20 People Who Made Life Much More Interesting Whether That Be For Good Or Ill

Everyone has at least one person in their life who just manages to light up a room whenever they enter it. Well, the people on this list can do that, but not always for necessarily the best of reasons.

With this idea in mind, please enjoy these 20 people who made life much more interesting whether that be for good or for ill.

So Unnecessarily Mean!

The backstory to this picture was:

"My door dash delivery was left up against the only door to my apartment so the door could barely be opened, then the dasher took the delivery verification photo…of me struggling to get the food because I couldn't open the door."

The Grinch Done In Drag...

Okay, this is pretty bloody incredible work. I could be left alone with all of the makeup and time int he world and never come up with anything this impressive... Or terrifying for that matter.

"What exactly were they trying to spell here?"

It is not hard to work out the real message here, but the "Jesus" on the roof is throwing me off a bit. What does Jesus have to do with making it snow?

"As God intended..."

I mean, as someone else also pointed out, removing toilet paper from the roll with your backside is definitely not the right thing to be doing. Also, I was never very invested in this debate, does it really matter?

"On time, sometimes."

You would have a bit of a job getting this beast up to 8 miles per hour, never mind getting it up to 88 miles per hour! I cannot help but love it though, it is brilliantly put together.

"Goalkeeper stopping the ball with her face... She was fine after a short break."

Jesus, that photographer really caught this at the perfect moment of impact. Also, how bloody hard did the other player hoof that ball right into her face?!

"At least they stopped for the bus."

Yeah, stopping for the bus and using two yellow straps makes this one of the more sensible things that I have seen people doing on the road, which says a lot about most people on the road.

"Gift shopping on FB Marketplace can be a very weird experience."

Seriously though, where did the "get a job" line come from? What a wonderfully unnecessary reaction to a perfectly reasonable request when you are trying to sell something on the internet.

"May I present the jeans mirror, or jirror if you will."

I thought that this was funny until I actually looked at the price of this thing! Holy hell that is one expensive mirror for something so utterly hideous!

"There really is nothing better than a run ashore for 2k sailors."

Who really needs health and safety when you can just do whatever you want with a forklift? There is something so liberating about getting rid of OSHA restrictions.

"Is this tree being used as an a) Roundabout b) Divider c) Barrier d) All of the above."

I think that it is option d) all of the above. Why did they not just build the road around the tree, the tree was clearly there first after all!

What A Weird Choice!

"My friend and I (both aged 45+) belatedly got round to going to see Dune today. In the meantime our local multiplex had relegated the film to the kids' hall. Oh well, if life gives you lemons..." wrote the confused cinema-goer who posted this. How odd!

"I love this idea..."

I simply cannot imagine ever doing anything this sweet for anyone at any point in my life, Imagine being this wholesome as a person? How does it even work, do you get training for it or something?

"How many companies do this do you reckon?"

I actually quite like how the pink looks on this guy, he is rocking it more than a standard high-vis look! Also, I guess he will actually stand out more as the odd one out?

"This CVS receipt scarf."

Yep, that is a real scarf that has been made to look like a CVS receipt. The fact that you could genuinely use a CVS receipt as a scarf aside, this is pretty cool.

"Customer said, 'Don't worry you can put it in the lift with her in the car she won't mind.'"

I cannot get over how much this pig is actually smiling. I will never know happiness like this pig, and that is just a terrifying statement.

"These bathroom mirrors turn shaving into a game of Tetris."

If there is one thing that you do not want when you are shaving, it is to have your vision obstructed or distorted. Well, except for having a bear in the room with you, that would be the worst thing for sure.

Fetch Me My Business Crocs!

If you have an extremely high-stakes business meeting to get to where there will be loads of proper important business stuff happening, then don't wear your regular Crocs, opt for the business Crocs.

Hmmm, Is Something Off About This?

"My friend just got a tattoo. She says that's how judgment used to be written before and it's still written like this in British English, but I have my doubts. English is not our native language," wrote the person who posted this.

"I love it and I hate. Thank you."

I have no idea why this exists or why anyone would want it, but it is pretty cool I guess? I love the way they have him holding his own price tag, pretty grim.