20 Pics To Look At While Your SO Does A Truly Awful Job Of Loading The Dishwasher

There are few things that can bring pain to a person quite like making them watch their significant other do a terrible job of loading the dishwasher. Some people just have no care for maximising space!

Anyway, with this idea in mind, please enjoy these 20 pics to look at while your SO does a truly awful job of loading the dishwasher!

"My wife accidentally called wrapping paper 'rapper paper' in the car the other day. I understood the assignment."

"That’s what you use Tupac gifts in," pointed out one individual. Truly, a moment of genius my guy.

"Tell Me Why..."

Another person filled in the rest of the diagram by adding:

"4 year old + backstreet boys = 'I want it that way'

"Therapist + back street boys = 'show me the meaning of being lonely'

"4 year old + therapist = 'where's mom?'"

"Good job, library!"

You could also just keep checking books out until you have enough books to build yourself a small house which will keep you nice and warm! Although, a lot of libraries can frown on that sort of thing.

"Let it snow? Or a very pushy French person with risqué demands."

I do not think that Jesus will be too happy about his name being used like this. Or, you know, maybe he is, I wouldn't want to presume anything about Jesus.

"I need several bags of these."

Is it just a big bag filled with Christmas-themed fortune cookies which all read "You'd better watch out..." on them? I would absolutely buy a bag of those if that was a real product!

This Very Serious Signpost...

"I'm going to break off from the group and see if I can find one of these cougars!"

"Steve, seriously, it's just a joke, but there might be real cougars around."

"Yeah, I know!"

"No, Steve, I mean like a big cat!"


"Steve for God's sake get back here!"

"Can you all confirm for my wife that I am not dumb and that it could have happened to anyone?"

It actually took me a while to see what they had done wrong, so I would probably have eaten one or two before realising that they were for dogs.

"Well, how long is it going to take for goodness sake?"

I mean, I suppose that there is a reason that they felt the need to let everyone know about this, but it really doesn't seem very appropriate now does it?

"Damn I just sold my soul!"

No service is worth this charge! Ah, who am I kidding? I would sell my soul for a packet of Jammie Dodgers on the right day. Who really needs a soul anyway when you think about it?

"Joseph looks like he has seen some serious stuff!"

I sort of imagine that this would have been the exact expression on Joseph's face when his wife tried to get him to believe that she was pregnant without having had an affair.

"Exactly how is this dude holding that drum of his?"

I think that this weird wooden guy needs to be kicked out the band that he is a part of. This is definitely not something that is appropriate for band practice.

"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas…"

Now this is an Elf On A Shelf setup that I can get on board with! It is about time that Krampus got the respect that he deserves at this time of year!

It Is Awfully Tempting Though...

I would have to buy that horn, as only then would I be free to toot it as often as I liked without incurring the wrath of an irate shopkeeper!

"The joke is on you, most pics in that card are yours!"

I am assuming that they mean that the pictures on the card were of the dog, and not that the dog has taken up photography and decided to destroy its own artwork?

"This is a Christmas card that my wife got off her boss."

A truly remarkable amount of people did not realise that this was a reference to Mary and Joseph from the Bible. More people thought that it was a weird admission of sorts!

"This child collapsed when Santa and his elves showed up."

Christ, Santa probably was not expecting to have such an impact on this little kid's brain! I hope that this kid recovers in time to be able to actually meet Santa!

"I got a long sleeve version of my favorite shirt."

And yes, if you are thinking of making the "That shirt is all right with me!" joke then do not worry, it has already been made countless times before in the comments!

"I found a nice little surprise inside my sugar cone wrapper."

"I normally eat a bit of the cone before taking off the wrapper. I also normally eat a bit of the wrapper, I'm not sure I would actually get an opportunity to see this message," added one wrapper-eating individual.

I Don't Think That I Will Sampling This Place's Food!

I wonder if they had a bit of an issue with the translation here or if they just wanted to get people's expectations for their food as low as possible?

"A brush with more brushes instead of bristles!"

Apparently, with the help of the internet, it was discovered that this is actually just a paintbrush designed for painting parallel lines. It is great when the internet bands together to help one another out.