18 Home Design Trends That People Either Love Or Hate

As with everything, home design aesthetics change over time. Sometimes Venetian blinds are in, and then everybody seems to hate them. Do you know what I mean?

Well, I thought it would be fun to discuss a few of these elements that people are very divisive about and find out whether you love them or hate them. So let's go!

1. Open Concept Floorplans

Unsplash | NeONBRAND

I don't really know when this trend started, but when I first heard of it, I wasn't a fan. After all, I like a little bit of separation from room to room. But I admit when done right, open concept design can be pretty cool, too.

2. Over-The-Range Microwaves

There is something odd about this design concept here. First of all, I'm too short to reach the microwave when it's placed over the range. And second of all, wouldn't you worry about things falling on the stovetop and making a total mess? No, thanks.

3. Granite Countertops

If you're a fan of granite countertops, you're in luck. Apparently, homeowners have fallen in love with them over the last 20 years, and that's not about to end anytime soon. They're just as popular as when they came out.

4. Floor-To-Ceiling Windows

If you can afford it, floor-to-ceiling windows are a wonderful home feature. After all, the idea is to allow plenty of natural light to enter your space. And who doesn't like that, huh? I'm definitely on board with that one.

5. Cottagecore Aesthetic

If you've always wanted to bring that cozy cottage feel into your home, then this style of decor is definitely for you. I tend to lean towards a more modern aesthetic, but to each their own, I guess.

6. Tufted Headboards

Let me ask you, do you have a headboard behind your bed? What kind is it? I have one that came with my set, but it's a wooden one. So even though I like the idea of this, I don't think it's my style after all.

7. Subway Tile Backsplash

Here's one way to make sure your kitchen stands out. Just add some subway tile backsplash, and voilà! What do you think of that? I have to admit, I've always liked this particular kitchen decor design.

8. Shiplap Style

Not totally switching gears but here's another popular design choice these days. How do you feel about creating that shiplap feel in your bathroom? It's something I'm not exactly used to, but I can see the appeal, that's for sure.

9. A Bidet

Even though I grew up in Europe, where bidets are more popular, we didn't have one at home. However, I totally dig the concept of it, so if I could have one in my house, I would love it.

10. TV Mounted Over The Fireplace

Let me introduce another popular home decor choice here. Did you mount your TV over the fireplace? I don't even have a fireplace, so I can't say that I have, hee-hee. But if I did, I would definitely consider it.

11. Edison Bulbs

Let me run something by you: Would you incorporate Edison bulbs into your home decor? I think it's such a neat idea. I definitely love it outdoors, but I can see how it could work inside the home, too.

12. Wagon Wheel Chandelier

On the same token, what's your take on using wagon wheel chandeliers as a decor piece? You have to agree that they are a unique focal point, eh? I can get behind this type of aesthetic.

13. Stovetop Pot Fillers

I admit this is a really neat idea. And it's also super useful in the kitchen, no? However, from the decor standpoint, I'm not too crazy about how it looks. But I do love that it's so handy, that's for sure.

14. Color-Coded Bookshelves

If you like pops of color in your home, you might want to consider doing something like this with your bookshelf. Some people argue that it doesn't make sense to organize books this way, but it does look pretty cool. Am I right?

15. Gallery Wall

Here's an idea I've always wanted to create in my home. Unfortunately, we don't have the space now, but I hope to accomplish this someday. Do you have a gallery wall in your home? What do you say — yay or nay?

16. Barn Doors

I have to confess I always thought putting sliding barn doors in your home was an odd choice. It's an interesting decorating effect, but I'm not crazy about it. What do you think? Would you install something like this in your space?

17. All-White Kitchens

Now that you have your fancy subway tile from earlier in this list, how about making your entire kitchen white? What's your take on this idea here, huh? I never thought I would like it, but it's definitely grown on me over the years.

18. Floating Staircases

First of all, I tend to have a bit of vertigo. So I can tell you right now that a floating staircase in my home would be a definite no-go. I mean, how is it not a hazard, huh?

Who knew there were so many interesting home decor choices, huh?

I definitely didn't realize that. But now that I see them, I know which ones appeal to me and which ones to avoid in the future, hee-hee. So, tell me which ideas stand out to you. And would you incorporate them inside your home?