18 Tattoos With Backstories That Hit Us Right In The Feels

Everyone has a unique reason behind getting a tattoo, and not every tattoo is a result of a drunken night gone wrong. Some tattoos are there for the right reasons.

Whether it's to commemorate a special day in your life or a special person, a tattoo can be the perfect way to do so. These tattoos here have amazing stories behind them.

1. This Special Tattoo

"Not the most artistic of pieces, but incredibly meaningful. "Love" 38 times in 14 languages, in the handwriting of my friends and family."

Ah, what a great idea, huh? I absolutely dig this tattoo concept here and the story behind it.

2. This Skin Deep Cover-Up

"It was to cover some scars that were left there that remind me of bad times, and remind me that they're only on the skin and I'm a happier better person inside now."

So happy to hear that!

3. This Tribute To Dad

"It’s a semi-truck outline with an eagle. My dad got into a fatal car accident a little over 3 years ago and was a trucker since he was about 18 years old and absolutely loved eagles. So it’s kind of a tribute I guess to him."


4. This Message From Grandma

"My grandma’s handwriting from a card she gave me before she passed."

Oh, this is so nice. Would you ever get somebody's writing tattooed on your body? If it's a person that meant a lot to you, then why not?

5. These Sibling Tattoos

Oh my goodness. How cute are these tattoos here? These three siblings decided to get inked together, and I think it's the sweetest thing I've seen in a while.

These characters are from SpongeBob Squarepants, and their personalities fit the siblings to a tee, haha.

6. This Song Lyric

Let me ask you: what is your favorite Beatles song? I think I would have to agree with this lady and pick "Let It Be" too. Not only is this song special to her, but her good friend wrote it so she can get it tattooed on her.

7. This Kid Handprint

Many people get tattoos when their kids are born. This guy here decided to get a handprint of his kid's hand tattooed on his chest. It's such a sweet gesture. Isn't it? I bet the kid will appreciate it one day.

8. This Child Drawing

"I know its [sic] cheesy, but I love this tattoo. This is my 2 year old [sic] daughter's first drawing where the eyes and mouth were in the right places."

Hehe, I think it's so cute. It definitely holds a special place in this guy's heart.

9. This Kitty Tribute

"Tribute to my best boy, Keo."

Awe! This is so cool. Would you get a tattoo to pay tribute to a beloved pet? I've always wanted to get a memorial tattoo of my first dog that passed.

10. This Old Tattoo Rendition

"Got a tribute to my dad’s old butterfly tiger tattoo."

Kids often want to share something special with their parents. In this case, an old tattoo inspired a new piece. What do you think of it? Do you like it? I hope this person's dad likes it too.

11. These Healing Tattoos

"My tribute tattoos for my late fiance and youngest daughter."

They say that time heals all wounds, but I think it might be a tattoo too. I hope these cheeky and fun pieces bring some peace to this gentleman here.

12. This Han Solo Tribute

Fans of Star Wars will immediately recognize this picture. What an awesome tattoo tribute to Han Solo, eh? I love the silhouette of him against all the bright colors. What a super cool tattoo, huh?

13. This Scar Cover-Up

If you ever had a scar you thought of covering up, I've got a very unique idea for you. Why not get a bandaid with some flowers sticking out of it just like this one here? What a neat idea, huh?

14. This Cheeky Tat

Oh my goodness, haha. It's so cool to see that this person who is obviously missing an arm has a sense of humor. I can honestly say I've never seen an idea like this before. Have you?

15. This Baby News Tribute Tattoo

"Memorial tattoo for our babies with the happy date - when we heard their heartbeats and found out they were twins."

So sorry for this lady's loss. It's so heartbreaking when a miscarriage happens. I hope this tattoo helps her heal.

16. This Rad Grandma

"My grandma (77 years young) just got her first tattoo! 'It didn't hurt at all.'"

Oh my, haha. Kudos to grandma. In all honesty, I bet she's had plenty of life's experiences thus far, so this must've been a cakewalk.

17. This Measurement With Meaning

At first, I wasn't really sure what this tattoo was all about here. But then I found out that this lady got it because her son measured 10.5 inches at birth. I don't know about you, but I think that's super unique.

18. This 'LOTR' Break-Up Tattoo

"After nearly 3 years together, my boyfriend and I decided to end the relationship. But not before getting matching tattoos to celebrate our journey together.

I've been obsessed with LOTR for most of my life. The tattoo traces the part of the trail that Frodo and Aragorn travel together (Bree to Amon Hen). Like Frodo and Aragorn, it was eventually time to go our separate ways. Not because we stopped loving each other, but because we both had different paths to walk.

I'm so happy I got to experience such deep love, even if that meant a painful end. On to the next chapter."


Who here loved reading about the reasons behind all these unique tattoo ideas?

It's one of my favorite things to do. I find these stories so inspiring. How about you? Have you ever gotten a tattoo to celebrate a milestone or to honor somebody you loved?

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