20 People Who Really Need To Take A Deep Breath And Count To Ten

Have you ever been taught breathing exercises? They all feel like variations on the same concept, deep slow breaths that you force yourself to make when something frustrating happens to help calm yourself down.

The people on this list could have really utilized those exercises during these moments they captured. Whatever their coping mechanism of choice was, hopefully they were able to recover.

"My $2200 laptop that I was supposed to sign for left practically on the sidewalk. Couldn’t even bother to put it near the porch."

As many pointed out, this could have been devastating were this person not paying attention, seeing as it has the name and brand of the laptop blasted right on the box. Lots of people have been way less lucky than you, and that's saying something!

"My dog ate a $1,100 check I was gonna use for school/bills."

She thought you looked bored and decided to help you find a new hobby by making a puzzle for you! Dogs don't know the concept of checks or money for that matter. For all she knew, that was just a piece of junk mail.

"Took a late lunch to find I forgot to put PB or J on my PB&J."

At least you have the Cheez-Its going for you. My first thought was to just saw screw it and put the two together, Cheez-It sandwich, but this person also thought of that and did try it. Their review? "It was, in fact, dry as [expletive]."

"How my girlfriend eats frosted cake…"

Um, I'm sorry to be the one to tell you this, but I think your girlfriend might be a demon. No one of sane and sound mind does something like this. This is an act with evil intent behind it.

"When you find out the hard way that the Italian restaurant’s hand sanitizer looks EXACTLY like olive oil."

There's no way you're the first person to do this. It's an Italian restaurant, and it does look exactly like olive oil. Are they really that against labelling the container? Would a piece of tape with the words 'hand sanitizer' ruin the aesthetic that much?

"To leave your car overnight in Alberta, Canada."

Surely there was already a snowbank there from previous days, so they knew that's where plows were dumping the snow, which means this is entirely on them. Hopefully they don't mind testing just how suited for off-road driving their car is!

"I am a menace to society. My dumb pregnancy brain accidentally ordered my husband a burrito with NO TORTILLA."

Hey, mistakes happen, and as far as mistakes go, this really isn't a huge one. It's very easy to save, just dump it on a plate and you have some nacho dip! Or mix it in with some rice and you have a nice, hearty burrito bowl.

"My fiance refuses to finish a bottle of Coke before opening another."

Reddit | micropixelez

I can't quite pinpoint what exactly about this is so irksome, but it definitely is. Is it just seeing that much go to waste? Is it knowing that you can't even salvage what's left because it'll be flat at that point?

Maybe start getting them cans instead.

"Pretty speckled candy canes I thought. Once you remove the wrapper, they're actually quite boring."

This one's messed up because it's so small and inconsequential, but it being so small is what makes it hurt even more. Sure, it's just a plastic wrapper, but it was a little moment of cute and colorful joy that gets immediately robbed from the buyer. Vile.

"When the neighbors with 8 cars move your trash cans to park in front of your house."

Imagine feeling this entitled to what is literally someone else's property. Sure, your driveway can't fit the many cars either your giant family (or your sheer amount of roommates) has, but don't take that out on the people who live around you. Figure it out.

"Note to self: don’t continue to refer to [Paw Patrol] as 'poo patrol' after it’s clear that your toddler has become enraged by the joke."

Hell hath no fury like a three-year-old scorned. They don't understand things like 'cost' and 'emotional weight' so they just go ahead and destroy the first thing they set their sights on when they're mad, which leads to situations like this.

"We got a new TV in the break room but it has no channels and plays advertisements from our store on it 24/7..."

What a perfect way to spend your 30-minute break from the retail hellscape: constantly being played ads for the exact same retail hellscape you work for. Not thinking about your job for a brief moment while you relax? Don't be silly!

"A man on my subway train dropped his bag with a huge bottle of wine."

The only thing worse than going through a terrible moment yourself is watching someone else go through a terrible moment and being unable to stop it. All you can do is blink and awkwardly stare at your phone, pretending you never saw it.

"Great customers."

Looking at this just baffles me. Was this all done by one person? Multiple? Did the bystanders watching this happen not say anything?

Or at the very least, did they not try to put the bread back after to spare the employees? What would motivate someone to do this? My head hurts.

"Visiting my sister’s house, went for some M&Ms and discovered she’s Satan."

If you didn't immediately notice the stroke of evil genius at play here, that bowl contains both M&M's and Skittles, two candies you would not want to chow down on at the same time. How long have you known your sister to be a sadist?

"A fly managed to slip into my coffee at work. Fortunately I spit him out all over my keyboard."

You drinking a coffee means this was likely the beginning of the day too, and what a way to start the work day. Surely it can only go uphill from here, right? Please say it can only go uphill from here.

"All the commitments I always ask the delivery NOT to bring."

While I understand the frustration, keeping them all like this is a little unnerving. Especially since you have them all organized and sorted. I feel like if you panned up from this shot, you'd see a red string wall tying together fast-food conspiracies.

"My father had to be freed from the locked toilet this morning."

I feel like there were ways to fix this problem that didn't involve cutting the absolutely most giant hole possible into the door, but maybe they'd been looking for an excuse to replace it and wanted to make sure they felt justified in doing so.

"My chocolate chip granola bar without a single chocolate chip."

This is a true granola bar. No toppings, no fixings, just granola and whatever binding paste this brand uses.

Couple this with a small black coffee and you have the world's saddest breakfast for the most solemn of people.

"My husband just wanted some crackers and cheese."

The giant knife, the paper plate...someone needed to do dishes, didn't they? Not that I'm judging, I'm just thinking that maybe the cheese felt a little disrespected at the lack of care and decided to retaliate for a change.

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