20 People Who Weren't Afraid To Let Their Silly Flag Fly

As children, we were often fed the idea that being yourself is the best thing you can be, and we were encouraged to never stifle parts of your personality or your passions in order to appease others.

We all took that advice to heart in different ways, but the people in this list are the ones who stayed truest to it, even in adulthood. Here you'll be seeing people who weren't afraid to be themself and let their silly flag fly.

"Had to put my cat on charge."

The green lights mean it's done charging now though, so you can unplug him. They say that overcharging your cats can mess with the battery life, and they'll start sleeping a lot more to recover. Yes, more than they do already, if you can believe it.

"Imagine, you are at someone's funeral and suddenly look down and see this."

I don't think I want to imagine that, namely because I wouldn't know how to react. They're not bad or disrespectful or anything, so there'd be no reason to act appalled or disgusted, but they are giant pointy elf boots, which is still bizarre!

"Meanwhile… while waiting to get gas at my local Costco."

What's wrong? Can a goose not come along to enjoy the great savings found in the Costco gas station? Are goose owners not allowed to bring their pets on outings as dog owners do? Do you not want domestic geese to see the world?

"Our dog whose tongue always sticks out in a blanket with holes."

We've all seen dogs whose tongues are sticking out permanently, and it makes sense visually when we see their whole face, but when it's obscured like this and the tongue is coming out at a 90-degree angle from the nose, it looks a lot more... unsettling.

"I think my 3-year-old is about to summon 'something'."

Luigi is there, the entire cast of Winnie the Pooh, a hair tie, a small pot, it's hard to find the common thread here! Unless... what if this isn't a summoning circle, but a stadium? Two challengers will face off in the center, but only one will emerge.

"I am 34-years-old."

I'm not claustrophobic, but this picture might make me. People in the comments were concerned about how she got out, but she said it was no harder than getting in, so it was a few moments of pure difficulty just for the photo. And the childlike joy, of course.

"I don't care if you don't like my A-wreath-a Franklin, I'm just asking for a little respect."

Since you asked nicely, you'll get just a little bit, and only when you get home!

Honestly, this is one of the best visual puns I've seen in a long time. It's festive and it's funny, something for everyone to enjoy!

"My Ring camera detected movement in my apartment."

It sure did! Look at the air your cat got, they're incredible! I'm not sure about them making that top platform, but they should hit the second one no problem, a perfectly graceful jump from the feline species.

Kudos to the Ring for the camerawork too, what a shot!

"My sister sent me this photo of her bunny. This is cute and horrifying all at the same time."

We can't all keep it together all the time. Don't you think this rabbit is tired of looking so dang cute all the time, posing for pictures and such? That scowl just screams 'I need a break'. Even models get tired!

"I saw a Google Street View car in my neighborhood and took swift action. 8 years later and my brother just informed me that it worked."

Your reaction time is legendary. Every day, the Google Maps car passes by people who immediately miss their chance to do something iconic and have it live on Google Maps for years, but not you. You are a god amongst men, and your contribution should be celebrated.

"Found this sign in my local mall."

Sure, there's probably a real reason for this sign that actually makes sense, but I like to think it's encouraging all adults to have a child chaperone with them at all times to make sure they don't take anything too seriously and keep having fun.

"Friend of mine saw this posted up around her neighborhood."

Why wouldn't you want sweet little Daisy back? She's free seagull repellent, and as long as you don't have any blonde children, she seems pretty great! As someone who is also yappy and angry at the world, I'd welcome Daisy into my home in a heartbeat.

"Security cat."

Listen, they're working on getting her a new vest, but this gets the point across for now. She's a little worried about people underestimating her ability to be an effective security guard, but she has confidence she'll be able to prove herself!

"Does he like skiing or are we among royalty?"

If it's the latter, congratulations to him for openly owning his IBS, something many people deal with but don't want to talk about. May all who suffer alongside him look to him as a beacon of hope, of IBS awareness, and feel comfort in knowing they have a fearless ruler.

"Don't have a cupholder in your vehicle? No problem! Here is the solution for you!"

Calling this a solution, while not technically wrong, also isn't entirely right. This doesn't fix the missing cup holder problem, it just puts a cinderblock in your car. Look how far in the cups sit, it must be so uncomfortable to fetch them out!

"My sister is babysitting my dog while I recover from surgery and this is the picture I get."

This would be a lovely picture to receive. You know your sister isn't only taking great care of your dog, but also taking him out for fun outings so he'll tell you all about the fun time he had with his aunt when he sees you again!

A convincing costume.

The tale behind this photo was told by the original uploader, "10 years ago went to a party dressed as myself 10 years in the future. Nobody realized it was a costume and they avoided me all night. Folks kept trying to rescue my wife from me. Joined some smokers on front lawn, the party’s host saw me out there, came out to apologize for the noise."

"Getting desperate during the labor shortages."

They're being pretty open about a business practice that's usually considered not only taboo, but fully illegal, too. I get that people are trying to hire workers anywhere they can get them, but this feels a little excessive, like it's a violation of some human rights.

"Guy in hot AZ heat did not want his dogs paws to burn so he pulls him in cooler."

That dog is peak chilling right now, metaphorically and maybe even literally if there's ice in that cooler. Good on the owner for not depriving his dog of outdoor time despite the weather, may all dog owners strive to be as dedicated!

"I thought I had put socks on my son this morning. Turns out they were gloves. My mother in law sent me this."

Dang, you sent him out in his fancy little kitten heels just to see his grandma? There's nothing wrong with dressing up for the occasion, but he'll spend his whole life being overdressed if you keep encouraging this! At least get him some matching pants.