18 Odd Coincidences That Literally Had Us Seeing Double

Don't you feel that these days there's an over-saturation of the same content, especially online? And it's hard to find something we haven't seen before, huh? But I'm here to change all that.

You see, sometimes you do get lucky and stumble upon something so bizarre that it makes you do a double-take. And when that happens, it's absolutely glorious, ha, ha! So let's look at a few instances of that.

1. This Knife And Cookie Combo

Oh my goodness, isn't it absolutely fantastic that the inlays of this knife fit the cookie underneath it perfectly, huh? When does that ever happen in life? I'd say it's probably one in a million kind of chance.

2. These Cool Icicles

At first glance, I didn't realize what I was looking at here. But then, once I looked closer, I saw how these cool icicles formed on this chain-link fence. Isn't it so pretty and quite remarkable?

3. This Tree

It's kind of a bittersweet moment when you cut down a tree and find that it's been growing another tree inside all this time. It's absolutely beautiful but also a little sad. Do you agree with me on that?

4. This Box Of Chocolates

"I wanted to get rid of the foam kitten on these chocolates, only to be greeted by another." Oh wow! How cute is that? It's not what this Redditor was looking for, but oh, well.

5. These Cats

OMG! If I spotted this scene in a park, I would definitely have to do a double-take, ha, ha! Not only are these cats all black, but they're spaced out on these benches like they're the only ones who get social distancing.

6. This Double Fruit

I've never seen the inside of a lotus root fruit. It looks so cool. But what surprised me the most, is seeing the tiny little lotus root growing inside of it. It's so cool when that happens, no?

7. This Burger

This is what happens when you imagine a burger having mini baby burgers inside. I don't think I've seen a phenomenon quite like this one. But if I were really hungry, I would try to eat it somehow.

8. This Computer Mouse

Well, it's true what they say that "wonders never cease." I don't think I've ever had a mouse that turns into a mini-travel mouse when you open the battery compartment. Isn't that so neat? I need one of these.

9. This Sweet Discovery

'My new housemate and I discovered that her coasters match my mugs (almost) perfectly." Oh my! How fun would that be, huh? I bet finding this out made these two roommates' day. Now they can have a sweet tea party.

10. This Lucky Egg

It's definitely disappointing when you break an egg before you can cook it. But this lucky person discovered that the cracked egg had another shell inside. Have you ever seen that? I can't say that I have.

11. This Shirt And Cup Combo

When something like this happens, you have to think the universe has a sense of humor, right? Otherwise, how can you explain this kind of coincidence here, huh? I wonder if this person told the guy with the shirt about it.

12. This Car Toy

Well, what do you know. If this isn't the ultimate toy, I don't know what is, lol. Can you imagine being a kid and getting this as a gift only to discover there are two cars in one here? Score!

13. This Dress And Carpet Situation

This lady went to a wedding and then this happened. The carpet at the hotel matched her dress perfectly. When there's an opportunity to have fun, you have to take it. Am I right?

14. This Dog

Wow! Did you spot this one fast? As soon as I glanced at the picture of this dog, I saw the face and body of another dog right there on his ear, haha. Don't you absolutely love that?

15. This Duck

Okay, here's the thing, I could spend all day looking at pictures of cute animals. It's true. So when I saw this adorable duck whose beak looks like a platypus, I had to share it with all of you guys.

16. This Cat With A Secret Life

You know what they say about cats, huh? Apparently, they have nine lives. So this little kitty here keeps all his modeling money in an offshore bank account. Do you know where? Well, naturally, it's in the Catman Islands, ha, ha!

17. This Cool Coincidence

Let me ask you a question: do you believe there are signs everywhere? I used to think that, but I haven't seen any lately. I bet whoever snapped this picture became a believer right after it.

18. This Town Hall

How adorable that this town hall here has its own mascot, ha, ha! And the best thing is you can locate this place in Białystok, Poland. I'm from Poland originally, but I haven't been to Białystok, so I had no idea it actually existed.

Wow, wasn't that so nice?

I hope these awesome pictures here made your day somehow. I love finding gems like these, especially when life seems a little mundane sometimes.

Let's hope we continue finding amazing coincidences like these ones so they can put a smile on our faces every day. Are you with me?