20 Times Only Disappointment Was On The Menu

We all have horror stories of bad restaurant visits and the like that leave us completely discouraged from eating out. Well, I can't promise the items on this list will help with that, as it's about all the times only disappointment was on the menu.

Though this list is mostly food-based, there are a few non-edible entries to remind us that tragedy can strike anywhere at any time.

"Cheesecake arrived 2 days late and unsafe to eat."

That's on you for owning a fancy food thermometer. If you couldn't measure the temperature, you never would have known it was unsafe, and thus have enjoyed it like normal. Surely your body won't know it's bad if your brain doesn't, that's definitely how food works.

"My school's free turkey lunch for Christmas."

No, actually. No, whatever that is, it certainly is not turkey. The color is just off enough that I'm convinced it's some sort of alien meat rather than turkey. No creature on this beautiful green earth of ours could come out like this.

A long time waiting.

The tale leading up to this sandwich was told in the post's original title, "My local Wendy's burnt down at the start of the pandemic. So I've been waiting until now for that sweet sweet spicy chicken. First burger of the new restaurant - three bites in and it's totally raw."

"I hurt my back and need to get some help for it. It’s all on the bottom shelf by the floor."

Yet another reason to start really getting some squats in, if you only use your legs, it won't hurt getting that stuff off the bottom shelf!

Actually, do squats help with back pain in general? Start doing them now, and you may never need to venture to that lower shelf.

"I didn't have any cereal, so I put some crackers and sugar in milk."

No, come on, not like this. You're better than this. You could have just had the crackers and milk separately, there's no craving for cereal so bad that you need to resort to such heinous acts as this. Please, vow to never do it again.

"Amazon's idea of a holiday meal. My Hershey's kiss was melted."

"Yes I did eat it cause I didn't bring in anything. Pray for me," they added on, and praying for them I am. Given the horrific state of the unspecified slop in the upper right portion, I'm not convinced these aren't the remnants of a science experiment.

"This was $10 at JFK."

It has been a long time since airport food has been any level of acceptable in relation to both quality and price. At this point, they could serve up a single anchovy on a paper plate and someone would pay $30 for it.

"I put a four bean mix into half of my cookies instead of choc chips."

I want to believe in my heart that it was just a sleepy mistake and they didn't even notice until the cookies were out of the oven, but there's nothing to indicate that. This could very well have been a conscious choice, which scares me.

"Garlic bread from local Pizza spot."

The local pizza spot you're vowing never to return to, right? Because this is disgraceful. No matter how good the pizza is, it couldn't make up for such a sorry sight as this sad, sad excuse for a piece of garlic bread.

"My family went to Waffle House for the first time."

They don't have Waffle House where I live, but I've seen plenty of photos of it before. Is it just like this? Really? What even is that under the cheese, it looks pretty nasty and highly suspicious. I'm grateful for the lack of Waffle House in my area now.

"Power went out during the premier of Spider-Man NWH at my local theatre. 30 minutes in and we were asked to leave."

In case your heart broke for this person and their lack of new movie, they updated in the comments that they got to see a make-up show mere days after, so all is well in the world once more.

"The pack of bacon I got was almost entirely fat."

Does this even serve a purpose for anyone? I don't know much about cooking with fat, but I would think these cuts wouldn't serve any real purpose besides some chewing material for lard enthusiasts. There can't be many of those, can there?

"My company’s 'Christmas Bonus'."

Yeah, this definitely feels like a kick to the shins, especially if this was done instead of the more traditional end-of-year monetary bonus. In fact, if this was handed out instead of checks, this could be enough to cause a few employees to snap and start a workplace revolution.

"[My] disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined."

I could make some snarky joke about how this is technically still correct because chocolate chip can be singular or plural, but you look like you've been through enough today, so instead I'll just leave you and your sad cookie alone.

"This sticker is removable."

A problem so universal there are even ironic stickers made about it as some sort of performance art. This is it, this is society's peak, only to be raised by the creation of stickers that don't do this on every surface.

"[Mashed] potatoes we got at school today."

Mmm, no, I don't think so. Whatever it is your school served, it most certainly is not mashed potatoes. If, by some awful grace, they are, they should be condemned. Look at that and tell me it's not emitting some sort of radiation.

"Someone asked me what I use to marinate my turkey, I told them I use the marinating drawer in the fridge... Why, what do you use?"

Oh, god, this one hurt. This one physically pained me. I cannot stop thinking about all the old food grime that has built up inside that drawer marinating with the turkey. I feel queasy now, actually, I'll be right back.

"Mom bought new lights since the old ones shorted out. We put on the new lights and the power shorted again. We decided no lights this year."

I get this. I live in a small apartment, so I just have a skinny tinsel tree. I also have a cat, so I don't decorate it. Sometimes having a tree in your home is enough to evoke the Christmas spirit.

"I'm shocked that my boyfriend eats this, but he says it's [normal]."

This person went on to say their boyfriend is from the Netherlands, and that this dish is called 'pindakaas met zoetigheid'.

On the bright side, loads of other people from the Netherlands assured this person that it is not normal. Their boyfriend is just weird.

"It really sucks!!"

If you can't quite read the receipt, it says, "Special Instructions: Just 3 pieces of [jalapenos please]." A special instruction they clearly didn't listen to.

Though, admittedly, it's also weird to just want three pieces of jalapenos in your sub. Everyone here is off.