18 Times Kind People Online Shared Their Helpful Tips And Tricks With Us

I can't tell you enough how much I love #LifeHacks. Simply put, they can save all of us so much time and at the same time eliminate a few headaches.

So I honestly admire anyone who can come up with one, especially on the fly. That's why I'm so thrilled to share a few of them with you. Check them out and let me know your favorite one.

1. This Ketchup Hack

Unsplash | Erik Mclean

Do you hate it when you open the ketchup cap, and it spurts out ketchup and makes a mess? So before closing the bottle, squeeze it and cap it. That way, the next time it gets opened, it sucks in air and makes no mess. OMG, genius, right?

2. This Christmas Card Idea

Unsplash | Annie Spratt

"Every year, I keep Christmas cards from people and put them aside. Then next year, when I wrap presents, I can use the front pictures of cards as fun labels for the wrapped presents."

Oh, I really like that idea from this Redditor here.

3. This Painting Tip

Unsplash | Boxed Water Is Better

Cover the label of your paint can with clear packing tape before you open the lid. Then you can scrape off any drips of paint that ended up covering important information such as the drying time. You'll thank me for that later.

4. This Engine Grease Hack

Unsplash | Garett Mizunaka

Did you know that you can use raw brown sugar and liquid hand soap to cut through engine grease? Oh, yeah. It works way better than the dedicated grease soaps people have tried using a lot.

5. This Christmas Tree Tip

Unsplash | Seoyeon Choi

I don't know if you realized that mayonnaise works wonders to clean tree sap. So if you get some sap on your hands from handling your Christmas tree, you can use mayonnaise to get it off. That's right.

6. This Working Remotely Hack

Unsplash | XPS

If you work remotely and don't have a lot to do for the day but don't want to appear away, here's what you do. Go to YouTube, find a long playlist, set it to mute, and your computer will never go to sleep. Ha, ha!

7. This Morning Alarm Hack

Unsplash | insung yoon

Are you having trouble waking up in the morning after hearing your alarm clock? You might have gotten used to the sound. So change it up periodically. That way, you can wake up more easily.

8. This Pizza Dough Hack

Unsplash | Nadya Spetnitskaya

To make fast pizza dough simply combine the same quantities of self-raising flour and yogurt. It creates an instant sourdough without any need for yeast or waiting time.

Oh my goodness, I did not know that.

9. This Christmas Tree Lights Hack

Speaking of Christmas trees, how do you put on lights if you happen to have a very tall one? Well, this clever person figured out a way, and I think I like what I see here.

10. This Christmas Lights Storage Idea

Now, when Christmas is over, you need to put those lights away. But how do you keep them from getting all tangled up, huh? Goodwill figured it out, and I really love this idea.

11. This Razor Blade Preservation Tactic

Remove moisture quickly to preserve the longevity of razor blades, shavers, and ‘wet’ brushes by storing them away from the shower and atop a desiccant. Keep them under the cabinet, and the shaver refills will last at least twice as long.

12. This Sneeze Prevention Hack

Unsplash | Towfiqu barbhuiya

If you feel that you are about to sneeze, press the tip of your nose up with a finger and hold it for a moment. This helps if you're in public and are trying not to have an embarrassing sneeze attack.

13. This Reading Hack

Who here adores binder clips? Well, I've got another cool use for you. If you like reading in bed, clip one of these onto the middle of your book, and you can lay sideways while reading!

14. This Mac 'n Cheese Hack

How do you make sure you get the very last drop of that cheese out of the mac 'n cheese packet? It's pretty easy. Put the open package inside your pot and squeeze tightly with the lid on. Then pull it out, so the contents leak out, and voilà!

Life-changing, right?

15. This Night Out Hack

"I used to go to my local food joint after drinking and then place an order for delivery at my own address. Then I would hitch a ride with the delivery guy cause he was going my way anyway."

Whoa! What a clever guy, huh?

16. This Christmas Tree Watering Idea

Tired of crawling under the tree to water it? Put a Rubbermaid bin next to it with a 1/4" hose. Fill the hose with water to create a siphon, and mark where the water is full. Then simply water the bin and extend your time between waterings.

17. This Wrapping Paper Storage Idea

I don't know about you, but I have such a hard time keeping my wrapping paper from unraveling. But now that I have discovered this cable tie organizer idea, I'm so excited to implement it ASAP.

18. This Baby Food Hack

If you're the type of mom, who likes to make your own baby food, here's a neat idea you can use. Portion that baby food into ice cube trays and freeze it for later. Isn't this so handy or what?

Oh my goodness.

I'm totally digging all these clever life hacks here. I'm surprised that I haven't thought of a few of them already. They seem easy enough. Am I right? Which one are you excited to try first? I can't decide because I love all of them.

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