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15 Lifehacks That Are Actually Working For Me

Life is hard, point blank. We're all working our butts off to make ends meet and many days, we come home exhausted and tired. So, we need some hacks to make our lives easier.

There's nothing quite like getting some useful information from strangers online who have figured out ways to hack life. And, now we're using these every day forever.

When you stand up too fast.

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"if you stand up too fast and your head starts to spin/rush/blackout tighten your abs as hard as you can and it’ll help drastically reduce the head rush. you can also do it preemptively to help stop it before it even happens," said 54turtlelord.

If you can't stay awake.

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phargle shared that if you cannot stay awake and you're trying really hard, splash water on your face.

As a mammal, you have a natural response to the cold water and it instantly wakes you up and makes you feel energized.

If you get grease on your clothes.

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Magster56 says that if you get food or oil or grease on your clothing, immediately put dish soap on it.

The dish soap will set into the stain and then, when you wash your clothes, the stain will come out in the wash.

For teachers and workers who use dry erase boards.

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"Use whitening toothpaste and a little water with a paper towel to clean stained dry erase boards. It easily removes ink and doesn't spread it around like rubbing alcohol. Works on boards that have been stained for years," said VHDT10

For constipation.

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ASS_LORD_666 said that if you are someone who is constipated, rocking back and forth can help you go to the bathroom.

He tried it out himself and was "pleasantly surprised" with how easy it was to go to the bathroom.

If you have some funky BO.

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ihadanideaonce said that if you are out and you have some funky smelling armpits, use hand sanitizer on it to get rid of the funk.

The smell comes from bacteria, and the hand sanitizer will kill it off, getting rid of the smell.

If you have a splinter.

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If you have a bad splinter, MagnificentUnicorn77 says to have a little bit of Elmer's glue and put it on the piece of splinter that is sticking out.

When the glue dries and you peel it off, the splinter will be stuck to the glue and it'll come out.

Use vegetable oil after cutting spicy things.

Unsplash | Katie Smith

PaulRuddsButthole shared that if you happen to be cutting something hot or spicy like jalepeño peppers and you need the "left behind" to get off your hands, you can rub vegetable oil on your hands and fingers to get it off.

Then just wash off with dish soap and you'll be good as new.

If you always cry when cutting onions.

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"Put your onion in the freezer for 10 minutes before chopping it. It freezes the juices just enough to slow down the process of it turning in to a gas, giving you a few minutes to chop the onion without tears. I learnt this tip from a kid’s science show years ago and I haven’t had to deal with onion tears since," said Lost_in_the_Library/

When you feel overheated.

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mannershmanners stated that when you're overheated and feel like you're going to drop from it, you can run your wrists under cold water or even put an ice cube on them to cool your entire body down.

The pressure point helps keep your body at a normal temperature.

If your butter is hard.

Unsplash | Sorin Gheorghita

scw55 said that if you refrigerate your butter, but you need it to cook and need it soft, you just need the butter and a cheese grater.

The cheese grater will soften the butter and make it easier to use.

If you need to study.

Unsplash | Green Chameleon

SixxTheSandman says that smell and memory are very closely associated with each other, so if you're studying for an exam, use your sense of scent.

You can get a scented eraser and use it while you're studying, so you can smell it during the test and activate those memories.

If you have bad allergies.

Unsplash | Jonathan Borba

"During pollen season...rinse your hair before bed. Otherwise you’re just depositing pollen on your pillowcase every night and then rolling your face in it all night. And then multiply that by how many nights you use the same pillowcase," said blanketsmellslikeham

If your smoke alarm goes off and you have pets.

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kataklysmiknut said if your smoke alarm accidentally goes off and your pets come, give them a treat so they know they did the right thing.

That way, if a real fire happens, they'll come to you so you can all escape.

If you are out drinking.

Unsplash | Vinicius "amnx" Amano

ItsThornTho shared that if you're planning to go out drinking, drink a bottle of water before you go out and drink a cup of water in between some drinks.

Then, before bed, have some carbs to soak it up. No hangovers!