20 Terrible DIY Projects That Have Us Shaking Our Heads In Pain

Anything can be terrible. A design that someone actually got to use in an ad. Relationship advice you get from someone who gets dumped a lot. But one terrible thing that never ceases to amaze me is bad DIY projects.

When it comes to these highly questionable things, attempts were made. Did they pay off? Absolutely not. But at least they're hilarious.

When pizza is life:

The one thing that a pizza box and a laptop have in common is the fact that you can't get either of them wet. Other than that... they're pretty different things. And combining the two is, well, interesting, to say the least.

"Upcycled Grocery Cart for Sale on FB Market Place in Dayton, OH."

It took me a minute to realize that this is supposed to be some kind of chair. Is there any reason why it couldn't just stay as a shopping cart, though?

Oh, well as long as they don't smell.

I'd really love to know if there's an actual market for ornaments that are filled with spaghetti. Because as far as I can tell, this is nothing more than a waste of perfectly good spaghetti.

"Spotted in eye doctor’s office."

Eye see, eye see... All jokes aside, what is this thing supposed to be? A mosaic planter that's also a birdhouse? It's all very confusing.

On the plus side, the poinsettia in the planter (?) is nice.

"An [*sic*] stress lamp I made a long time ago. The lamp looked incredibly stressed."

This is supposed to be a lamp that helps you relieve stress, but it's actually stressing me out more than anything. I want to say an attempt was made here, but was it?

"Jeep park bench."

Not the most offensive thing in the world. To be honest, it's more confusing than anything else. Of all the things you could put on the back of a bench to reinforce it, why a random Jeep front thingy?

This is exactly what people want to see instead of working toilets.

I'd like to know why anyone would stage a bathroom... in their living room. And put plants in a toilet. I guess we should consider ourselves lucky that the toilet isn't hooked up to anything.

"My friend made this abomination recently."

This is... one way to keep track of both your phone and earbud case. But I feel like there were better ways to combine them all. Alternatively, you could just put things in your pocket.

For when you're a skateboard fan.

Even if you are a skateboard fan, that doesn't mean you need to own a skateboard fan. The wheels on each blade would honestly stress me out more than anything.

"Found at the local Goodwill. Cabinet is 100% hardwood. Some people have too much confidence in stupid trends…"

This makes my heart hurt. Someone really took perfectly good wood, and then painted over it. Badly, I might add! There are plenty of good ways to refinish old wooden furniture, by the way.

"If only there was another way…"

My guess is that whoever installed that railing did a really bad job of making sure everything was facing the right way. On the plus side, it's still not that likely to fall apart.

"Our home’s previous residents landscaped with wine bottles, and we are removing them."

Okay, but like... why? Why decorate with wine bottles, when you could just return them to the liquor store for a few extra bucks? In all honesty, it doesn't even look that nice.

"The way this homeowner DIYed the joists in his rental chalet."

Yeah... there shouldn't be any gaps like that. Those joists don't look very secure. And whether they're holding up a floor or the roof, they look like trouble. Maybe don't stay in that rental.

I guess that's one way to do it...

Either this person really wanted to have a canopy in the back of their truck but couldn't afford it, or they're hiding something. Now I'm kind of curious about what's in there, but maybe it's better if we never know...

"Found in my late grandfather's garage. Light fixture 'pitchfork'. I have no idea what it was meant to be or where it originally went in their house."

This is either some kind of strange tiki torch, or it was meant to be a flashlight with a long reach (that you'd still have to plug in...). Either way, I'm kind of terrified of it.

"My uncle's tiling project, he hasn't worked on it in days and it's making life hell."

The only thing worse than a bad DIY project is an unfinished one that someone's dragging their heels on. These floors could probably look really good. You know, if the uncle decided to actually finish them correctly.

"How about this centrepiece, seen at a dentist's office?"

I never understood why some people are afraid of the dentist. At least, not until now. If I went to this particular office, I'd be too afraid that my dentist was some kind of denture-collecting serial killer.

"What 675k gets you where I live."

I stared at this picture for a full minute trying to come up with something positive to say. At least it's... bright?

The fact that it's going for so much when it looks like that is just insulting.

Introducing: the jasket.

Have you ever wanted a laundry basket that was also partially made of laundry? No? Well too bad, because you have to look at this one anyway! It's jeans, it's a basket. Which obviously means it has to be called a jasket.

At 20 bucks? That's a steal!

Yeah, I think $20 might still be too much money for this... bench. I feel like, even if you had a fully decked out cowboy-style living room or something, this would still look super out of place.

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