19 Sequels People Thought Were Better Than The Original

When it comes to movies, sequels are usually a memory we want to forget.

Mean Girls 2, anyone? Son of the Mask? But that's not to say that the sequel bug has inflicted every franchise. There are rare cases where the sequel is actually better than the original film.

Seems far-fetched, but the impossible has been made impossible with these films! Come see how many you agree with!

'Home Alone 2'

While the first one captured our hearts (and will forever be played at Christmas), the second film was so much more action-packed.

It's set in New York, for instance, which is a lot more thrilling than Kevin being stuck alone in his parent's mansion.

'Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back'

In this film, they took away the super-fast millennium falcon from the first film. The challenges Han Solo faced because of this were what made the film interesting.

Let's also not forget that insane twist! Many fan-favorite characters also made their debut.

'John Wick 2'

Just when you thought the first one was a Keanu masterpiece, you went and saw the second one and were blown away!

It had some of the most beautifully choreographed fight scenes and did what a sequel should do: expand the story.

'The Dark Knight'

There have been many Batman films over the years, but none were as captivating as The Dark Knight.

With Christan Bale as the caped crusader and Heath Ledger's Oscar-winning performance as The Joker, the star-studded cast shone as bright as the Joker's face makeup.

'Shrek 2'

While the first film was absolutely magical and created a deep love for the main characters, the second movie gave more.

There were many more laughs and the last 10 minutes were iconic.

'Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers'

This is a tricky one since the franchise got progressively better with each film! But many fans agree that director Peter Jackson delved deeper into writer J.R.R. Tolkein’s world by bouncing expertly between different storylines.

'Terminator 2'

Arnold was certainly in his prime for this film, which is called one of the best action films of all time! The film was also in its prime, as it featured CGI that was ground-breaking in the '90s.

'Godfather Part II'

From the Corleone flashbacks to Al Pacino's performance of a deeply flawed character, this film was a masterpiece.

Essentially, everything Vito tried to do for his family with pure intentions ended up being what destroys them.


This iconic film was director James Cameron in his prime! The sci-fi flick was a different kind of horror than the first film.

While Alien was psychological, Aliens was action horror, which is typically more exciting to watch.

'Fast Five'

It was a wise decision for director Justin Lin to bring all the characters together from the previous movies for this film. This created the "family" that the franchise still centers around today.

'Toy Story 3'

Every story needs a good ending, and this film delivered that — and more. It saw Andy heading off to college, which was a reality for many children who watched the first film 15 years prior.

'Harry Potter: Prisoner of Azkaban'

At first watch, many Potterheads were sad that the film didn't follow the book too closely. But after many viewings and watching the other films, it was clear that this was the most entertaining of the franchise.

'Captain America: The Winter Soldier.'

Anything with Chris Evans will win in our books. But, let's be real: the film was one of the best in the MCU, right next to Civil War. That elevator scene was one of the best fight scenes in any Marvel film.

'Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2'

Everything about this film was bigger and better than the original. It had more humor from the gang, better visuals, amazing music, and a greater dose of action. And we can't forget about baby grout!

'Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me'

A movie that makes you laugh out loud is a winner in our books! Michael Myers was brilliant in the film and had such good chemistry with Heather Graham. This led to so many quotable lines!

'Hellboy II: The Golden Army'

This sequel was the result of the film's writer/director, Guillermo del Toro, letting his creative juices flow.

He made the brilliant choice to let all the monsters he had been dreaming about run wild in the film!

'National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation'

Late director John Hughes was in rare form when he wrote this Christmas classic. It's become of the most re-watchable in the series, perhaps for how relatable it is for families during Christmas time! ,

*Magnum Force*

This is the sequel to Dirty Harry, starring Clint Eastwood. It centered around a captivating storyline: police officers going rogue and enacting vigilantism. The end reveal of the group is both shocking and satisfying at once.

'Mad Max: Fury Road'

The third remake of the popular action series truly outdid itself. Thanks to advances in technology, the action scenes were more thrilling than ever. Charlize Theron played a big part in this. She also added a surprising feminist angle to the flick.