20 Pics That You Can Enjoy While Nursing A Hangover From The Christmas Party

Ah the office Christmas party, truly it is a time where half of the room are painfully sober and the other half of the room are far too drunk to be fraternising with work colleagues.

Well, to celebrate that wonderful time of year when truly awful decisions are made at the work's Christmas do, here are 20 pics that you can enjoy while nursing a hangover from the Christmas party!

"Gf got drunk and adopted a cat .. She seems to be fitting in."

Apparently, this behaviour is quite common as another person added, "Once when I was drunk a stray cat came out of nowhere and curled up on my lap. It's been 11 years and he's still my cuddliest bud!"

"We'd been drinking and got the dominos guy to buy me McDonalds in the special instructions section."

Fair play to the Domino's guy for actually going through with this strange plan, I wonder how much he charges for this?

"Drunk me made a drum kit out of cocktail stirrers."

Wow, that is actually really impressive. I don't think that I could make something like this when I was sober, let alone when I had been drinking copious amounts of cocktails.

"I dropped my whisky advent calendar while opening door #1. Here is the whisky for December 1st."

Hopefully this person is getting all of their bad luck for 2022 out of the way before it even starts! If not, then this doesn't bode well for the year ahead.

"My mom & her best friend got drunk and gave my cat a bath."

Just look at the state of that poor cat's face, it looks as though it had seen some things. Also, if I was drunk then I would never be able to keep a hold of a wet cat, so well done!

"Boyfriend was drunk last night. I woke up to this..."

Ah, he was so close and yet so far to having a fully charged phone! I want to know what he was drinking the night before, mainly so that I can get myself some!

"Client: 'I want a tattoo that makes me feel drunk when I look at it.'"

Urgh, why would anyone do this? This really makes me feel sick just to look at it. The only benefit of having this tattoo would be that you would not be the one looking at it all the time.

"Zeppelin fan passes out drunk backstage, misses out on meeting John Paul Jones and Dave Grohl."

At least he got these pictures to remember the moment that he will never remember! Nice of someone to give him some shades as well.

"My local bar has a drunk test for people when they are leaving."

Apparently, this door frequently confuses people, as the person who posted this went on to write:

"The funniest/cringiest time I saw it happen was because a kid got turned away for having a fake ID and was super pissed, so after listening to him be an asshole to the bartender we all just got to watch him struggle like an idiot."

"A drunk guy was caught peeing behind the tent at a wedding reception."

He probably thought that he was being as stealthy as all hell. I can imagine that a lot of people are also now wondering if they have ever been caught like this.

"Came back home really drunk last night, This morning I went to make breakfast and then this happened..."

Some people like to keep their shoes in the fridge, it is really not that weird! Nothing like slipping on an ice cold pair of loafers!

"These guys freaked me out when I was a little tipsy and walked in to the lobby."

It is perfectly understandable that these weird things would freak you out, whether you are drunk or not! What in the name of God are they even meant to be?

"This slightly inebriated woman had to be rescued from the kiddie pool today."

It is quite good to see that the lifeguards are just as baffled with what is happening as we are. It hopefully goes to show that this sort of thing does not happen a lot!

"My friend got drunk and insisted on being slapped. This was the result."

Apparently it was a "muscular friend" who did the slapping, which makes sense judging from how this looks! My God, I dread to think how it felt trying to sleep on this.

"Moving day. Looks like drunk me left a note for future self. I've been sober 4.5 years. Man that guy was a jerk."

Good on this person for leaving this jerk firmly in the past! I wonder if they painted over this or if they just left it for the next tenants?

That Is Some Fast Forgetting!

Someone did point out that this is kind of like when you are a child and you fall asleep on the couch, yet you somehow magically end up waking up in your bed the next morning.

"This guy who was drunk as all hell tried to use Shazam in the silent disco."

This is a special level of drunk. You just cannot write this kind of thing, but by God am I glad that this person exists.

"Friend drunk ordered custom handmade eyeball tone knobs for his electric guitar. Needless to say he is full of regret."

Well, they really are one very quick way to make your guitar look absolutely hideous. They're well made, but why in God's name would you want them on your guitar?

"Every Saturday since quarantine I've played drunk Mario kart with my gf and her brother. This is my favorite pic so far."

The guy who is dressed as Luigi in the background looks like he is out for the count. No one bounces back quickly from being that hammered.

"Had a house party last night, still can't find the key to my mums shoe..."

"Look, I'm really sorry I am running late, it's just that my shoe has been locked to a lamp and I can't find the key!"

"That is the oldest excuse in the book, Sandra!"

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