna work at this desk.

Um, talk about the dream writing set up. I love how deep the desk is, and I especially love the use of the Billy bookcases on either side! They truly do look like built-ins, but for half the price.

This bedside table is actually one of Ikea's best products.

It's also not a dining table at all! This is the Rast, and it's one of Ikea's most versatile products. It comes completely unpainted and is made with very sturdy pine. It's the best thing to make over — it's a blank canvas!

This lighting situation is awesome.

"Added a ‘wooden’ back to my Kallax TV stand, using a sheet of fibre board and sticky backed wood effect film, makes a nice difference I think."

This looks so custom now! It's little details like the back that take an Ikea piece over the top.

This floating Besta unit is stunning.

Here's how the top was done:

"Went to a Hardwood Lumber store with drawing, top is 10ft wide in a single piece. They sell furniture grade Walnut plywood in that length, so I had them laminate 2 half inch pieces together to make the piece less likely to warp given the length and end up with a one inch thick piece."

I love some added cane.

"I used Minwax prestain, two shades of wood stain and cane ordered on Etsy to complete this project," virginiawho explained on Reddit.

The best part? The whole thing was super easy, and it turned out gorgeous!

This library >>>

The craziest part of this library? It's made of Billy bookcases!

"The shorter wider ones on top of the taller wider ones. (I think I had to cut at least one side of all of the top ones, though.)"

The angles at the top delight me to no end.

This litter box is much cuter than a regular one.

"I decided to upgrade from my original litterbox to give my two cats more space than what normal store bought litter boxes and DIY boxes offer," Reddit user Nemo1ner explained.

"The cabinet fits my kitchen's aesthetic perfectly and keeps the litterbox (and smells) completely hidden."

I love a Rast hack!

"I cut the side pieces to be even with the bottom and turned the bottom toe-kick piece so that you saw the edge instead of the face. [...] Then I stained and sealed. A few years later I added short legs to go over a vent."

The brass handles definitely complete the look!

That's one hell of an entertainment center!

"Besta family room entertainment center hack. Wiring lights was not a fun part of this project!"

Listen, the lights may not have been fun, but damn do they look good.

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