20 Usually Totally Normal Things That Don't Look The Way They Should

After being on this planet for however long you've been on this planet, you start to expect things to look a certain way. When they don't, it can be a bit of a shock.

Take these random things, for example. There's something... not quite right about them. They should look one way, and yet they're looking totally different right about now.

"Bubbles in my bath look like an icy river."

It's so funny how, even though I know that there's no chance that this picture could be of anything other than bubbles in a bath, it still looks like ice to me. Amazing how the mind tricks you into thinking things.

"This tree root that looks like an alligator head."

I swear, it's like trees love to look like other things. Like how this one looks suspiciously like a alligator. Or, does it look more like a crocodile? Honestly, I can never tell the difference.

"The water from a stormwater drain in this train tunnel looks like the silhouette of a person."

This subway tunnel would be its normal level of creepiness, if it weren't for the silhouette of a person made of water on the wall. Now, the tunnel is even creepier, which is really saying something.

"Did not expect this when I opened the curtains this morning. Sunlight on Christmas decorations reflects as a shower of sparks up the wall..."

Yeah, that's definitely unexpected. But, like, in a good way. Now I'm wondering how you could recreate this effect on purpose, because I kind of wish my own decorations would do this.

"This tree that kinda looks like Godzilla."

Like I'm always saying, it's like trees want to look like anything other than a tree. A lot of the time, they randomly look like monsters. This time, though, this tree looks like a monster that people know.

"This remarkably well preserved 1964 lazy boy recliner."

This is kind of funny because you'd expect this nearly 60-year-old chair to look super old, faded, and falling apart. And yet, it looks really nice, and almost brand new. Now that's unexpected.

"I needle felted a tiny Santa hat for this little bronze crab."

This bronze crab looks a little too realistic if you ask me. Like, if I didn't know any better, I'd just assume that this was someone's pet crab that they put a cute Santa hat on top of.

"This frozen flower in my yard in southern Louisiana in February 2021."

Honestly, weather can be so weird. One day, it's nice and warm, and flowers are growing. The next day, it's so cold out that all the plants are frozen. And really, no one sees that coming.

"Too much running forward in my games... broke my controller lol."

I find that it's way too easy to break the thumb pads on a controller. They should be built for hardcore gaming. That way, the rest of us normal gamers can have them last longer than they do.

"This Apple that is divided into different colours I found today."

I always find it so weird when apples look like this. Like, how do they get to the point where they have perfect color splits like this? Like, what happened to the tree?

"This tea pot with lips."

I don't know about you, but I don't see a reason for a tea pot to ever have lips like this one does. It doesn't even seem like a stylistic choice. It just seems really random.

"The different sized font on these entrées."

My only question is: which one is the right one? These three different boxes were clearly printed at different times, but how did they end up so different? Like, what's the deal?

"Saw this car while walking around the neighborhood."

This is a perfectly normal yard. Or, at least it would be if it didn't have a car smack dab in the middle of the front porch. I guess they can do what they want with their property?

"You can clearly see my arches imprinted on my shoes."

You know, you never really expect the bottom of a pair of shoes to look so worn, even if they have been used for a really long time. It's funny how you can see exactly where this person balances their weight.

This wet floor sign that isn't like a normal one. It's better.

Apparently, the bottom of the cone (which is on wheels, by the way) has a fan that helps dry a wet floor. So yeah, this is an unexpected surprise.

"This rock cast of a dinosaur bone."

Just when you think a rock is a rock, it's actually a fossil. Or, like, fossil adjacent. Honestly, finding a fossil, or a cast of a dinosaur bone, is always so much fun.

"Part of my Vanilla pod turned bright blue after putting it in alcohol."

Yeah, that vanilla pod definitely isn't supposed to be blue. Not sure what's going on there.

OP was trying to make natural vanilla extract, but I'm not sure they're going to trust that mysterious blue substance.

"I see your dinner and raise you a jug of water from the tap on USS Nimitz."

You probably shouldn't be drinking anything that glows like this, let alone water. Seems kind of radioactive if you ask me, but apparently it's just a dye they use to look out for leaks in the plumbing system.

It's safe to drink...just weird.

"Colour difference between new and daily used iPod Shuffles from early 2010s."

I never noticed before, but the color of an iPod fades over time. Not that I've used my old iPod for a long time, though. It's kind of amazing that there are any in existence that still have their original color.

"UPS's new rules: a bit extreme—but okay."

I'm very sure that the delivery driver wasn't the one that wrote that message on the back of their truck. Or maybe they did, and they're trying to tell us something about UPS...

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