30 Easter Eggs People Found In Real Life And Decided To Share

There's nothing more exciting than finding an Easter egg in real life. Sure, finding one in a movie, show, or video game can be exciting, too. But when it's real, it just hits differently.

These people found some pretty neat little surprises in their everyday lives. They're the kind that make you glad that some people out there pay attention to little details.

"This was in my new D&D book. I'm pretty sure it came from a dragon hoard. I haven't been able to put it down."

Considering the game is called "Dungeons and Dragons", I wouldn't be surprised if there was a dragon or two around. Hopefully, they won't want their book back, or else we'd have a real problem on our hands.

"'Hello from Seattle' inside an Xbox controller."

I had to go and check my own Xbox controller, and sure enough, it says "Hello from Seattle" on the back, behind where the batteries go. I never noticed that before. That's so cool!

"Found this behind a Samsung washing machine."

I love little Easter eggs like this on random appliances. This little smiling guy on the back of this Samsung washer is making me happy, too. A smile can be pretty infectious, after all.

"Found this beneath our Risk Legacy board."

It's kind of hard to read the text, but it says, "Do not open. Ever." So obviously, I really want to open the bottom of the box.

Unfortunately, OP never did. Or if they did, they never updated their post to tell us what's under there.

"Downtown SF Easter egg."

To be honest, I'm not sure if the toad stool stools are the Easter egg, or the little cat decal. Either way, this is definitely a cool little thing to spot while walking down the street. They look like they've been there for a while, too.

"Inside sleeve of my work out shirt."

Well, with a message like that, it's going to be hard to skip out on a workout. Who would've thought that your clothes would try to motivate you as if they were a personal trainer?

"The bottom of my Star Trek mug."

I mean, the message isn't wrong. Of course, it's the kind of thing most people wouldn't notice. That is, unless you turn things upside down on purpose to see if there's a hidden message under there.

"Found a 'gift to a stranger' on my college campus."

See, as curious as I am to know what's in there (which OP never says), I'd be a bit nervous, too. An unmarked paper bag that urges the finder to open it? On a college campus? Could literally be anything.

"The back of the tag on these maternity pants from Old Navy."

Because apparently, people keep finding little messages hidden in their clothes, here's another one. If you're at a point in your pregnancy where you need to start wearing maternity clothes, you probably already know the stork ain't coming.

"Puzzle hidden in wall."

I guess someone stuck some puzzle pieces to a wall, and then painted over them? That's kind of cool, but I can't lie, it would really annoy me. I wouldn't be able to look away from them if they were on my wall.

"Warning: Raw Flour."

I've never seen a message like this on a sack of flour (maybe they've always existed but I've never noticed). As weird as it is, though, flour is technically raw, and can make you sick if you eat it without cooking it first. So, uh, listen to the label.

"It's the little things that make you smile (on the bottom of a box from a cake decorating company)."

I've never been flirted with by a box before, but I can't really say that I mind it. In any case, this is definitely the kind of thing I'd notice, because I recycle pretty much every box I get.

"Little greeting on my Bubly tab."

That little message is so small and faint, you might not even notice it while drinking the Bubly. But it's there, and it's just saying hi. Almost feels rude not to say hi back, don't you think?

"Found at my local Fresh Market. Congrats Phylis and thanks for making the best ice cream!"

Does this congratulatory message unfortunately take up the space usually for the Best Before date?

Yes, but it's the sweetest message ever and anyway, what kind of monster takes so long to eat ice cream that an expiry date even matters?

"My dresser instructions say I should crank them tunes."

Obviously, you have to put your best furniture assembling playlist on while you assemble furniture. And when you've finally finished the work, you can do a happy dance to whatever music's playing.

"Otter lol"

The best Easter Eggs are the ones that you personally make for others to find, then forget about them completely.

That way, you get the joy of rediscovery.

"My coconut yoghurt wants to be a book cover."

I like the fact that the cardboard cover on this yogurt has big dreams. Dreams that won't ever come true if you forget to recycle. So, do your yogurt tubs a favor and recycle them!

"Sword in the Stone. England."

This is a pretty cool display someone created, but can we talk about the fact that it's located in Cheddar, England? As in, the birthplace of cheddar cheese?!

I would like to go there, eat all the cheese, and then try to pull this sword from its stone.

"On the skinny edge of my boyfriend’s skis."

This seems like a bit of a random thing to put on the bottom of skis. Unless a taco is some kind of skiing thing I don't know about.

Yeah, I googled it and came up with nothing.

"Bench in Hawaii really likes Cardi Bench."

This is totally the sort of thing I'd do if I ever donated money to have a bench or something installed in a local park.

I don't need credit for paying for a bench, so a joke is far more fun for future sitters than just my name.

"Old sweatshirt."

Well, that's one way to ensure your product will go viral on Reddit: make a joke about being on the front page of Reddit.

And it worked, so, good job!

"I found a hidden message when I ripped the paper off this ramen pot."

Not enough people take the time to actually separate their recyclables, and depending on where they live, that could mean it goes right to the trash instead. Not all recycling plants have the time, money, capability of tearing paper labels off every container.

"On the back of a bag of Nutritional Yeast Flakes."

Gotta love an alternative foodstuff that knows what it is and owns it.

Are these flakes going to be as amazing as classic Frosted Flakes? No, but they still taste good.

"The Saturn V Lego set has 1969 pieces, which coincidentally is the year humans set foot on the moon."

I doubt it's really "coincidental." Rather, Lego probably designed the kit specifically to match the number of pieces to the historical date.

Which is pretty cool in general.

"Portobello public pencil sharpening project."

These are the sorts of silly installations that I adore. Obviously, no one needs a communal, public pencil sharpener.

But we do need a laugh and noticing this in the wild provides many.

"Ew pole."

I wonder if EW stands for something, or if this pole is just generally displeased with its surroundings. It doesn't really look like there's much around it, so who knows.

All I know is that I'm feeling a little bit judged right now.

"There’s a gap in the cabinets because of an angled sink. Countertops get installed on Monday."

This is a future Easter egg being planted, but it still counts.

I can't wait to do a proper reno in my own home that'll allow me to hide something for future owners. Maybe not a plastic skeleton, though.

"Found on the inside of a FatBoy Edison lamp."

I guess this lamp needs its hood at all times. Why else would it politely ask for it to be put back on? Either way, it's another really fun little message that I'm sure most people wouldn't notice.

"I made an Easter egg for my neighborhood."

Look closely at the window? See her? It's the Queen!

Well, not really. It's just a cutout that somebody left in their window. I wonder how many people will notice the Queen staring at them on the street.

"IRL Christmas Eggs."

Wrong holiday, but still great. These Christmas-themed Easter eggs are on actual eggs. I may have just confused myself writing that all out, but in any case it's still a lot of fun.

It's like two holidays for the price of one.

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