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15 Pieces Of Bad Advice That Are Widely Accepted

Throughout our lives, we're all used to asking others for advice and insight into our lives. We can't always take care of ourselves, and even when we can, we still need others' advice to help us navigate those difficult choices and conversations.

However, not all of the advice we get is "good advice." There's tons of bad advice that we get from people that we just accept anyway.

"Never, ever quit."

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very_large_ears shares that so often in life we get advice to "never quit" things and to always keep trying, even when things are hard or we feel like we can't do it.

But, in reality, there are times when quitting is important for our overall mental health.

"Push through the pain."

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VerySaltyScientist shares that often we tell athletes and people to "push through the pain" when they are working out or they are playing a game.

But in reality, this can cause irreversible damage—such as an injury that requires surgery.

"Don't be the one to call first."

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DwayneTheBathJohnson wrote about that "don't call after the first date" rule that so many people constantly say.

They say it seems like you are desperate or easy, but when you like someone, you should let them know you do.

"Engagement rings should be two months salary."

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theinsanepotato opened up about the notion that a "nice" engagement ring should only be two months' worth of your salary.

But, when you spend almost four paychecks on a ring, how can you afford to live and pay your bills at all?

"There are no stupid questions."

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trishsf says that the whole "there are no stupid questions" advice that so many people give is actually wildly misleading.

There are tons of stupid questions that people can ask and that they do ask far too often in life.

"Never go to bed angry."

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a_little_confusion says that when people say this, it makes it seem like you shouldn't ever go to sleep with problems or with any bad feelings.

In reality, people need to sleep on things many times. It's better to sleep on some problems rather than force yourself to make tough choices.

"There's plenty of fish in the sea."

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C-L_K relays that the whole "there are plenty of fish in the sea" comment can be poor timed and unfair to some because it always comes directly after a breakup.

Some people feel as though it's making things far worse when they are sad and missing their ex.

"Keep trying even if she says no."

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SeanSheepRider said that many men or even women get advice that if they ask out a girl and the girl says no, they should keep trying over and over again.

In fact, if a girl says no, accept that they said no and move on.

"You have to go to college."

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Caruthers shared that many adults tell kids that they absolutely have to go to college. But, college is not the answer for everyone.

There are tons of other options, like trade school, or even the military for those who wish to join.

"Money doesn't buy happiness."

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doochebag420696969 said that the "money doesn't buy happiness" thing is partly true.

Sure, it can't make you internally happy, but there are so many things that can change in your life if you have money that can move you up into a better position, making you happy.

"You have to forgive who hurt you."

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CChrysanthemumm said that so often people say that to move on, you have to make peace and forgive who hurt you in your life. And, not everyone feels that this is valid or fair.

If you're hurt by someone, you don't always owe them or have to forgive them at all.

"Let's stay together for the kids."

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Dran_K relayed that many people are told in their marriage that staying together is better for the kids if you have children together.

But, kids will usually benefit more from having two parents that are happy, rather than fighting all of the time.

"The customer is always right."

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DiamondJax08 wrote about how in so many jobs and companies, they try to say that the "customer is always right."

The customer, is many times, completely wrong. But, employers don't always want to deal with the problems that come about from customers who complain.

"Don't judge a book by its cover."

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PhantomLamb says the "don't judge a book by its cover" notion can be totally off base.

Many times, your gut feelings about someone or something are totally right. You should always trust your instinct.

"Ignore the bullies and they will leave you alone."

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Linsanity998877 said that so many times parents will tell their kids to "ignore their bullies" who seem to be annoying them. But, when you ignore them, it doesn't always make them stop. In fact, they often times continue to bully you instead.

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