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16 Times Nice People Finally Snapped

We all have our limits. In other words, you can only get pushed around so far before you snap!

That's when fury greener than anything The Hulk has comes out! While this is typically the case with chronically angry people, it can come from the nice, quiet folks, too.

Don't believe us? Here are 16 times nice people finally snapped (most are rightfully so!).

1. The breakup

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While this Redditor considers themselves a soft-spoken introvert, they were anything but when their cheating ex's friends threatened to jump them.

That's not even the craziest part of the story. When this happened, they pulled out a knife and started stabbing any car that came close to them.

2. The bridezilla

One guy's wedding was a nightmare when his horrible bride dared to give him none of their cake because "he needed to go on a diet." He snapped by throwing cake at her dress and hair and telling her to expect divorce papers!

3. The quiet kid


"One of my friends, a nice kid, was getting [expletive] talked by some [expletieve], and when one of them made a comment about his mom, he literally dragged him by his shirt into the bathroom and broke his nose, and left him covered in bruises." - u/nathanielsnider

4. The sister

Family means everything to some people. It was enough to make the happiest, friendliest Samoan guy this Redditor knew to snap on a guy for saying something about his sister. Since he's so big, he was one punch away from seriously hurting the guy.

5. The hail Mary

This Redditor worked with a woman named Mary who was always pleasant and cheerful.

She had plans to retire in a few years, as she had been working there for 15 years. But then her boss started pressuring her to complete the annual budget report faster.

Since he was upset, the boss emailed Mary and a bunch of other higher-ups to call out Mary's poor work ethic.

Mary said it wasn’t possible to complete the budget in a rush and didn’t appreciate being bullied.

She then put in her notice to retire, leaving her boss high and dry. She was the only one who could do the budget report!

6. The teacher

When this Redditor was in fifth grade, they had a class with everyone's favorite teacher.

Unfortunately for the teacher, she had one student who was always causing so much trouble. So one day, she snapped by putting her hands over her ears and yelling at the kid to "shut the [expletive] up."

7. The textbook

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"Quiet kid in my 8th-grade history class was being bullied by the guy behind him, one day he just lost it and started beating the bully in the head with his textbook until the cover snapped, then started to slam him into a bookcase." - u/succubusbanana

8. The grief


This Redditor's best friend lost their mom when they were in the 10th grade. He somehow pulled it together until some kid in their grade made a comment about his mother's death.

The friend snapped by throwing the guy on the ground and punching him in the face multiple times.

9. The family drama

"My dad was always nice to his family. Everyone walked over him his entire life. He finally snapped when his sister took him to court and accused him an elder abuse of their mother. I was one to always use curse words describing his family member but he did it and I knew he snapped. (My dad never uses curse words)." - u/sdbeequeen

10. The assistant manager

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It's the soft-spoken ones who will surprise you most when they snap!

So when a rude general manager dared to criticize the store an assistant manager worked at, she went off, saying all kinds of burns, such as how he can't keep employees for more than six months.

11. The uncle

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"I have several aunts and uncles. All nice folks. Super nice. One of my aunts was in a relationship with an abusive guy. Once my uncles found out he was hitting their sister they went to his house, dragged him out. Threw him in the trunk of their car. Drove him out to the middle of nowhere and beat the [expletive] out of him and left him out there."

12. The sexual harassment

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This Redditor worked with a nice lady who was the target of sexual harassment from a much older co-worker. Since the company failed to do anything, she arrived at work with a baseball bat.

When they asked why, she calmly told them she was there for him.

Reception had called and given the guy a heads up so he wasn't in his office anymore. So instead, she demolished his office until the police arrived. She wasn't charged since her snapping was clearly a cry for help.

13. The science teacher

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"My freshman science teacher was a super nice and funny older man. One day someone messed up a lab he spent a long time planning and the dude absolutely lost it. He was throwing stuff, breaking stuff, tearing stuff off the walls, etc. He was fine the next day and never did that again. It was like it never happened." - u/SirRogers

14. The librarian

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This Redditor knew a librarian who was always kind, respectful, and never yelled (she worked in a library, after all). But she broke her own "no talking" rule when a student was breaking the rules and playing video games in the library.

She kept telling him to turn off the computer, but he didn't listen.

Finally, she got so angry that she full-on verbally attacked him. She then said, "You’ve never seen me angry?! Well guess what? Now I’m angry! Angry because of you! Get out of here!”

15. The resignation

"One of my old bosses wouldn't give me time off to go to my son's untrasound. It was the scan to determine the then unknown baby's gender. So I waited until the end of my lunch break and quit on the spot, leaving them high and dry and in a heap of [expletive]." - u/jdwill1991

16. The lunch lady

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The nice lunch lady at this Redditor's old school got fired for backhanding a kid...

It happened after the kid said something disparaging about the lunch lady's recently deceased husband. The kid then bragged about getting her fired...

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