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15 Things People Feel Don't Contribute To Society

Many things in society can be frustrating and almost annoying to many individuals. Those type of things that you find insanely frustrating and wish just didn't exist at all in society. Many people think that "expected things" and norms can be totally thrown out the window and done. Thanks to Reddit, we now know what pisses everyone off and—we can't say we disagree with most of them.

Those robo-calls.

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How many of you have received calls about your car's "extended warranty?" Literally, it's the most annoying phone call known to mankind.

They call multiple times a day, despite some people not even having a car to drive. They need to end!

People who scalp things to sell for higher prices.

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Ever try to get concert tickets or tickets to a sports event and they're all sold out, but places like Geek Seat and StubHub have them?

Except, the catch is those who sell them online as "resales" bought them at normal price, then price them up. It's the absolute worst ever.

People who take celebrity fandom way too seriously.

"Mainly people who take it so seriously they start fights on it for no damn reason and won’t leave you alone about it. I just wanted to know if George and Dream were still friends. I shouldn’t have asked," shared Reddit user BottomPreach.

People who litter.

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SomeRando18 said that inconsiderate people are absolutely a drain on society. Especially those who litter.

Would it be so bad if someone held onto their trash for a few more minutes before they find a garbage can?

TikTok influencers.

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Firespecialstar argued that TikTok has become a place infested with influencers who lie to people just to get them to try and do some dumb stuff, and who do cringy dances that no one likes or wants to watch.

Advertising and marketers.

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"The entire marketing and advertising industry. Trillions of dollars a year spent globally to convince people to buy sh*t.

When I need something, I will find it and buy it from a local, reasonably priced source," wrote Reddit user The_Passive_Fist.

Reality TV.

Babycat8000 shared that they believe Reality TV contributes nothing to society, as many of the shows aren't truly "real".

Many are scripted in ways that it "seems real" but it's all total BS and fakeness.

Social media personas.

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Rona_season798 shared that social media personas, mainly Instagram, are all a waste.

People post things to act a specific way just to rack up likes. Like, going places you never really go just for a photo, or posing/wearing things you wouldn't ever go out in.

Sports news anchors.

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ajamesv9307 argues that most sports shows and sports news anchors are a waste.

There's nothing "you can really get" from listening to their takes on games or reports. Watch the teams and learn for yourself.

The Kardashians.

prairie_buyer and others online shared that they feel the Kardashian family does not contribute anything positive or anything at all to society.

However, one Reddit user pointed out that if the Kardashian fans were into something else, it could become dangerous. Like, a cult.


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"Most of them bring negative values. They use and abuse the system to avoid paying their dues, completely abuse their workers, and whenever some law comes along that would come close to make them pay their due, they lobby like crazy to prevent it," said Urgash54.

The political system.

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ChefDanG says the political system where corporations sponsor and fund politician campaigns are the worst.

In the end, the politician only works for the sake of the corporation that funded them and got them into office. It's a neverending cycle.

Modern day feminism.

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deadBeatsByDre said that today's gender studies and feminism are the opposite of what it was designed to be years ago.

Before, it was all about equality of the sexes, and today, it's all about man-hating and abolishing men entirely. It's counterproductive.

2nd generation wealthy people.

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downthehighway61 states that those who are born rich without having to actually earn the money or do any of the work are the worst contributions to society.

They don't know what it's like to have to work for their wealth, so they become complacent and lazy.

People who don't use their turn signals.

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"People who don’t use their turn signals. And yes, I know you asked what, specifically, as in an object, but we live in a society and if people aren’t going to follow the basic rules of the road- using turn signals they are no longer a “who” but become a “what," said transplanted_flower.

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