20 Pics That Are Hilarious To The 13-Year-Old Boy Inside Us All

There's no denying that we all carry a smidge of immaturity inside each of us. It's a way of tapping into the child-like versions of ourselves, enjoying things freely without a care in the world.

That immaturity comes to light especially in the face of certain types of humor. That's what captured in this list, pics that are hilarious to the 13-year-old boy inside us all.

"I give you the greatest warning label ever."

Aren't there safety goggles that cost maybe $1? And this kit somehow provides a pair that's worse than those? It's almost impressive that they somehow dodged the lowest possible safety bar.

Not to mention the idea of something 'simulating safety' is laughable. A fun pretend game for kids!

"Sign in Estonia."

It appears that the punishment detailed on that sign is exactly what happened to the man on the right there. Look at his expression, that traumatized gaze, he knew he shouldn't have done it, but he ignored the sign and faced the consequences.

"Insert nozzle, establish wifi, free the turtle."

Not many people know about the turtles trapped in their gas tanks, so if you didn't, that's okay! Now that you know, it's best that you let them go. They don't provide much to your car's efficiency and they hate being stuck in there.

'Have to make sure my tea kettle is not inside of children."

They keep designing tea kettles to be harder and harder to get inside children, but someone somewhere manages to do it by accident so they have to put this warning in any way. One day we'll be free of the tea kettles inside children curse.

"Came home late for his usual afternoon walk."

Look, he may look angry, but he promises he's not mad, just disappointed. You can fix this situation if you go get the leash right now. An extra-long walk tonight, and he'll consider forgiving you. But he'll only consider it.

"Cry Clean [...] washing instructions are getting more apocalyptic."

Is cry cleaning when you stand over your washing machine and cry to fill it with only your tears? If so, that's such an arduous process. Are you sure we can't wash by hand or get it dry cleaned instead?

"My gingerbread men so far."

Wow, your icing work is amazing! Then it's terrifying. Then it's amazing again! You did a great job with the details and on capturing that horrifying aura that really gets into peoples heads and implants itself in their nightmares for days to come.

"My friend turned 40 today, so I delivered balloons this morning dressed as the grim reaper."

I've seen similar jokes played out against people who are turning 50 and people who are turning 30. Is the average life expectancy really that low these days? I was under the impression it didn't all start going downhill the second you leave your 20s.

"Can't really put my paw on it, but something seems a bit off with Baby Jesus."

He looks grumpier than usual, but I guess being put on display year after year in the bitter cold will do that to you. He still likes his basket though, enough to come back and sit in it for a few weeks.

"That's a tough radio call."

It's all fun and games until Humbly here gets a wee hole poked in him and suddenly he's not even champion of the local marina, let alone the universe.

I would never actually wish a sinking on any boat or its captain, by the way, but he could do with being knocked down a peg.

"I was asked to make a sign for the men’s bathroom and this is what I came up with."

The 'please' scrawled on after the fact really tells a story. People saw your original and didn't listen, so you had to start begging, huh?

It being laminated is smart. If aiming is such a problem there, you want to protect yourself from any splash-back.

"I mean as long as you’re self-aware I guess…"

It's a start. It means he's had some form of rude awakening where someone told him how he behaves, but instead of being ashamed and aiming to fix it, he embraced it wholeheartedly. Not the change his peers wanted, but it's something.

"Mistletoe? No, missiletoad."

If people kiss under the mistletoe, what do they do under the missiletoad? Engage in military strategy and devise plans to attack enemy nations when they least expect it, giving your side the edge they need to win the ongoing wars?

"This is a painting our nieces did of my wife."

The one on the left is pretty good! A normal painting of a person made by a child.

The one on the right is, um, something. It sure is something. It's a person, at least it's supposed to be, I can tell that, but otherwise, it's a little...abstract.

"That time my niece put eyebrows on the dog because she thought she had no expressions..."

Even with the eyebrows, I can't quite tell what this expression is supposed to be. It sort of reads 'I'm at a party I don't really want to be at because you wanted to go, we've been here for a while and I really want to go home so I keep looking at you to signal that fact' to me.

"These Christmas lights look like underwear."

That they do, that they do. Do you have any more insights about that? How about those in the audience, anyone have anything else to say about the matter? No? We can all agree that these lights look like underwear? Great, moving on.

"Captured a photo of my mate mid Thanos snap."

He looks like he's aware of what's happening to him, too, and he's not excited about it. His friends, meanwhile, remain oblivious as their bud vanishes right before their very eyes. Not that they could have saved him. His fate is already sealed.

"New bird feeder keeping the [squirrels] happy (but not the cat)."

You have no idea how much you've just vexed this poor cat's life. You've brought the squirrels closer than ever before, but still so painfully out of reach.

This is torture for her, pure agony, but she will continue to grow stronger until she can reach through that glass and secure her prey.

"I decorated my office for the holidays today."

That's more effort than a lot of people put in, so even if it's one of the saddest Christmas decorations I've ever seen, at least it's something! Whatever gets you in the holiday spirit, even if I can't see how it would.

"My friend went to work with a pair of underwear hanging out of her pants all day."

Been there, done that, incredibly humiliating. At least hers stayed in the pant leg, not everyone that this has happened to can be so lucky. There are many stories of forgotten underwear popping out right onto the floors of offices everywhere.

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