20 Design Choices That Were Nothing If Not Brave

Not every idea can be lauded as genius. It's sad, but it's true. Some just don't make the cut, and all you can do for them is give their creator a pat on the back and tell them better luck next time.

Despite any discouragement, though, some designers go on to make their idea a reality anyway. That's where we get things like the items on this list from, as they're design choices that were nothing if not brave.

"You sit on a throne of lies."

This is just sad. How could they do this to loyal Snickers fans everywhere? It says the number of bars on the box, sure, but the box is still a lie. It's not a yard, it's an empty, broken promise of one.

"Hotel I'm staying at uses pool noodles as art decor in the bathroom."

This certainly is a cost-effective way to decorate your bathrooms over buying art prints, but I can't say it adds the same artistic flair or high-brow appearance. At least if someone's ever struggling to stay afloat in the bathtub, you can throw them one of these!

"I love unfinished wood."

I believe that some loves should stay private. Like, have your passions, especially passions like these that arguably don't hurt anybody, but don't make me look at it. Don't put it in a public space. The world didn't need or want this to exist.

"This spatula works horribly and makes me angry."

It really is a shame when something so cute is completely and utterly non-functional, so all it can really do is sit there and become a decoration. It's even worse in this instance, as this spatula hasn't just been demoted to decor, but seasonal decor at that.

"This [tile] in the bathroom at a restaurant."

If your bathroom always looks like someone was murdered in the stall and their body dragged out along the floor, when someone is actually murdered in the stall and dragged out along the floor, no one will be able to tell!

"This Christmas themed toilet paper."

This is the perfect companion to the bathroom floor in the last photo! A design that expertly disguises the mess made when someone was killed in the bathroom stall. That's just some normal Christmas festivities, please continue to use it without question.

"Polar bears? Frogs? Cats? Who knows."

I was so sure it was cats after just looking at the one on the arm, but when looking at the line of them in the middle, I'm not so sure.

Can we register this as a new cryptid? Sure it only lives on a sweater, but it's strange enough.

"Couldn’t they have used this sign to tell me the price instead?"

Sure, they could have, but how else are they going to strongarm you into downloading their app that you don't want? Sure they could offer something useful like exclusive deals, but it's easier to make the shopping experience so obtuse without it that you feel forced.

"This emergency escape hammer is placed behind a plastic cover sealed with screws. No there is no emergency screwdriver anywhere..."

Most people in the comments were guessing that it's a type of breakaway plastic that would shatter with little amounts of force, thus freeing the hammer, but for those of us who wouldn't be able to guess that, this isn't a comforting sight.

"Individually wrapped potatoes from an 'eco-friendly' company. Ridiculously expensive as well."

Do not all grocery stores sell single potatoes? The comments were full of people saying it was good for single-person households, but where I am, you can buy single potatoes that aren't being choked to death in non-biodegradable plastic wrap.

"This Curb has a Curb. Nearly twisted an ankle stepping down it."

Do these count as stairs? They seem to be riding a very fine identity line here between curb and steps, but regardless of what the final classification ends up being, someone's going to get hurt on this thing eventually.

"The slippery roads sign in the UK doesn't make sense..."

This road gets so slippery, it can cause your vehicle to spin right into a tear in the fabric of reality, causing it to bend and twist in impossible ways before you get spit back out onto the same road! Be careful!

"They put a basketball net beside the roof that has 'stoppers' to stop the snow."

If they're going to put the net there, they might as well put a ladder there too, as they had to know this would become an issue.

Or maybe it's a tough-luck type of situation. If it gets stuck, too bad, learn to not miss your shots.

"This drive-thru menu."

Oh god, no. Looking at this is what I imagine having a seizure is like. This would be the best way to make sure I never, ever return to your restaurant, because I'm willing to bet the graphic design on the inside is just as stellar as it is here.

Dangerous decoration.

The context behind this photo was explained in the original posts's title, "Gnomes are symbol of my city. It used to be a city game for tourists to find them all but there are so many of them it no longer makes sense. City opened brand new skate park in the city. To celebrate it they put a gnome there. Metal gnome with pointy bits on top of a ramp right next to a rail."

"No need to worry about intruders climbing up the drain pipe when there's a wall full of hand and foot holds to use."

Admittedly, I kind of like how this looks. Don't get me wrong, it's absolutely tacky and definitely not a good look for houses, but it's tacky in a way I enjoy.

That taste of mine might get me killed one day given the obvious safety concerns with this one, though.

"These door shutters… with lights?"

Let's be honest here, how many people have homes with shutters and still use the shutters like they're supposed to? Maybe it's where I grew up, but I've never seen shutters actually being used, only for decoration.

"This bathroom at the [Airbnb] we rented."

I spent longer than I'd like to admit staring at this and wondering what the problem was before realizing, oh, the door is closed and oh, there's a giant glass pane in the middle of said closed door that eliminates any and all privacy. Got it.

"Found this computer repair place at my local mall."

I don't think I would trust someone who can't wrap their head around window signage with my whole computer. One is a lot more complicated than the other, and they already failed the simpler of the tasks.

"At least they can't see your face."

At least you're partially hidden from the public eye? Which is more than the last bathroom can say.

Though, at this point, I think I'd rather have people see my face than my entire downstairs area while doing my business. That would somehow feel better.