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20 Animals Who Have Zero Care For Pesky Human Norms

We might invite animals into our families and form meaningful bonds with them, but at the end of the day, they're not people. They're cats, dogs, hamsters, birds and so on, and they care not for our rules and ethics.

The next time you see a pet breaking humankind's rules, cut them some slack, for they know not of our norms.

"Nola on our morning walk. I thought I’d take one of those cute pics of a happy dog run but I got this instead."

Reddit | emlo4

It's always awkward when you assume you have a dog, but then take it for a walk and realize it's some kind of hobgoblin instead.

"Appa being his typical majestic self."

Reddit | CactusCat42

There's nothing like bringing your doggo to a majestic spot to take a picture, only to find that your dog has precisely zero majesty. I guess it's still a memorable photo in any event.

"At least he's trying!"

Reddit | ThatPaddyHaugen

We're humans, so we can recognize that this duck absolutely is a duck and does not fit in with the flamingoes. But to the flamingoes, this guy might be fitting in perfectly. He deserves a little credit.

"Guess which is the weird one."

Reddit | jix333

If you come from a family with lots of siblings, you can probably empathize with this photo. Someone always feels the need to overwhelm the situation with their weirdness. Perhaps that someone is you.

"If I lick it, no one else can have it."

Reddit | BoopBoop20

I love fresh-baked, golden-brown bread as much as the next guy, so I totally get where this cat is coming from. That said, this level of decorum would be completely unacceptable in a human being.

"My dad bought a cactus to discourage Mingus from getting on the counter. Here's Mingus with the cactus."

Reddit | mristre

If you didn't know it already, this photo is proof positive that cats will do whatever they want, whenever they want, and you're powerless to stand in their way.

"Taken from my parents’ kitchen window. They don’t have any cats..."

Reddit | AllHanceOnDeck

This is just incredible. If my kitchen looked out on a live-action nature show featuring the neighborhood's angriest kitties, I don't think I would ever get any work done.

"My derps."

Reddit | FONTINA

There's this old-school idea that cats and dogs don't get along. They don't always get along, but they often do. Sometimes, they clearly bond over a shared love of being weird, indescribably derpy little munchkins, as seen here.

"Still fits!"

Reddit | sasa13m

As humans, we understand that we outgrow certain things and need to find more suitable replacements. Dogs, on the other hand, grow up so fast that they don't seem to grasp this. Yes, this guy still fits — but for how long?

"My dog really loves bubbles."

Reddit | MarvelousFizz

Animals tend to not have good poker faces. When they're angry, you know it, and when they're wildly excited, you also know it. I'm guessing this dog is more than a little bit excited in this pic.

"Heeeelp meeeee."

Reddit | osogood

Human beings tend to credit themselves for the invention of acting, drama and all scripted entertainment. But this does a disservice to the many uncredited drama queens that have existed in the cat world for centuries and centuries.

"My cousin's hamster after eating a ton of popcorn."

This hamster looks more than a little bit ridiculous, but to be fair, most people would look just like this while eating popcorn, if not for the fact that their cheeks can't expand so much.

"Potatoes gonna potate."

Reddit | proygratoke

Is this a novelty pillow or a living, breathing dog? The person who posted it says it's a genuine dog, but I don't see any evidence of that. I mean, if it's a dog, where are its legs?

"I think this is derp enough."

Reddit | alamperwira89

Seeing cats blep and just show a little bit of their tongue is a commonplace occurrence, but seeing cats give the full blep, with this much tongue, is a rare sight, seen only in true derps.

"Goat seeking trampoline."

Reddit | harboringgrace

I guess if you had a favorite trampoline that fell apart, you'd feel like this goat feels. Judging from his expression, he absolutely means business, and would like a new one as soon as humanly possible.

"Mistakes have been made."

Reddit | ___zach_b

Do you ever make a big mistake and feel like you're physically wearing it for the rest of the day? This dog absolutely knows this feeling, because he's wearing his mistake for all to see.

"Don’t drop the catnip."

Reddit | HopeThisHelps90

Catnip is a hell of a drug, and cat owners can attest to this. Still, it's fun to be able to give your cat something that will make it absolutely lose its mind and its dignity.

"The Committee Against Vaccuum Cleaners."

Reddit | 9999monkeys

I give these cats a ton of credit for voicing their displeasure and being seen. When I start the vacuum, my cowardly kitty just disappears under a bed for the rest of the day.

"Little man is chuffed."

Reddit | ShakyH4nds

Do pet rabbits care about having a nice rug to complement their bedroom setup? I wouldn't have thought so, but apparently this guy is 'chuffed', so here we are. I think being chuffed is a good thing, but I'm not sure.

"My cats turned the sign from dirty to clean after I started the dishwasher."

Reddit | revdrgonzo

We've spent this whole list looking at pets who go against our human norms, so let's end things with pets who actually adhere to human norms. Thanks kitties, this is actually helpful.