30 Pics As Irritating As An Itch In A Private Place During A Work Meeting

There are some things in this world that will just irritate you no matter what. Whether it's watching as someone doesn't do their job, or holding in an itch you can't scratch, you know the deal.

And these pics? Well, let's just say they're beyond annoying. They're the kind that may make you want to crawl back in bed and shout in your pillow.

"Well done Amazon. Been looking for my "delivered" packages for the past few days. Check my orders, they were delivered to my cardboard recycling bin... which was collected 2 days ago!"

I guess it just goes to show you that you should check your delivery notifications as soon as possible. Still, what kind of delivery driver would think that this was a good place to place packages?

"How my sister leaves the toothpaste."

Don't worry, it's charcoal toothpaste. Still, that doesn't mean it has to be so messy. The worst part about living with your siblings is how often they make messes that they never clean up.

"My school gave me a moldy muffin…"

I bet you anything they either didn't notice, or they just thought it was part of the label, or a weird blueberry or something. Or they straight up didn't care about what they gave their students.

"Every single door is gone."

I feel like somebody out there decided it would be really funny to steal all the stall doors in this public bathroom. And it isn't funny. It's just annoying. Come on, people, enough is enough!

"I hate vending machines."

There's something really fun about getting snacks and drinks from a vending machine. But at the same time, there's always a risk that, well, this happens. And I'm not 100% sure using them is worth that risk.

"Bathroom at my workplace. When you try to flush the toilet, the sensor for the disinfectant activates and splashes on your arm (or sleeve)."

This would be super annoying. I'd probably just avoid using this toilet altogether. Which might be hard after a full day of work.

They couldn't have moved it over just a little bit?

"'We must be get a taxi.'"

I'm sure that learning how to speak English is hard enough without tests marking you wrong for a right answer, and then giving a wrong answer as the right one. Who needs grammar, I guess.

"Salt and Pepper shakers at my hotel room."

At this point, why did they bother with the shakers? Like, either have salt and pepper in the shakers, or just have the packets in a bowl or something. You don't need both.

"Gotta love the fact that I'm the only one interested in not burning the house."

I'm seriously concerned for the people out there who don't clean their dryer lint traps. Like, do they want to burn their houses down? My guess is that they don't, but they're too lazy to care anyway.

"80% of my frozen dumplings have no stuffing."

I wonder if there's, like, a market for empty dumplings or something. Like, do you think people out there would rather eat one without the stuffing than get what they paid for?

Leave it to Google to correct your spelling *and* make it worse at the same time.

Sure, this person misspelled both "it's" and "beginning." But they had "a lot" right, because it is, in fact, two words, though, I feel like a lot of people don't know this. Google should know, though.

"What should I do..?"

I want to say that they probably mean you can only enter from the other side, but that would just be an exit. So this is actually super confusing. Who does this building think it is?

"Had a long week and just wanted to eat on the bed for once. Partner dropped my plate."

This isn't just irritating, it's utterly upsetting. To go through a tough week, just to have salt thrown on the wound... It's no one's fault, just one of those things that really sucks.

"No pre cut in this Clorox wipe, it's just one giant long sheet."

On the plus side, the Clorox wipes are still useful. Even if you do have to cut the amount you need. Every. Single. Time. Man, that would get old pretty fast.

"Apparently it wasn't bad enough to glue died strawflowers to the tops of cactus for sale (which can occasionally kill the cactus)... now they're gluing molded plastic flowers to the cactus."

That seems... really unnecessary. And weird. And let's face it, a bunch of us have a hard enough time keeping even a cactus alive without a random plastic flower glued to the top.

"My fortune cookie fortune was also an ad."

Just when you thought ads couldn't get any more annoying... they went and infiltrated one of the last strongholds around. Fortune cookies may not actually be able to tell the future, but you should still be able to enjoy the fortunes without having to stare at an ad.

"Just got the monthly order of bounty paper towels. Top is the latest shipment, bottom is from a few months ago. And, of course, they charge the same price!"

That's how they get you. They slowly and subtly decrease quantity, all while keeping the price the same, just to make more money. Ugh, it's literally so annoying.

"This ad for a gym that has nothing to do with pets was posted on a pet store community board where people are supposed to recommend trustworthy vets, groomers, etc.."

Something tells me the gym didn't get the memo. Or they did, and just didn't care, which is just as likely. There's a time and place for everything, but this was clearly neither of those.

"This drawing of the world that I found."

This map is just... so strange. Why is Canada separate from North America? Why is China separate from Asia? Why is there basically no Arctic to speak of? I hope this isn't being used as an educational tool.

"My neighbors in the apartment pile trash outside for weeks before they actually throw it out."

That's pretty inconsiderate. That's also super gross. Just leaving your trash to stink outside like that? And potentially attract rodents? Yeah, no thanks. I'd be tattling on them so quickly.

They had one job.

I get wanting to arrange an table of contents alphabetically, but they could've done a better job than this. Like, arranged all the songs alphabetically in the right numeric order. Would that have really been so hard?

"This pillow at my in-laws.'"

A cool design in theory, but doesn't quite stick the landing. If I owned this pillow, I'd probably have to cover it up because the design would get on my nerves all the time. So cringey!

"People who leave their shopping carts in the parking lanes."

I once looked a person in the eye as they walked their cart to an empty parking spot and just left it there, and they didn't seem to feel bad at all. Those kinds of people are seriously the worst.

"My coworker does this every time we work together. Yes that is the drawer we have to open every 10 minutes to do our job."

If I ever worked with someone like this, I'd probably lose my mind. It wouldn't hurt them to be a bit more professional. Or, at the very least have a bit more respect for their coworker.

Okay, but how?

How does the printing of a shirt sleeve go so wrong? Like, grommets on one side and a single button hole on the other? That seems like a pretty hard mistake to make, but go off I guess.

"Been waiting on my food for 10 mins then realized its right there but the girl is too busy to give it to me..."

Personally, I don't really care if workers are on their phone when customers are around. But if they're spending too much time on the phone to do their jobs, yeah, it's pretty annoying.

"Whyyyyy just that one tile?"

It would be one thing if this was a pattern. Or, like, an attempt at one. But this just looks like it's the one tile, which makes absolutely no sense. Why would you do this?

"My local hospital decorated the office area Christmas style but the S's are upside-down."

This is one of those things that's just going to eat away at your soul the longer you have to look at it. And you just know that the next time they put up holiday decorations, they'll arrange the letters wrong there, too.

"My bun had plastic baked into it."

Oh yeah, that's totally appetizing. Nothing says tasty sandwich quite like a slice of bread with plastic baked into it. It really makes you wonder about the baking process in the factory.

"I guess the mailman who delivers to my apartment complex decided Christmas should start early."

I guess the mailman who delivers to this person's apartment complex also decided that, if someone comes by and steals other people's mail, it's their own problem. Because you know that's exactly what's going to happen.

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