19 Mistakes In 'Married With Children' Fans Probably Didn't Notice

There was a lot going on in the hit sitcom, Married... With Children.

Although dearly beloved, there were some less-than-pleasant sexist moments often involving the main character, Al Bundy.

There were a few snags in production as well. From plot holes to continuity errors to factual blunders, here are 19 mistakes fans probably didn't notice.

The fake hair


For whatever reason, a lady agrees to buy some of Peg's red hair in the episode, "A Taxing Problem." But at the end of the episode, the hair wasn't red at all as it was Buck's hair. She got scammed!

The Santa Clause


Character breaks aka an actor laughing is usually edited out of a show! But not this blunder that occurred when the mall Santa landed in the Bundys' backyard.

Ed O'Neil, who plays Al, was supposed to be upset, but he cracked a smile because he couldn't contain his laughter.

The shadow

Kelly so deserved her triumph moment during the episode, "The Agony of Defeet."

But instead, you could see Al's shadow on the wall right from her, which was from where Ed was waiting in the wings for his cue.

The axe


Al wasn't in too much danger with the killer in the episode "Poppy's By the Tree." That's because the killer's axe kept bending when Al blocked it with his suitcase, making it obvious that it was made of rubber.

The weight gain


When Jim Jupiter stayed with Peg for a week during the episode, "Dead Men Don't Do Aerobics," he gained a huge amount of weight in only six days. It's pretty impossible to look that different in such a short period of time!

The wrong thumb

In the episode, "Build a Better Mousetrap," Al tries to hit a mouse with a hammer, only to end up hitting is left thumb instead. But in the next scene, Peggy is nursing his right thumb.

The palm trees

Unsplash | Corey Agopian

This next mistake is a factual error.

When Kelly and Jefferson were driving Bud to the chiropractor, palm trees are lining the road. But there are no palm trees anywhere in northern Illinois!

The microphone

Unsplash | Jordan Graff

Unfortunately, it's not uncommon for crew equipment to ruin TV shots. I happened during the episode, "Driving Mr. Boondy" in Season Nine near the top of Al's head. It's quick, though, so try to catch it.

The hole

There's a reason the hole in the blanket was never patched up in the Season Two episode, "Poppy's by the Tree." This was so the killer could shove the machete up through it at the end.

The credit card

Unsplash | Pickawood

There's a plot hole in Season Four where Peggy maxes out Al's credit cards, so he's unable to pay for the pizza he ordered. Yet, somehow, he was able to buy three airline tickets to Las Vegas?

The t-shirt

While Al wasn't the most stylish guy, he did usually look put-together. That didn't happen, though when he took the kids camping. When he left the house, his shirt was blue, but later on, it was dark blue with red stripes.

There was another issue with that cart.

Unsplash | Bruno Kelzer

During the episode, "You Better Shop Around," the cart that the manager gives Jefferson is wobbly at first. Yet, for the rest of the episode after this, it's totally normal and fast.

The dummy


There are certain stunts no human will do. Falling off a roof is one of them!

But shows should at least make things look believable. Instead, whenever Al or Jefferson fell off the roof, it was clear that a dummy was used.

The eggs

Unsplash | Jakub Kapusnak

The show could've used better sound effects back then as well! When Marcy is stacking cartons of eggs in her arms and one carton falls on the floor, there's a cracked egg sound. But the cartons were empty?

The text

When Peggy read a newspaper headline during the episode, "Banking on Marcy," the text she read didn't make sense. She said, "[Marcy] announces NBC fall schedule, people still disappointed," but the text below read, "State officials..."

The shaking cart


If only impressive CGI existed back when this show was on! It could have saved the show the awkward moment when Jefferson shoves the "regulation Foodies cart." That's because it was very obvious that the act shook the cart himself.

The rockstar

In the "Rock of Ages" episode from Season Seven, Al pretends to be the rocker, Axel Bundy, so he can fly first class with older rock stars. But at one point, one of them calls him "Al," which would mean that his cover was blown.

The popcorn

Unsplash | Georgia Vagim

At the start of the episode, "He Thought He Could," Peg is making popcorn on the stove. It makes a popping sound, but the burner wasn't even on!

Like the episode name says, Peg thought she could make popcorn without heat, so she did.

The stunt

The best thing about stunts is how real they look! Well, during one episode where Al bowls Jefferson out of the way, you can see the stuntman jump high and fall into a holding wire.