19 Single People Explain Why They Choose To Stay Single

"Why are you still single?"

It's a question millions of people have been asked before, usually from a nosy Aunt at Christmas, but sometimes from themselves internally!

There's a lot of answers to this. "I'm too busy." "I have high standards." "I like to cheat."

Come see more answers in this list of 19 people who explained why they choose to stay single!

They don't know how to meet people anymore

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Unless you're in high school or college, it's really hard to meet new people. You'll have to put in the effort to join a club and then really put yourself out there to strangers.

They have no confidence


"Years of bullying and being treated like [expletive] [expletive] up your confidence real bad. In my head, I always hear, 'who would honestly be interested in dating me?'" - u/Uundersstaterr

They got cheated on

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This would make anyone terrified to enter back into the dating pool! This Redditor is still scarred from the love of his life cheating on him multiple times. He can't imagine dating for a while after it.

They have to work on themselves first

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"I don't feel like I am in a space in my life where I can introduce new people. I have my own issues to address first and I want to work on some aspects of my personality and lifestyle. I want to live myself first and truly know what I want." - u/Aggravating-Put-500

They like to cheat

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In this case, this person should stay single! No one deserves to be cheated on, so this person is taking preventative measures. At some point, though, they should consider therapy to get to the root of their infidelity patterns.

The dating pool is horrible

"No one knows how to be genuine or heal themselves. its all about what you can get out of a person, not genuine love itself. the lack of commitment & deceitfulness in everyones relationships really inspire me to be alone. no one has good intentions anymore & id rather be alone than treated poorly." - u/funeralguestlist7

They have high standards

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This Redditor's checklist includes someone who is smarter than them, better looking than them, and better at life than them. Yet, at the same time, they want the person to have the same ideas and humor as them.

They're interested in someone they can't have


"There’s this girl and I that like each other. Unfortunately, we’re both in our senior year in high school and paths will just end up differently after. So we could date now, but it would certainly have to end after we graduated. So that’s why I’m single." - u/Realcopycatxl

They haven't felt like dating again since becoming a widow

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Loss isn't easy. It's not like you can just forget the love and memories you and a former spouse had. There's no time limit you can put on grief, either. While some move on quickly, it takes years for others.

Dating never goes anywhere for them

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"Well when I try to talk to someone it's always one worded responses or they ghost me. When I ask someone on a date it's either I'm not interested, a simple no or an ignore. So I guess Ill be asexual for forever." - u/haleychu38

They have severe trust issues

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This didn't just come from nowhere. This Redditor had three ex-girlfriends try to baby trap them. Then, a previous ex-girlfriend hid the fact that she had a fiancé, while another hid the fact that she had a boyfriend who was locked up in jail.

They live in a small town with few prospects

"I live in a small conservative town full of people that I frankly have nothing in common with at all. The few decent women are either taken, or think they are somehow 'above' the rest of us. It’s a weird social dynamic." - u/myreaditaccount

They find themselves ugly

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This is so sad! Many Redditors wrote that they can relate to this. As a result, they have no confidence to put themselves out there. Some also expressed being overweight, which makes them scared of rejection.

They find that people suck

"If someone right for me comes along, I’ll know. As of now, nobody has piqued my interest. It took me a long long time to learn to love myself, and I’ll be damned if I kneel to the first person I see because I need love." - u/ScienceSideOfTumblr

They want to protect their assets

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This Redditor is buying their dream home and rental properties before marriage so that no woman can take it by California law. They basically won't be forced to let a woman take 50 percent of their stuff.

They find relationships to be time-consuming

"I barely have enough time in my life for the people I have now. Sure I'd like a significant other, but I just am not willing to make time and effort for them." - u/sexchoc

They're a single mom

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This makes dating a lot more difficult since you have to consider the needs of your children. It's also difficult since some people run away the second they learn a potential partner has kids.

They're waiting to meet their soulmate

This Redditor isn't interested in casual dating just to see where things can go. Instead, they want to wait for their soul mate, who they believe they will know when they see them.

A mixture of little things

"Been working on fixing my own damage from last big relationship. Picky. Rarely meet new people. I'm not willing to be on a dating site. Don't put myself out there and serendipity just hasn't provided yet." - u/therestruth

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