20 Crazy People Who Stuck To Their Guns And We Applaud Them

There are situations in life where the best course of action is to, well, change your course of action and listen to the advice of others.

At the same time, there are also situations where you ought to stick to your guns. Were the folks in this list wise to do so? Maybe, maybe not, but we applaud their tenacity all the same.

"Our ice cream had no expiration date because they congratulated a long tenured employee."

Reddit | trey_stofield

It's great that Jan O. has had such a long and fulfilling career at the ice cream factory, but did they need to get rid of the expiration date in order to congratulate her?

"My pencil broke so weirdly perfect that I could put it back together again."

Reddit | That_JazzyBoi

I doubt the movie industry makes stunt pencils — pre-broken pencils to make those broken pencil scenes all the more believable. But if they do, this is what they'd look like.

"The store by my new house still sells candy cigarettes."

Reddit | DasCrouton

I'm kind of surprised these things are still legal, let alone available. It's nice to know that there's still a way to eat chalky, unappealing candy while pretending you're giving yourself lung cancer.

"Staircase to nowhere."

Reddit | Snoo_51742

I like to think the builder here had a blueprint to follow and, come hell or high water, they were going to adhere to the blueprint, even if it meant building a stairway to absolutely nothing.

"Saw a little car that only fits one person and only has one headlight."

Reddit | jiirani

I have no idea what the make or model of this car is. It looks like it was cobbled together from a lawnmower, some wheelbarrow wheels, and the designs of a small child.

"My aunt propagated some succulents and turned them into a Christmas tree."

Reddit | uncanny_goat

I know nothing about succulents, let alone propagating them, but it's hard to deny that this person's aunt did an excellent job in the propagation of these particular succulents.

"My dishwasher has a spot specifically for chopsticks."

Reddit | vce5150

It's nice to know that dishwasher manufacturers are finally starting to understand a universal truth: lots of us eat our dinner with chopsticks, and those chopsticks have a way of flying all over the dishwasher.

"Went to take Advil this morning and out came a long piece from the bottle."

Reddit | RedPanda--

I wonder if the recommended dosage on the bottle accounts for these outlier Advils. It makes me just a little concerned about the quality control of all the other pills.

"The way our wallpaper installer covered the vent."

Reddit | robbiehaf

Wallpaper is something that's usually just...there. It's fine, but it's hard to appreciate whether the installer did a good job or not. Well, friends, the installer most definitely did a brilliant job in this case.

"I woke up this morning to find our climbing ivy had grown through the exterior wall of our house."

Reddit | ink_golem

Climbing vines are tenacious plants, and here's proof. How does a tiny vine even begin the process of burrowing through solid walls?

"My dad burnt a pancake so bad it camouflages with the black pan."

Reddit | sms42069

Did this person's dad start cooking pancakes, leave them on the stove, and then go away for the weekend? I don't understand how the pancakes became this badly burnt.

"I made 20.144 lbs of chocolate peanut butter balls for family and friends this Christmas."

Reddit | ali1510

Personally, I'd round this down to a nice, clean 20 pounds. Then again, I've never undertaken a project as in depth as this, so I suppose this person can do whatever they want.

"This cabin on top of a silo. Oldham County, Kentucky."

Reddit | jeffbirt

I know why silos exist and I know why cabins exist, but I can't get my head around why this cabin on top of a silo exists. Maybe the occupant just likes the view.

"Free meal with interview. Never seen that before."

Reddit | curbstomp45

Fast food places are having a hard time hiring people these days, so they're finding ways to incentivize things. No, they're not offering raises, they're offering one (1) free meal to prospective hires.

"This puddle is labeled."

Reddit | gtbishop83

It might seem a bit obvious that this puddle is full of water, but the world would be an easier place to navigate if everything was labeled in such a straightforward, no-nonsense way. Really takes the guesswork out of things.

"Local sushi place is trying to deter graffiti in the bathroom."

Reddit | CreauxTeeRhobat

This is a clever and comprehensive plan to fight the scourge that is washroom graffiti. I applaud the effort, but I don't think there's any way to get rid of washroom graffiti entirely.

"Bought a record online last week. Seller shipped it using cut up pool noodle taped to the box to keep the record in place."

Reddit | callmekamrin

Sometimes you order something and it comes packed terribly. Other times, it comes packed so well that it's almost a shame to open it up.

"I’m the only apartment with the holiday spirit."

When only one apartment is putting on a holiday display, it becomes really obvious. May this festive soul be an inspiration to the grinches who evidently live in every other apartment in the building.

"I’ve seen many pencils sharpened to the nub in my many years as a teacher. This is a next level nub."

I get that being economical is a good thing and all, but sometimes you just need to let a pencil go. There's no way it's comfortable to write with this double nub.

"A beaver and a Christmas tree."

Reddit | Odd_Shallot1929

To a beaver, a tree is a tree is a tree, even if it's a Christmas tree. This critter found some primo building materials, and it comes with the bonus of festive lights to decorate the dam with.