20 Weird Things People Noticed That Now We Can't Unsee

Our eyes are taking in visual stimuli every single moment they're open. But after your brain has sorted through it all, there are some images that just have a way of sticking with you.

These pics might not be dramatic, but they certainly can't be unseen.

"The level of the snowflakes in this sealed decoration shaped like a cone, right-side up vs upside down."

Reddit | mmodlin

This pic proves, in a nutshell, why it can be so hard to judge the volume of containers. Those conical shapes are tough to figure out.

"My glass measuring cup melted in the microwave."

Reddit | Rudecles

I would have thought that you could put a glass measuring cup in the microwave for a few seconds without its handle turning into modern art, and yet here we are.

"Dust from a ramp on my suede roller skates looks like an x-ray of my feet."

Reddit | supervixen456

This rollerskater must have pressed their foot right up against the ramp to get this effect, because it really does look like an x-ray of the bones in their foot.

"My tortoise has a paw print on the bottom of his foot."

Reddit | the_local_hobo

We all know that this is just the randomness of genetics at work, but I like to think it means something more. Maybe this tortoise wants to be a cat, or had paws in a previous life.

"My cat has one eye and this is how she peeks around corners."

Reddit | TigerSpec

If you only have one eye but still want to peek around corners, I guess this is how it's done. Kind of ruins the stealth of it all, but it's not like this kitty has a choice.

"These fat mannequins I found at the mall."

Reddit | degiovasc

I've never seen mannequins that look like me before. It's nice to know how clothes will actually look on you, but it's also kind of depressing to know you don't look like those svelte mannequins.

"The cold weather brought back my car's window sticker from years ago."

Reddit | superchilidoge

This photo of a long-ago window sticker that's been brought back from the dead should be proof positive that ghosts exist.

Well, ghosts of window stickers seem to exist, at the very least.

"The imprint my mask left on me after a s***ty day at work."

Reddit | -118-

When you're doing dirty work for hours on end and take off your equipment at the end of the day, it's remarkable just how messed up your face can get in the areas that were uncovered.

"This rock looks like an ice cream sandwich."

Reddit | pinkskyze

This rock doesn't just look like any ice cream sandwich, it looks like the greatest ice cream sandwich of all time. Taking a bite wouldn't be advisable, but still, I kind of want to.

"This restaurant bill is automatically split."

Reddit | ProTharan

Splitting the bill can be a source of major anxiety, but this restaurant has found a way to make all of their bills a little simpler. Then again, it doesn't solve the problem of one person ordering more than the others.

"Statue in my hometown made of 100,000 knives removed from U.K. streets."

Reddit | Astelerin

I'm not sure whether to be impressed by the brutal artistry of this knife angel, or unnerved at the fact that enough knives are found on the streets to make a full-sized angel out of them.

"How the water froze on the lake by my house."

Reddit | BigDaddyDench

I love it when ice gets broken up by the water's motion, but it's still too cold for it to melt. You get this soup of jagged ice particles sloshing against each other, as seen here.

"A machine came through my local John Deere for repairs from the tornado in Kentucky."

Reddit | dottiemcfierceon

Look closely at this windshield and you'll see something emblematic of Tornado Alley: a cob of corn that's broken a windshield and lodged itself halfway through it.

"My hotel shower had a water thermometer."

Reddit | rcoron

I think most of us judge shower temperature by testing it with our hands, then shrieking if it's too cold and screaming if it's too hot. This simple thermometer shows us that there's always been a better way.

"My sink has a light that changes depending on the temperature."

Reddit | Rosemarbles

Along a similar vein as the hotel shower thermometer is this sink. I'm not really here for the temperature indication, though. It's all about the pretty lights, which would make doing the dishes a little more fun.

"Flew on a new Delta plane, and they put a window in the lavatory."

Normally, you'd want to close the blinds if a window was situated this close to a toilet. But somehow, I don't think anyone's going to be able to peak in at 35,000 feet.

"The view from the bathroom on my cruise ship last week!"

Reddit | whale_sauce

Here's another entry into the category of extravagant public washrooms. This washroom is instantly nicer and classier than any place I've been in my whole life, and that includes my wedding venue.

"This 100-year-old perfume bottle that glows under black light."

Reddit | SleepingWillows

Did they inject uranium into this bottle or something? Kind of, yeah. It's a cool effect, but all the same, I'm deeply suspicious of anything that's capable of glowing in such a seemingly radioactive way.

"Fell asleep on a chair. I apparently have remarkably level shoulders."

Reddit | frysinatoren

The only way this guy would ever find out about his symmetrical sleeping posture would be if someone took his pic like this, or maybe if they started stacking things along his straight back.

"Went back to office today since I started teleworking from pandemic."

Reddit | porchtoad77

When you're returning to stuff that's remained untouched since the start of the pandemic, it starts to feel like you're investigating an archaeological dig. It brings us back to a simpler time.