20 People Whose Day Led Them Onto A Rake Like A Misfortunate Cartoon Character

Not all days are good days for some people. However, people going through such bad days often take some solace in sharing their misfortune on the internet.

So, from people who came across horrifically selfish dog owners to individuals who had cheesecake fiascos, here are 20 people whose day led them onto a rake like a misfortunate cartoon character.

"Goalkeeper stopping the ball with her face."

The person who posted this did go on to emphasise that she was okay after a short break. If I were her, I would have this picture framed and put up on my wall at home.

Something Seems Off...

"My friend just got a tattoo. She says that's how judgment used to be written before and it's still written like this in British English, but I have my doubts. English is not our native language," wrote the person who posted this.

Well, That Is A Little Too Real!

It is always amazing how people who work in customer-facing roles are expected to just come into work anyway and serve food while clearly too ill to do so. What a great world we live in, eh?!

"You sit on a throne of lies!"

"As a guy with decades in the processed food industry, overpackaging holds a special place in hell for me. Every so often it feels like we make progress. But when I step back and compare now to then, it’s hard to see any improvement," added one impassioned individual.

"My $80 Christmas gift was applied directly to my driveway."

This is sadder than most Greek Tragedies in my opinion. Although, I am sure that this was the happiest driveway around, or certainty the most drunk driveway around if nothing else.

The Worst Roofers In The Game.

The backstory to this picture was:

"Wondered why my 3-year-old roof was leaking. Turns out the solar panel installers just drilled 20-30 holes to find the roof joist…and then missed it. Bonus: the company has since been acquired, and the acquiring company has gone out of business."

"This happened at a law firm FYI. At least it is Friday..."

If anyone is going to be able to wriggle out of having to pay reparations for stealing this lasagne, then it is someone who works at a sodding law firm.

"Touched my hot glass stovetop with a microfibre towel. It won't come off."

One individual did suggest that you can use a cleaning kit and a razor scraper to get this off. However, that is not an official endorsement for this method...just in case it doesn't work!

"Someone secured their bike through mine, making it impossible to take it out…"

What an asshat move! I hope that the other person made it up to you when they finally freed your bike?! Maybe they could let you slap them in the face with a trout or something?

"Joke's on you, most of the pics that are in that card are yours."

It is nice to see that this dog has a hobby in the form of photography. Maybe the poor dog didn't like his work on these pictures and wanted them gone.

"I locked my door and ran outside my apt in a hurry, only for my keys to get caught inside."

This is one of those situations that, no matter how clearly you explain it to your boss, they will never believe that you are not lying.

"My expensive ass *surprise* gift for my husband being left on the porch like this."

I am more amazed that no one decided to try and steal this while it was just sat there! Porch pirates are particularly bold this time of the year!

"My car doesn't start when it's below -30F, its been that cold for days, and I don't have running water. I'm finally getting desperate enough to melt snow for a bath."

Christ, that is going to be one hell of a cold bath! Also, I think that they may need another tub or two of snow.

"I hate it when this happens."

You know for a fact that all of your adverts will be geared towards trying to sell you samurai-themed attire or products for the foreseeable future. Maybe you should just give in and become a samurai?

"My coworker's kids left the van door open just before a storm."

One person who is doubtlessly a parent with some grievances added, "should have the kid use the empty cups they left in the back to scoop the snow out."

"Cheesecake arrived 2 days late and unsafe to eat."

Wasting cheesecake is something that can never be forgiven! It still looks so good as well, what a torturous thing to have on your hands. Sure, it'll make you ill, but is it worth it?

He Is So Close!

This one is quite hard to look at, but I cannot take my eyes off it. There is something of a renaissance painting about this picture, as though he were recreting the creation of Adam? The creation of Apple! Got there in the end!

"Housemate's dog got into my 6 hour Butter Chicken. No dinner for me tonight."

I hope that their housemate at least replaced the damn food, it was their dog after all! Also, that dog is going to be pooping up a storm over the next few hours after devouring this.

"This woman letting her dog eat the food that was given to the stray. I was on the fifth floor and couldn't even say anything."

Looking passed the fact that she was stealing the other dog's food, who just lets their dog eat whatever it wants on the street?

"Someone flying out of DFW is going to have a bit of a rough time in a few hours."

That poor suitcase looks awfully lonely out there on the runway on its own. I actually feel kind of sorry for it.