20 Strange Items Reddit Helped Identify For The Person Who Found Them

Ever find some strange, random thing and have no idea how to figure out what it is? Well, one good place to start is by asking Reddit. There are a lot of smart people over there.

Some of those internet geniuses took time out of their lives to help these people identify these things. I just love the sense of comradery.

"What is this tool with a spring inside (visible when the top is unscrewed) and multiple bits (maybe) in the base? The base rotates and has a small hole in it to release each bit when in position."

A bunch of comments identified this thing as a push drill, though some were also saying it's called a Yankee Drill. To each their own, I guess.

"Five evenly spaced pits, PVC pipes and access holes next to a train line, under construction."

OP posted a few more pictures showing different angles, which helped Redditor OverTheCandleStick figure it out.

"It’s going to be an electric substation. The structure you see laying in your other pics are part of that support structure." Nice!

"I just bought this apartment and the previous owner left these U-shaped brackets and I’m stumped on what they could be. Any ideas? They’re solid metal and don’t bend at all."

Well, since that top piece is clearly a TV mount, maybe the bottom two are for speakers?

In the end, with help from the Reddit comments, OP figured out that they're wall mounts for holding up media consoles. I was close!

"Brass handle or post like object with cap."

Some people gave a few good guesses, but OP figured it out on their own. They're hand grips for some kind of exercise tool. I guess sometimes you need people shouting wrong answers at you to push you into finding the right one.

"Large rusted objects on the field level of a major stadium. Very heavy, large one is on a standard size pallet."

Pretty much every comment agreed that this is some kind of pump, but Reddit user KiltLifterAZ answered by saying, "The larger pump is definitely a sewage ejection pump," and that turned out to be correct!

"What is this plastic box intentionally set along the road?"

Weirdly-placed storage bin? Animal trap? Random junk that someone offloaded on the side of the road? What could this thing be?

According to Redditor 954kevin, it's none of those things: "They used something very similar when they came through putting in fiber internet service in my rural area. They buried one near each residence." That... actually makes the most sense.

"Piano black polished box with cubbies inside - supposedly given to my grandparents decades ago while on vacation in Korea."

According to Reddit user ksdkjlf, it's a smoking set. And after a bit of investigation from some other users, they confirmed that this is, in fact, the right answer. Who would've thought?

"Is it a tool or a weapon? It's made from steel. It has to spikes coming out of the side. Nothing written on it. It's black in color. Weighs under a pound."

Reddit user DonnieTobasco2 said, "It’s a kubotan. A self-defense weapon held in the hand with the smaller spikes pointing out of the fist to maximize the pressure exerted on the offender. In the right hands, it’s pretty effective."

I wonder how OP ended up with one...

"It’s 8.25” long, 7.3 oz., two sided, dished slightly, made of solid-cast non-ferrous silver metal (pewter?), no obvious makers marks. No moving parts or holes. Casting is rough, but doesn’t look like sand casting."

To be honest, the right answer for this one is something I literally never would've guessed. But according to Reddit user AdoraBattle, it was once used as currency!

"It may be a reproduction or really well taken care of. Origin is likely Laos (or Thailand), typically made during the Lan Shang Kingdom era, 1571-1592, but I understand that they may have been produced until the early 1800s." So cool!

"While this is obviously a medal, image searches and googling for one with both a lamp and a torch has not been helpful. Solid metal and very heavy, no writing, the back is completely blank. Found at a thrift store in SoCal."

Redditor misterdobson said, "It’s a scholastic achievement medal. The genie lamp and torch are rather generic, and they are used in countless honor roll and principal’s award medals. I have a few."

You can tell I didn't win a lot of awards in school, because I wouldn't have been able to identify this!

"We just moved into an apartment and found this nailed to the wall in the bathroom. Plastic, white, about 8 inches in length. Has a knob on the right that spins and it seems the one on the left is missing."

A few commenters suggested it might be some kind of baby item, and after a bit of research, OP confirmed that it's a piece of a children's bath organizer. "You put the mount up, then the organizer, and then secure it with the hooks. It is in fact missing the organizer, a knob, and is also placed upside down."

"What is this thing? Found on Jones Beach, NY, about 1.5-2 inches at widest point."

Whatever these things are, they have to be some kind of plant item. Flowers, perhaps?

No, not quite. They're "European Water Chestnut (Trapa natans) seeds," according to Reddit user TheVambo. I wonder if they'd still grow anything...

"Small metal device, with a crank that expends the top piece out, which retracts slowly with a gear noise. It has some force, and a small lever on the right to stop/resume the mechanism."

All it took was Reddit user MrDorkESQ coming in to say, "I'm pretty sure it is a camera shutter trigger," and this mystery got blown wide open. I guess it's not much of a mystery anymore, though.

"What is this thing? It looks like some kind of double phone holder or a tablet holder but I can't work it out or what it would attach to."

Reddit | naples2021

"Attach to back of headrest in car so back passengers can put their phones in for entertainment?" Reddit user CutComfortable4307 suggested. So it's basically some kind of phone or tablet mount for a car. Cool.

"Metal cover in cement slab foundation found when living room flooring was removed."

Reddit user jackrats knew the right answer right away: "It's a floor outlet. Unscrew the top with a large screwdriver to access the outlet. A quarter often works as well." Who would've thought?

"Metal wheel on the back of a vanity."

I'm honestly stumped by this one. I guess this is why OP went to the experts (AKA, Reddit).

User kabullemtp said, "They are to connect a mirror to the back. I would imagine there are holes threw the top directly above them." Well, there you go.

"What is this small white box with a red light that occasionally blinks and a transparent red 'window' with a circuit board behind it? It’s the wall of my Airbnb. There are no identifiable markings that I’ve found."

"Wi-Fi adapter HVAC split systems," said Redditor Yosemite_Scott. And here I was thinking it was some kind of sensor for motion lights or something.

"Metal box set in closet wall with door that opens and additional space behind metal sheet that doesn’t move."

As a few Reddit commenters suggested, it's a wall safe (but let's be real, even I could've told you that). OP managed to get it open (since it's broken), but there was nothing inside. No treasure to see here.

"What are these small boxes on my apartment ceiling?"

Many different commenters decided that this things was some kind of speaker. Whether it's for an alarm or something the previous tenants had installed, it's hard to say. But at least we have an answer.

"We got this from an elderly friend, who claims it's something for your hands."

Many people have seen or used these things before, apparently, because so many commenters came out to say that it's some kind of device for physical therapy, specifically for hands. So, OP's friend was right about that.

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