20 Interesting Pics Where The Details Make It Weird

I have a theory. Any normal picture probably has a few strange details in it if you look hard enough. So basically, all pictures are just a little bit weird.

These pictures may be far from normal, but they're at least fascinating! And what makes them so fascinating is all the weird little details you can find in all of them.

"Staircase to nowhere."

Looks like a pretty normal staircase. At least, until you realize that the top landing doesn't actually lead anywhere. It really makes you wonder why a builder would go through all the trouble to build that part.

"How the water froze on the lake by my house."

This is honestly so bizarre, yet so cool at the same time. It looks like the lake was in the middle of thrashing around when it got frozen. Either something supernatural happened, or it go really cold, really quickly.

"This lake in the middle of the forest in Northern Sweden."

The water in this little pond is so blue, it looks more like a pool than a natural body of water. The wooden pathway/bridge isn't helping it look any less pool like, either.

"The LEGO Adidas Shoe has you stepping on a LEGO printed on the insole."

This would be a cool pair to own, until the day you forget about the block on the sole. Then you'll worry that you're accidentally going to step on a LEGO block. And then remember that it's fake. What a rollercoaster.

"Leaf’s reflection perfectly completes the picture."

This is really tripping me up. The leaf looks like a whole leaf, but it also looks like half a leaf with the other half reflecting in the mirror. I almost don't know what to believe.

"Green Fish in my bag of Gold."

Is there... a green variety of Goldfish crackers? Is this a new kind I've never heard of? In any case, the fact that just one green one is swimming among the regular gold is so, so strange.

"I was looking forward to this fortune, and I got..."

It's hard whether this was part of a menu or something, or if the cookie is genuinely trying to tell this person that they have beef. Either way, something about this ain't right.

"This accidental roadside terrarium."

I find it so strange that you can walk through the woods and find one of these. Do people put them out on purpose? Do they just happen when someone drops a bottle on the ground and no one bothers to pick it up? Like, how?

"I dropped the soap and it stood up straight."

Something about this is kind of creeping me out. Maybe it's because soap shouldn't do that. And yet, here it is, standing up straight as if it has a mind of its own...

"These birdseeds."

I guess after a while, birdseed starts sprouting. It is, after all, just a bunch of different seeds. Still, you'd think the birds would've gotten to it before it started trying to grow into different plants.

"These ferns growing upside-down from this bridge."

I honestly have no idea what's going on here. Does this mean that the ferns are growing on top of the bridge? Or maybe one got stuck there somehow and decided to grow upside down?

"My cat has 1 black whisker."

I'd say that this is an otherwise pretty normal cat, but let's face it. No cat is normal. They're all weird and special in their own way. And what makes this one special is its black whisker (and other things, probably).

"Water evaporation from this bucket causes a moss spot on this wall."

Ah yes, science. I'm not going to pretend I know how this happens, but I guess it does. I wonder if anyone's going to try cleaning that up, or if they're going to let it grow.

"The water in this ditch in my hometown suddenly turned purple (no chemical leak)."

Once again, science. I guess some kind of mineral from the rocks in the ditch reacted with water and turned purple? Yeah, seems like a plausible explanation.

"Lightening went around this pine tree."

This is a pretty lucky picture. If the lightning struck a bit more to the right, it would be covered up by the tree. Or maybe it would've hit the tree? It's hard to tell how close they are to each other.

"Fell asleep on a chair. I apparently have remarkably level shoulders."

I don't know why, but I'm so weirded out right now. I bet if you took a level to this guy's shoulders, it would appear flat and not slanted. And honestly, I don't know how to feel about that.

"Leaf that looks like a mouse."

That's crazy, because I really did think that the leaf in the picture was a mouse for a split second. Funny how things can look so much like other things at a glance.

"There is a plant growing in my bathroom sink."

I'd say this is normal, that someone probably dumped a few seeds in the sink and they ended up sticking to the drain. But... that's a bathroom sink. So, how did the plant seeds get in there?

"This 5 tine fork decoration at this restaurant is freaking me out."

Now that I'm thinking about it, I don't think I've ever seen a fork with five prongs on it before. And yeah, it's actually kind of weird. I'm not sure I like this.

"'Jared Lost' on the bottom of my beer can."

My bet is that Jared lost a bet, which means that he had to announce it to the world by typing it on the bottom of beer cans. Poor Jared. Just can't catch a break.