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15 Stories About Brides And Grooms Who Didn't Make It To The Altar

Everyone loves a love story with a happy ending. They give us faith that our own Prince/Princess Charming is out there waiting, just around the corner.

However, sometimes brides and grooms don't get so lucky. Have a look below and check out these 15 stories about brides and grooms who didn't quite make it to the altar.

He deserved far worse than what he got.

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"The groom got really drunk and hit his fiance in the face in front of everyone. I was young and didn't really get what was going on, I just remember my uncle laying the groom out with one punch." - Reddit u/derf-vega

A shot to the heart.

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Reddit user KyLBD was once at a wedding where the groom suffered a heart attack just minutes before the ceremony was about to begin. He made a full recovery and eventually the two of them did get married.

Talk about an awkward vacation.

Redditor VegasFiend was one of 50 guests invited to a destination wedding. The night before the flight was due to depart, the bride and groom decided to call the whole thing off. Yet they still insisted on taking the trip and encouraged all their guests to come along.

Family reunions will never be the same again.

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In a since-deleted Reddit post, this user describes the feeling of watching her husband run off with her younger sister — on the day that they were due to walk down the aisle.

Opiates and wedding vows are a bad combination.

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"Last wedding I went to the groom was doing oxys with his friend in the back room right before the ceremony. He could barely walk down the aisle and he passed out before they could get through their vows. The bride and her mom left crying." - Reddit u/Lost_my_other_pswrd

For richer and for poorer.

A Redditor with the handle Oscartha said that they once had a friend named Ashley who discovered that her husband-to-be was actually a con artist. Apparently, he'd been stealing from her for nearly their entire relationship.

Form a human shield!

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Reddit user br0wnb0y was one of 500 wedding guests. When word had spread that the groom was having an affair, hundreds of people formed a blockade preventing him from stepping foot on the wedding venue.

It's not a joke unless everyone laughs.

This couple did actually make it to the altar but broke up shortly after. According to Reddit user rylinn, the groom got drunk and decided to push his bride into a swimming pool situated on the roof. She left in a cab shortly after.

Just act naturally and no one will be able to tell the difference.

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Reddit user Aprilburn says that their friends decided to call of their wedding but didn't tell anyone. They went through with a faux ceremony and just pretended everything was above board during the dinner/reception.

When you're all partied out from the night before.

"Not exactly, but I did know a couple who, the night before their city hall wedding, both had separate big parties and got so wasted they both slept through the wedding." - Reddit u/khendron

I hate to be the one to have to tell you.

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What's the most awkward situation you can imagine at a wedding? For Redditor PCRenegade, it was when they were forced to tell the bride that her groom and his groomsmen, weren't coming to the ceremony.

What did you say about my mother?

Redditor Sachinism watched in horror as the groom's mother accidentally spilled something on the bride's dress. She began swearing and verbally assaulting the mother-in-law, prompting her son (the groom) to demand an apology. After a huge argument ensued, both decided to call off the wedding.

Something feels off.

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Reddit user Corrovich got a text from his bride-to-be while he was standing at the altar. Apparently, she'd gotten sick and had to be rushed to the hospital. In reality, she never sent out invitations to her side of the family and was too shamed to tell her would-be husband.

Time to get the heck out of Dodge.

"The groom ran away in the morning of his wedding day. He contacted his family after 2 days and told them he's in another country and doesn't wanna get married yet. His family pressured him into marrying a woman who he'd only known for 2 weeks." - Reddit u/DeepFriedGrapes

Runaway groom!

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In a since-deleted Reddit post, one user recalls watching a bride get stood up at the altar. The reason was that the groom apparently had cold feet. They called it off and arranged a second wedding, wherein the groom did the exact same thing.

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